Croissants, Dumplings and Pecan Roll Recipes (Special Roll Recipes Book 3)

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Strawberry Cheesecake Crescent Ring. Chicken Pot Pie Crescent Braid. I have a question. Can I mix the 2 quiches up the night before and refrigerate overnight and just get up the next morning and pour and bake. That would really save me some time.

One tube of crescent rolls, 22 magical ways to use it

Hi Beverly, you could whisk together the filling in advance. The tin crescents. Here in Australia. Is there a recipe. To make them. Myself please. I make Apple Dumplings using fresh apples and crescent rolls, 1 can of sprite, 1 cup of sugar, 1 stick of butter. Mix sprite, sugar and butter in a sauce pan and heat on stove until sugar dissolves and butter melts.

Cut 2 apples in quarters. Separate crescent rolls and wrap each piece of apple with a crescent roll. Place in baking dish and pour sprite mixture over the apples. Bake at degrees for 30 to 35 minutes. May use fresh peaches also. I used two cans of pie filling and a 13 x 9 x 2 pan.

Then topped with Canned Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls 2 cans It took a little longer to cook but was great! Then topped with sweet icing when almost cool.

Delicious, fast and easy, thanks for posting! I had to cook it longer. Next time I will make sure the oven is preheated, I suspect it was not yet when I put the dish in the oven. I will also try heating the pie filling as suggested by a commenter. I used sugar free apple pie filling and Pillsbury crescent rolls and wish I had vanilla ice cream on hand. I was looking for a quick and simple dessert for Thanksgiving dinner. I happened across this recipe and have just put my second batch in two days in the oven.

Crispy Vegetable Tofu Dumplings

The first batch was inhaled in hours. I might try this over the weekend with my friend and her kids. I try to find some quick and easy treats to make with them and this fits the bill perfectly. Thanks you very much for this. Hello Icancount. One ingredient is optional, only two ingredients are required to make this recipe. Hope that helps. Could you add 2 cans of crescent rolls, to make more dough?

Guess it might need cooking longer. Thanks for the recipe, this was so easy and so yummy!! I finally found a good use for that can of apple pie filling :. The cinnamon is optional. Are you using store brand crescents? Readers have mentioned that the Walmart brand is quite salty.

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A roll of crescent dough has a ton ridiculous ingredients. This is not a recipe. You are ridiculous! You can do this in the microwave. It will help tremendously. For those of you that insist on adding extra ingredients or just complaining about the recipe, try to remember this is just a 2 ingredient recipe you can make in no time. If you like it fine if not throw away the recipe.

Nobody made any guaranties. I tried this recipe tonight and it was soo delicious!! I will definitely be making again!! Thanks for this amazing recipe. I didnt understand when the recipe says mix all together then put into a pan and make sure the cresents are on top of the apples. Do I mix together and then put the apples down first then top it with the cresents? Then flip after 15 minutes? When pouring it into the baking dish I just try to make sure the dough is on top. You mix it together so the dough gets coated in the apple filling but they cook better if they are on top in the dish.

I made this last night it was quick and simple and easy to make, and it was to my surprise very delicious so delicious that when I came back this morning to have a little for breakfast my son who is home from college eat it all. Thank you sooo much for posting this recipe on Facebook. To help with cooking the rolls, heat the pie filling first before placing the cut rolls on top.

I have noticed that fillings need to be hot when placing them into unbaked pie crust. Has anyone thought of making these with a can of cinnamon rolls instead of cressent rolls? Just a thought. I had the same issue the dough would just not cook not matter what I did. It got to the point where I had to scoop the dough out and pitch it because the rest of the dish was drying out from bring cooked so long.

Are you using Pillsbury brand? I kept it in the over for 20 minutes or until the rolls were golden brown. I then took out of the oven and turned the rolls over as they were a little gooey. So I baked for an additional 10 minutes. Another thing I added that I thought would be good was chopped pecans!

Wonderful recipe! Yay me!!! Btw Husband approved! Why did only one other person have my experience? I read through all the reviews before I made this. Only one negative one. I got up this morning at and started making this for a work function.

Apple Pie Dumplings with just 2 Ingredients! (Apple Pie Filling)

After 25 minutes of baking at , I pulled it out of the oven. The top of the croissants were done but the inside and bottom was all mushy. Not near done. Flipped the croissants over and put it back in for another Still not done! Did what I should have done in the first place and took a scissors and chopped them into little pieces.

Kinda done. Honestly, I love the idea of this recipe. I could easily have done something wrong. Possibly my oven is way off. If they enjoy it, then it was all worth it. Just sharing my experience. I understand why you feel disappointed that it took much longer than expected an hour and a half to cook store bought crescents is a very long time!!

Hopefully when all was said and done, the end result was delicious. If you want healthier version, see if you can find Immaculate Baking Co. Every time I use a canned pie filling I add cinnamon nad nutmeg to it. Turns out great. It did take longer for the crescent dumplings to bake but it was worth the wait! Nowhere did I find the oven temp. Just have less! This looks delicious! My family loves apple pie and cobbler and I am hoping this will be about the same.

Not everyones taste is the same…ignore the negative and keep giving good recipes!! This is so easy and even better! Muy guy requested it two night in a row… So good over vanilla bean ice cream! I made this and it was super easy but I did have some tips. Directions say to mix the filing and crescent roll dough together but I found the dough that was mixed Into the filling would not cook. The dough set on the top cooked fine.

roll recipes special roll recipes book 1 Manual

I cooked for over 45 minutes without the dough inside getting remotely cooked. I ended up pulling them out and putting on top but at that point the original dough in top was well done and it left the dough getting cooked unevenly with some being perfect those moved on top last and the rest very well done. An easy fix but it almost tripled the cooking time. Once out of the oven I recommend putting butter on the rolls and sprinkling just a little sugar on them. Thank you for sharing your tips Tara! I also had the same problem. I flipped several times and it took way longer than expected.

The end result was good. I will make again but next time I know to start earlier. Mine took closer to 25 minutes.. Hi Holly, thanks.. I love the idea, keep them coming please. Just made this recipe with WalMart frozen buttermilk biscuits! Cut each biscuits into fourths and baked a little longer than the recipe stated.

Seriously yummy! Turns out more the dumplings in cobbler. Thanks for the recipe.

Croissants, Dumplings and Pecan Roll Recipes

It is quite easy. Go ahead and try it. You can master it very soon. I have tried your recipe and it is so easy with such great results. However, when I go to fry my steamed mantou it always comes out not crispy at all, despite them turning a lovely golden brown colour. Hi Elaine,. I have tried your recipe and it is wonderful — the steamed buns turned out perfectly, and it is so easy to follow.

However, when I try to fry the buns they are not crispy at all, despite being a golden brown colour. I believe it has something to do with the skin that forms around the buns — when I peel the baking paper off the bottom and rip off some of the skin, the bottom of the bun becomes very crispy but the rest is not.

Do you have any advice on how to make them more crispy? Ally, If you peel off the smooth skin, the buns will become crispy since more oil is absorbed. You have already find the tip. Facebook Instagram Pinterest. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Prep Time. Cook Time. Total Time. Chinese New-Year dish-golden and silver mantou. Fried Mantou with condensed milk. Course: staple. Cuisine: Chinese. Keyword: Fried, mantou. Servings : 4. Calories : kcal. Author : Elaine.

Divide your buns into two groups: one for steaming and the other for deep-frying. In a pot, heat up enough oil for around 7 minutes over medium until medium hot; add the buns in to fry until golden brown. During the process, the buns will keep floating on the surface.

Press them down to soak them in the oil for evenly deep-frying. How to serve: Pour the condensed milk in a small bowl and place the dipping bowl in the center of your serving plate and then lay the steamed buns and fried buns one by one. Nutrition Facts. Calories Calories from Fat