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Many of us enjoy feeding the ducks; however, we are actually causing them harm by doing so. The ducks become used to being fed by humans and no longer search for food sources on their own. They become bolder in the winter months when food is more scarce, even going so far as to jump on top of people. Some may think this is cute, but others are scared by this, especially when there are many ducks jumping at the same time.

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During storms and very cold winter days, there are fewer people out feeding the ducks and they are left hungry because humans have become their only source of food. Furthermore, there has been a high rate of ducks being hit by cars during the winter at Rockwood Park because they assume all cars are stopping to feed them. Under wild conditions, the food sources become scarcer in the fall, encouraging the ducks to forage further and further from their home pond.

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Eventually, they will migrate to a new home pond for the winter where food sources are more reliable and abundant. Unfortunately, as a result of being fed during the summer and fall, ducks have been found frozen in the ice because they have not followed the natural cycle of migration to a more temperate climate. We, at Rockwood Park, understand that the ducks have been fed by humans for many years and are dependent on them for food.

While some duck species such as black ducks will remain in the area, they tend to go to salt water that does not freeze and feed on the snails, etc. Mallards, however, do tend to migrate further south in search of places still providing vegetation for them to feed on. A crowded habitat can lead to issues with disease as the rate of bird to bird contact is greatly increased. Like kids at a crowded daycare, once one gets a cold, they all do.

Bread is also the most common food of choice that people bring for the ducks. Although the ducks enjoy the bread, it is the equivalent to them eating cupcakes every day and does not offer proper nutrition. Malnutrition in ducks only increases their chances of getting sick, especially during the winter months when no other food options are available.

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