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The first thing we did was to get in touch with Century Media — and they've been an incredibly supportive partner — and re-release stuff that's already sold out, like 'Irreligious' on vinyl. Also, for the first time ever, our single 'Opium' — probably our most famous song — is on vinyl as well.

It was sold out. We decided to not put the money in our pockets, but to invest more in the label, and that's what we did. They're very collector oriented with amazing editions and releases, but also we extended it a little bit. There used to be big companies like Universal and Sony in Portugal but I wasn't happy with them, so we decided to take it in our own hands. From that moment on, we started thinking of signing bands with just a click. We have a concept of signing only Portuguese bands, so far.

I think many bands — whether they be English, French, Swiss — get signed, but the Portuguese bands don't get signed, and I don't know why. I worked on getting my own book translated into English; there's a poetry book called 'Purgatorial' , which you can buy from Alma Mater. For the first time though, there's going to be a Portuguese version. It came out of something I love, and now it's becoming a little bit serious because we are doing stuff right. Also, I've been in business with Century Media , Napalm Records , Steamhammer , Nuclear Blast , etcetera, so we have a little bit of all that knowledge put together as well, and hopefully we can use it for our own bands.

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For now and up until we change this, we'll just be signing Portuguese bands and not bands from any other country. I think that people can expect us to go into the studio in , and probably release an album in , We want to take our time.

We want to make a big album, so absolutely. I think it's a constant process. That's what we love to do the most, is write new stuff and discover new stuff, and not to go to the old repertoire and put something together. Seen live by 9mmdetox. Bands I have seen live by xEdgarx. Favorite Artists by Antithetical.

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Bands I have seen live by Skarpretteren. Seen Live by Victoria Seen live by Myrkrarfar. Artists I've seen live.

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Not psyrave. Artists I've seen live by torquia. Bands ive seen live by mackan Zillo by indy My Collection by Klimson.

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