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But no. Despite that I could still follow along and I never felt myself lost. Why does this feel like a first book? Well there's a whole cast that has a history and we step right in the middle of the after affects of a huge moral changing event for the lead—Sylvie. Sylvie finds herself teetering on the verge of becoming a monster herself. The line of justice, vengeance, and helping the innocent without hurting them is being tiptoed. A beloved friend had died on a horrible case, and satanic creeps are after them.

Not to mention world ending events lead Sylvie to Chicago on an adventure. Usually a move reserved for the 3rd of 4th book of a series, or even farther along. Because of that I think it's off putting. You can't make the connection to the side characters because it's like a bunch of hit and runs here.

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No really most of the side characters that Sylvie interacts with are brief notes. Thus making her actions toward them and the characters themselves hard to care for. All you can see is how Sylvie treats the people in her life so horribly. You know there's a huge past and they should be important players in future books, but they're being ignored like they've already been developed.

There is a huge plus though. I admire a book willing to kill off the type of character that was brutally killed here. However, since we're told that Sylvie and that character had a past it felt cold. Not to mention that things weren't developed and the whole story isn't fully divulged. In fact, if the story would have started when they met I would have loved it. The events of this book would have had more impact as a book 3 or 4. Overall I liked the lead and the Greek mythology presented here.

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The drama of the Gods and the immortality of both men and monsters was perfect. Not to mention that it wasn't just Greek mythology, angels with Christianity, Egyptian, and more! All of it is in this melting pot. They're aren't just Greek gods! And they're all aware of each other. It's all kind of hanging in some kind of crazy balance. Considering the history already pack into this first book I'm looking forward to what else Shadows Inquiry series will bring. The mythology and world is original and gritty, getting a 5 stars from me on that front!

The big reveals about Sylvie make me really curious as to what her new role will be. Also, I'm dying to see her in her city and with her people. She burned some bridges this book. Despite everything I still say this is a solid start. The world building is on point, and Sylvie is definitely one heck of a leading lady. Sexual Content: Sexual humor, homo sexual themes, sexual abuse, talk of child molestation, and a sex scene.

It's plenty dark, but things aren't overly explicit. Originally reviewed at Book Whispers. Sep 07, Jai rated it really liked it. Mardel said of the main character, Sylvie: "She's kind of mean, kind of angry. But I actually enjoyed reading her angry sarcastic comments. She's just so damned mad and tough she doesn't care who she's mouthing off too, a god, an erinyes, witch, whoever.

You get the feeling, from hints, that she's killed a lot of A pissed off character. It can go either way. I mean, a character that rubs you the wrong way can make or break a book for the reader, if they're just jerks, that's no good, but if there's depth and development to them and it gets really interesting. The Premise: Sylvie Lightener is a a private investigator specializing in paranormal cases.

She's been through a lot, including the recent killing of one of her employees, and in an effort to protect the people around her, she's closing up shop. Just as she does, one last customer comes in.

Shadows & Sins

This man tells her: "My name is Kevin Dunne. I am the god of Justice. And I need your help. Since Sylvie isn't really allowed to say no, she flies to Chicago to investigate. This is the first in a new series called Shadows Inquires. Good sense of place Chicago , characters with depth, and good pacing. I've seen reviews who disagreed about the pacing, but for me I just picked it up to read the first chapter and then it was 2 hours later and I'd read pages.

It starts out as a mystery, but turns into much more. I think my favorite part was anything to do with the gods and how they worked. Actually, how magic worked. This book had some really interesting ideas that sort of made me go, "Ohhh. Most of it was about the Greek gods, but the Christian god fits into it as well, and the way Benedict brings in well-known characters associated with the deities such as the Furies and others was really nicely done. The big make-it-or-break-it part of the book is definitely as you'd guess from what I'd said about pissed off characters Sylvie.

You know how it can be really annoying when the main character is the type who just doesn't know when to shut up? It's a really close line here. I can see people finding Sylvie abrasive, but for me, these moments came in spurts the more danger she's in, the worse she is. She starts off mean to her loyal employee Alex, trying to get Alex to stay away from the job in an effort to protect her, but then after that Sylvie didn't really seem that bad until much later on.

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  • It actually seems to work with the plot, which I was a little impressed by. There is an angry voice inside her which she hears, and I was beginning to wonder if that had deeper implications, but you have to read the whole book to see what I'm talking about. Sylvie is a dark heroine, one who is flawed in a way where I disagreed with what she was doing and saying. She's very motivated by revenge. It clouds her judgement where others look at her in dismay but she refuses to budge in her thinking.

    Yet this works because she has to deal with the consequences of this, and I want to know if she can redeem herself or not. It's truly a toss-up, because all through this book, she hasn't done enough assure me that she can change. It makes me really want to read the next book though and find out. Weird, huh? One issue I had with the book would probably be that I kept getting the sense that I was reading the second book of a series rather than the first.

    The first chapter throws you in midstream with Sylvie closing up shop and you don't really find out why until much later. Then there's Sylvie and Alex's shared back story which sounds substantial but only piece together bit and pieces of it. I wanted to know more information but because it wasn't directly related to the current action, it wasn't forthcoming. I hope this is remedied in later books. Overall: Has a pissed off main character, so avoid if you hate that, but I think there's so much potential there for character growth, and I'm so interested in what the author did here that I'm looking forward to the next book.

    So I guess I kinda liked it. View 2 comments. May 19, Kelly rated it really liked it. The setting, plot, and prose style are completely different from the Lane Robins books, but there are some echoes in the general themes: love, vengeance, and the havoc that gods wreak when they meddle in mortal "The only good thing about gods is that they prefer their realm to ours.

    The setting, plot, and prose style are completely different from the Lane Robins books, but there are some echoes in the general themes: love, vengeance, and the havoc that gods wreak when they meddle in mortal affairs. After a satanic cult kills one of her friends, Sylvie is about to call it quits. Just as she's firing her assistant and packing her office, she is approached by a god in need. Kevin Dunne is the Greek god of Justice, and he's shown up with his Furies in tow, wanting Sylvie to help him find his missing lover.

    And even if there were, he wouldn't be named Kevin!

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    How Kevin became a god is part of the central mystery Sylvie must unravel if she is to save the day. I really loved the world-building here. Lyn Benedict immerses the reader in a complex setting filled with bureaucracy, gods of various pantheons, and competing agendas. The prose is great too. It's less ornate than the style she uses in Maledicte and Kings and Assassins , but the simpler style suits the gritty modern setting, and she's just as good at evoking beautiful or gory images with her words as she is when she's writing as Lane Robins.

    The scene that stands out most to me is the novel's only sex scene, in which Benedict twines together the romantic emotions with a very different kind of tension; there's a mysterious threat in the background that adds some creepiness to the scene. When I figured out why Sylvie was so affected by certain colors in her partner's room, I got chills. I had a lot of trouble liking her.

    She pushes people away. She uses people. She loses her temper at the worst possible moments. The good news is, Benedict writes Sylvie's nasty streak into the story in a realistic way. She doesn't just go around mouthing off with no consequences. She gets called on it all the time, and her attitude often lands her and her friends in mortal danger. And once in a while, it works in her favor. The complex world-building, evocative prose, and layered plot are more than enough to make up for a heroine with a whole bag of chips on her shoulder.

    And as for her, well, I just need to keep in mind that I didn't like Kate Daniels much at first, either, and now she's one of my favorite fantasy characters. I'm looking forward to seeing what Sylvie's character arc will be.

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    This is a very dark urban fantasy without a lot of comic relief, but there was one line that cracked me up; I think Benedict may be giving the subgenre a little affectionate ribbing: How many pretty women carry a big gun and an even bigger mouth? View all 5 comments. Apr 27, Melindeeloo rated it it was ok.

    An unlicensed PI who deals with paranormal cases, Silvie has given up and is closing down her detective agency when a client walks in and insists that she take his case. Silvie has no intention of taking the case, losing a partner has broken her spirit, but she soon finds that it's pretty much impossible to say no to the god who is searching for his lost lover.

    There were things that I liked about the book, the whole thing with the human cop who became the god of justice and his companions who we An unlicensed PI who deals with paranormal cases, Silvie has given up and is closing down her detective agency when a client walks in and insists that she take his case. There were things that I liked about the book, the whole thing with the human cop who became the god of justice and his companions who were the legendary Furies was great. But I just didn't like Sylvie, she is incredibly dark for a protector - quick tempered, vindictive, and quick to kill - and she has few redeeming moments in the book.

    She is supposed to be smart, but spends most of the story being reactive. I have to say that I liked the monsters better - the youngest leather wearing Fury was lethal but entertaining. I also really didn't like the ending of the story, I hated the final fate of a character who had gone through a transition which had given him the potential for being something really interesting.

    Oct 10, Jennifer rated it liked it. Throughout the book, I found myself wondering if I was starting the series in the middle. Many loose ends were left unexplained. Proper explanations for past events were not provided. If I met Sylvie in real life, I would find her extremely annoying with a capital A. Being bitchy and headstrong are not bad qualities to have, but Sylvie took it to the next level. Mouthing off to everyone, for no good reason, and being disrespectful all the time seems contradictory to her work of saving innocent li Throughout the book, I found myself wondering if I was starting the series in the middle.

    Mouthing off to everyone, for no good reason, and being disrespectful all the time seems contradictory to her work of saving innocent lives. Although she doesn't seem to like people much. She lacked empathy for other people's circumstances, and was reactive most of the time. When key characters die, she does not seem to be affected at all.

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    Never mind the dark voice in her head, or being revealed as "The Murderer's Child" - no excuse. Secondary characters were more interesting, the Gods of Justice and Love - although they weren't considered just human, they seemed more human than Sylvie at times. Hoping to hear more about Alex, Sylvie's assistant.

    I still don't know why Demalion was willing to give his life for Sylvie. I am hoping she will redeem herself in books to come. Mar 02, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: release , urban-fantasy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. When we first meet Sylvie, she has had enough and is closing up her shop, Shadows Inquiries, for good. If only it were that simple. They believe she is an amateur with a gun, and a vigilante at best who has killed a hellhound, sorcerers, succubi, and an angel with buckshot wings.

    Along comes Kevin Dunne, a former police officer, who is now a god of Justice. Kevin asks Sylvie to find his lover Brandon Wolf who has gone missing. Kevin arrives with three Furies who formerly worked for Hera. Alekta, Magdala, and Erinya. Erinya was probably the most likable sub-character in the book, and then Alex who refuses to be terminated while Sylvie is away on her investigation.

    Sylvie agrees to go to Chicago and investigate Bran's disappearance with the understanding that Kevin will take care of the Satanist that have been such a nuisance to her, Alexandra Figueroa-Smith Alex , and her friends and family. He agrees and turns one of the more nasty females into a flower. Sylvie is not the warm, touchy feely kind of character that you expect from UF stories. She is angry; she has a mean spirited attitude towards everyone. She has a deep seeded darkness within her soul that lashes out at her enemies, and also seems to steer her into constant trouble.

    She is also trigger happy, choosing to kill first, and ask questions later.

    Symphony X - Of Sins And Shadows

    People around Sylvie end up hurt, or dead. She ends up being responsible for another friend losing her witch powers most likely forever and another nearly dies because they couldn't reach Sylvie who is under a death curse. On top of all this, she discovers she may be the daughter of Lilith and Cain which may explain her darkness within.

    This book mixes the paranormal, Greek Mythology with the inclusion of Zeus and Hera to the storyline, as well as Judeo-Christian bible teachings with the inclusiion of Lilith as the main villian. My major complaint about this book is that it felt like the second book in a series, instead of the first. Maybe we can get the writer to do a prequel someday. View 1 comment. Technically good but I hated the main POV character with a passion. To make a comparison to the author's other series, Maledicte was a murderous psycho, but she was likable. Sylvie waffled between "I'm a monster" guilt and "but that means I'm a strong woman!

    Do not want. Aug 01, Jo Mixed Book Bag rated it did not like it. This was a confusing book. The backstory in the first of the book just confused. I kept thinking that I had missed the first two books even though Sin and Shadows is the first in a series. While the writing is good I did not like the characters and the world building was incomplete. All in all I was sorry I had purchased the book. Dec 06, Lauren Stoolfire rated it did not like it Shelves: urban-fantasy , fantasy , mystery. I was really hoping to like this one, but after 30 pages I felt lost like I missed the first book in the series and I couldn't get into it the story or the characters.

    Unfortunately, it just isn't for me. I have other stories I'd rather read instead. May 11, Amyiw rated it it was ok Shelves: audio , series , urban-fantasy , x , xufageek. This book is like jumping into the 3rd book of any UF series, say Kate Daniels or Mercy Thompson, yet it is the first book. There is a whole background history of people dying on her watch in her P. That would be OK if there weren't new character after new character introduced and a new background story is told.

    It is like playing catch up the whole way through the book. It destroyed any interest in the This book is like jumping into the 3rd book of any UF series, say Kate Daniels or Mercy Thompson, yet it is the first book.

    Rádios que tocam Symphony X

    It destroyed any interest in the characters as we didn't really settle in with any character including the main character. The main character is left unexplained for the majority of the book and some parts still linger. The ending was completely unsatisfying to me, though it is dnot a cliffhanger. I ended with disliking all the surviving characters that I'd come to know, not one did I like in the end.

    The story was good up to the ending though the telling of the background wouldn't have given it more than a 3 star review anyway. I give it 2 stars but only because I was pretty entertained until the ending. If it had ended differently 3 stars, and if it had been told differently with maybe two or three prequels to let us in on the back story instead of just interrupting the story to tell us it, then it could have been 4 or 5 star read.

    I know that the next books will view spoiler [ bring back to life Damelion. Still I also feel like I'm into book 3 of a series and want retribution. This is why it get 2 stars instead of one, I was starting to like even the furies, a little of Silvie, and definitely Damelion, but the ending changed that. Silvie's almost indifference, kind of how it was in the beginning of the book while packing up her business, is back and now I just cannot accept it. Is she just feeling sorry for herself? Well, I probably will not read on, even knowing that some of the ending will be "fixed" in future books.

    This one just didn't do it for me. It might just be too dark. May 23, Alexia rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy. And so it begins Despite the promising b Sylvie Lightner is no ordinary P. Despite the promising blurbs, it took me awhile to get into this story. Sylvie herself isn't a very sympathetic character, but I liked that her snarky attitude had consequences. Usually, the lead can be sarcastic and impulsive and get away with it, but not Sylvie. Preview — Shadows and Sins by Andrea Frazer.

    The thirteenth in the best-selling Falconer Files by Andrea Frazer. The body of a woman has been discovered in Castle Farthing Woods, and it appears that although she had been dead for years, nobody had ever reported her missing. He has recently resumed his relationship with psycho The thirteenth in the best-selling Falconer Files by Andrea Frazer.

    He has recently resumed his relationship with psychologist Dr Honey Dubois — but while visiting a local village in the course of his investigations, unsettling memories of a former love are revived. For Falconer is forced to confront the fact that someone has been committing these murders under the radar and under his very nose: he is forced to acknowledge that, in the midst of beautiful countryside and quaint market towns, there is a serial killer on the loose. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition. More Details The Falconer Files Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

    To ask other readers questions about Shadows and Sins , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 21, Debbie rated it really liked it. Four and a half stars! I was SO excited for this new Falconer Files book! And it was jam-packed with action! I recently re-read the first twelve books of the series, so I was prepared for the detectives to finally piece it out that there had been a rash of young females disappearing in the surrounding villages for some time.

    The answer to the mystery kept me guessing right up to the end, but I found the climax and denouement a bit frustrating. It wasn't that easy to figure out who the perpetrator Four and a half stars! It wasn't that easy to figure out who the perpetrator was without the knowledge that Falconer had discovered.

    Also, I am not a fan of Honey Dubois. I think that Rev. Florrie should be the one in her position. I'm purposely not saying what this position is, so as to not spoil anything. The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger which is also frustrating. I was, however, very excited and glad to be reading about DI Falconer and DS Carmichael and their friends and family again! Sad times and good times, I love these characters, and I'm already looking forward to the next book! Nov 29, R. This is a much better book than I imagined it would be.

    I guess the title threw me. It didn't seem as substantial as the story line ended up being. That's opinion. The story was great. I really loved the characters, especial the man with the new twins. The serial killer has been operating for a very long time without anyone realizing it. A woman's body is discovered in the woods near Castle Farthing and even though she has been dead some years she was never reported missing.

    Other bodies, in various states of preservation soon follow and DI harry Farthing and DS Davey Carmichael are forced to confront the unwelcome truth that a serial killer is on the loose on their patch. Soon they have more evidence than they actually need but no one they really suspect. Both Falconer and Carmichael have other things on their minds. Falconer ha A woman's body is discovered in the woods near Castle Farthing and even though she has been dead some years she was never reported missing. Falconer has resumed his relationship with Dr Honey Dubois and one of his cats has gone missing.

    Carmichael's wife, Kerry is about to give birth to twins prematurely. Neither of them are concentrating on their jobs as much as usual. I thought this was a well plotted and interesting mystery with some likeable characters and plenty if humour in spite of the grisly subject matter. Some of the characters from previous books in the series reappear and Harry Falconer shows he has a human side. This is the thirteenth book in the series though each book can be read as a standalone novel. If you want to follow the relationship between Falconer and Carmichael then the books are best read in order of publication.

    Another fun murder mystery! admin