Killer Weed: An Ed Rosenberg Mystery

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But can we get back to the mystery at hand? He now works freelance and his life is about to change. The story starts with a shooting of controversial mayoral candidate Dave Kirsch, who used to deal pot and wrote two books about growing it.

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But that is not the mystery that drives the book. A tech billionaire with money to burn wants to hire Ed for a little research. The job in question is to dig into the life of a former drug dealer from the s who was shot dead back then.

He wants Ed to find out any information he can, and if he can figure out the shooter after all this time, even better. Rather quickly, Ed finds out that she not only had a connection to the now-dead candidate, but was very much involved with him. The basic mystery is your standard, lighthearted type of fare. The recipes have been Horny goat weed is prescribed to boost sexual desire, to treat erectile dysfunction, to alleviate menopausal symptoms and to treat fatigue and it also can be taken to encourage health and well-being.

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An Ed Rosenberg Mystery

Someone wants to hide this fact from the people. The Weed: Hank discovers a strange weed in his garden. Rather than chop it he decides to see what develops. The present-day action starts off with a bang with the assassination of ex-hippie dope dealer and popular mayoral candidate Dave Kirsch.

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Ed s wife, Julie, served on Kirsch s campaign, and that draws the investigative reporter in plus a dot-com tycoon wants him to find out his given name, lost in a cloud of reefer memory. As the search goes on, Ed worries that Julie might be hitting the vino a little too often, but then he s not willing to give up his daily tokes.

This is a fun and even educational romp, complete with blurbs from Grace Slick and Woodstock icon Wavy Gravy.

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