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Sanctuary Grief Kingdom The Hound of Ulster Walkabout Mark of the Panther Pendragon Eye of the Storm The New Olympians The Green Bushido Cloud Fathers Ill Met By Moonlight Future Tense The Gathering, Part One The Gathering, Part Two Vendettas Turf The Reckoning Possession Hunter's Moon, Part One Hunter's Moon, Part Two Hunter's Moon, Part Three. Generations For It May Come True To Serve Mankind Seeing Isn't Believing Angels In The Night.

Gargoyles 1.

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Clan Building Chapter Twelve: Phoenix. Bad Guys 1. Strangers Bad Guys 2.

The Lost Bad Guys 3. Estranged Bad Guys 4.

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  • Louse Bad Guys 5. Strangled Bad Guys 6. In , Marvel released a Gargoyles comic book series outside the main continuity of the series, but referencing specific events that took place within it. Greg Weisman, television series co-creator, did not have any direct involvement in the story development of the comic series, but was consulted on some plot points to be sure it stayed within certain boundaries. The series ran for 11 issues.

    The gargoyles and the stryge

    Weisman was hired to write for the comic after a couple of issues, but Marvel cut ties with Disney before his run could be produced. Weisman still has his unpublished script for the comic which he will use for issue 6 on the current series. The Marvel series was tonally darker than the television series, dealing largely with Xanatos' experiments to create creatures and machines to defeat the Gargoyles.

    Also to note, Beth Maza who appeared in a photo in Deadly Force and Petros Xanatos appeared in the comics before their full debut on the show. The comic continues the storyline of the animated series, picking up after the second season finale, Hunter's Moon Part Three, with the first two issues adapting the first episode of The Goliath Chronicles. The comic diverged as of the third issue.

    The series had a promising debut with the first issue selling out, as did subsequent issues. The following videos were later released containing the remaining first-season episodes:. Episodes were left unaltered, except for the removals of the "Previously on Gargoyles In , the tenth anniversary of its premiere, the first season of the series was released on DVD.

    The first half of the second season was released in December Weisman has stated simply, "Volume 1 did not sell enough copies.

    Gargoyles aren’t so scary after all

    The episodes themselves are uncensored, restoring scenes which were removed on Toon Disney and the VHS releases. In , a video game based on the series was released for the Sega Genesis. A Super Nintendo version was planned as well however, it was never released. The plot involved the Eye of Odin attempting to destroy the world and Goliath the player must stop them. The game was a side scrolling action game and had a poor reception.

    Weisman and his development team, before the cancellation of Gargoyles , planned several spinoffs featuring tangential characters from the series, as well as continuing the story of the Manhattan Clan. Only one of the projects ever entered active development: the series Gargoyles: Bad Guys , for which a leica reel was produced. Slave Labor Graphics has released three issues of Bad Guys. There was initially intense speculation concerning the intentions of the producers had the series continued, but many have been since debunked by Weisman in the "Ask Greg" forum.

    Weisman has, however, also revealed some of his own plans for the show, had it continued.

    Gargoyles S01E01 Awakening Part 1 DarkDream

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    The Grotesque Stories Behind the Famous Gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral

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