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For readers who have already read this Medieval series, I have changed the love scenes to appeal to a broader range of readers, by giving Lady Eyreka and Augustin de Chauret their privacy during those intimate moments. Never fear, the romance is still the most important part of Lady Eyreka and Augustin de Chauret's story. Merewood Keep is just beginning to earn revenues with Garrick as its overlord. When the new Norman King decides to gift the newly rebuilt keep to one of his favored knights, Garrick's mother Eyreka is devastated until she hears the rumors that the Norman is widowed.

Augustin de Chauret has no desire to marry, nor live in England. But his liege lord has gifted him with a keep and now a wife. Will the Saxon beauty win his heart as well as his name?

Mo Ghrá-sa, an fharraige

A Scot's Honor, Book 3: C. For readers who have already read this Medieval series, I have changed the love scenes to appeal to a broader range of readers, by giving Genvieve de Chauret and Scot's Mercenary Winslow MacInness their privacy during those intimate moments. The cancellation of their tour last November due to Samanthas illness left many asking when can they see them perform. The night promises to be spectacular.

Mo GHra will perform all the songs from their brand new album 'Alba to Aotearoa' as well as many more favorites. The concert will also be filmed in order to produce a promotional video for International Clients. Very exciting times ahead.

A World Championships of Performing Arts later this year. A great line up of artists are performing and we look forward to being a part of this fun show. A truly ecelectic mix of Celtic Songs. Beautiful Ye San PO - The opening cermony and 5 other performances for this amazing tourist destination.

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What a pleasure to be asked to sing at this prestigious event. Dates to come! Also hoping to take in Hong Kong! Where they live!!! Celine and Samantha love performing together… What stronger bond is there than that of a Mother and Daughter…………….

‎Mo Ghra Mo Chroi Go Deo (translation: My Love My Heart Forever) Medieval Trilogy on Apple Books

Also looking at Canada! Looking forward to bringing our wonderful show to everyone out there!!

Woman's Day May, TV3's The Cafe May, Invitation to Yesanpo, China Jul, Our manager is heading once again to Shanghai to secure our performances. Europe May, See our video page. Celebration Concert Jun, Australian Celtic Music Awards May, A 6 x Arena Tour is being planned for through Germany.

Mo Ghrá-sa (Idir Lúibíní)

Hamilton In The City Cambridge Mar, 11 AM. Orewa May, 27 AM.

Clár ábhair

Yesanpo, China Jul, 05 AM. Shanghai, China Oct, 17 PM. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Mo ghra thu (salm 17)

Once I Had A Sweetheart. Mo Ghile Mear. Fields Of Gold. Show how much you care with this unusual gift of jewellery. Words of love hidden in plain sight. This necklace is made in solid sterling silver or 18ct yellow gold with various chain options. It is packaged in our Ogham branded box with our unique descriptive leaflet. The earliest Ogham inscriptions still in existence were carved in stone and date from the 4th century. Surviving inscriptions are mainly names or short inscriptions carved onto monuments, usually grave stones or territorial markers. Ogham is also believed to have been widely used on wood for record keeping or relaying short messages.

Inscriptions carved in wood were easily made and very portable. They were sometimes cryptic in nature and believed by some to have magical properties. Ogham was later also written down and can be seen in manuscripts, often as margin notes, written as late as the 16th century. Based on the primitive Irish language the original Ogham alphabet had 20 characters which were divided into 4 groups.

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