A Season of Shadows

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And she was working in Toronto at the time, so we were hanging out, because she was filming a film [ My Spy ] with Dave out there.

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So we got him in there and I think we were all surprised by how funny he was. WAITITI: I knew he was funny from the Guardians [ of the Galaxy ] films, and I think most people who have got that wrestling background , you find that a lot of those guys have got a really good grasp on comedy and playing to the camera, because a lot of that is like mockumentary as well.

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How did shooting all these people work from a logistical point of view? Tilda was just super-funny and got it immediately. Evan, I believe, was very excited to meet Tilda. We were done with shooting Evan, but she hung around for a while longer because she wanted to see Tilda work and talk to Tilda. Danny was great. We were so excited. Just to have them on set was amazing. I mean, the season had been over for a long time. Wesley, it was hard to get him.

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We shot him in a hotel room in Tenafly, New Jersey. I assumed you just got him to call on Skype and shot the screen. And then, when Wesley showed up, he was wearing how own sunglasses, which looked cool, and went right into it. So there was nothing to worry about.

The other funny thing about Wesley is, it was incredibly exciting for me, and the whole morning I kept thinking, I really want to take a picture with Wesley Snipes. But I was like, am I going to ask him to do that? You know, he seems so intimidating. And then when we finished shooting his part, he pulled out his phone. I want to get pictures with all you guys. He was really fun and incredibly funny.

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When we shot the Skype thing, we set him up, and then had him Skype with Jemaine, who was in New Zealand, who sort of walked him through the scene. But Wesley did so many really funny variations.

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You want me to do what? Jemaine, what was it like for you and Taika and Jonny to reprise your roles from the film? No, we had real dancers, and a real choreographer, and then Jemaine and Taika and Jonny sort of [ laughs ] doing their best to keep up with them. Just trying to fit in with those dancers at certain times was a really fun, random element of it. On the episode, the guest stars playing vampires are referred to by their real-life names. But as Blade is a Marvel character, does this mean that the What We Do in the Shadows film is technically now part of the Marvel universe?

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Renewed for Season 2 at FX

Paul, you said other actors who have played vampires would be welcome to appear on season 2. Do you think this kind of episode is something you will do every year? So, maybe. What We Do in the Shadows producers reveal the story behind that all-star episode. The son of a senator, Stewart is the toast of the jet-set crowd, and always good for one more party or visit to the downtown clubs.

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Then tragedy strikes and Stewart is killed in a suspicious automobile accident. At first, Julie refuses to believe what her father, brother, friends, and even a local newspaper article claim.

Seasons and shadows

Stewart would never have cheated on her! But when multiple copies of a mysterious group photo appear and a family member commits suicide over them, Julie realizes her husband was not the man she once believed him to be.

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