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That it will cost her the lives of those she loves while unearthing a destiny she never imagined with a man who is forbidden to love her. She finds passion, romance and the family she'd been searching for her entire life, but at what cost and what is she willing to sacrifice to find answers and happiness? Octavian Maxwell has always known his place. He is a Caster, a Son of Judgment. His job is to protect the mortal world from the creatures plotting to destroy it. Retrieved March 27, Stars and Stripes. Retrieved March 26, October 18, Retrieved March 30, The Nation. The Guardian.

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The Sons of Judgment Saga

New York: G. Putnam's Sons. Higham, Charles New York: Coward McCann. Jensen, Oliver O. May 4, Retrieved February 16, Kass, Judith M. I turned nineteen last week, she confessed after a split second hesitation. Liam chuckled. Well, then maybe you can teach our sons a thing or two. Lord knows they do enough of all that. Regulus, is eighteen. Octavian or Gideon do most of the bartending. Liam squinted at Riley.

It took a bit more effort not to let it show how much the question bothered her. Liam nodded like it made sense, but made no comment. His gaze shifted over to his wife, who had remained mute throughout most of the transaction. They said nothing for several minutes as they did that weird eye communication thing only couples could pull off. Bottling back the bubbling squeal building up inside her, Riley opened her mouth to respond when the front door opened and three boys scuffled in, carting a dead body between them.

The corpse was filthy, like it had been unearthed freshly from the grave. Its clothes were tattered and stained with clumps of dirt that flaked off with every violent jostle. The skin was gray with deep gashes peeling away from the scalp, revealing bits of raw bone. Its eyes were open, milky and rolled up as though praying to the heavens. Its jaw sat unhinged, crooked and gaping in a silent scream. Riley had to cover her own mouth to keep from gagging. Hi, Mom, one of the boys said, as he grunted and adjusted the weight of the legs. Oh deep breath, Mom, the one holding the hips muttered.

To prove it, he jiggled the thing, making its entire body wiggle like a worm. We found it at this joke shop downtown. We applied the dirt, he added with a proud smirk. Having got over her shock, Kyaerin bristled. What in the world are you doing with that disgusting thing? Hand flattened to her chest, Kyaerin sighed.

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She raised her free hand and pinched the bridge of her nose. What am I going to do with you boys?

There, there, darling. Liam turned to his sons. Come along, boys. I want you to meet the newest addition to our little diner. Riley winced as the corpse was dropped unceremoniously to the ground and stepped on as the boys moved to stand behind their father. She got to her feet as they were introduced. They were all ridiculously handsome, like a family of models. Gideon had mussed blond hair and dominating gray eyes. His face was angular with high cheekbones and a sharp chin.

His complexion was made even paler due to the endless miles of black he wore. Everything from his scuffed boots, fitted jeans, t-shirt beneath a battered leather jacket and fingerless gloves, were black. He looked more like he should have been on the back of a motorcycle, not trumping around a diner. Magnus had wavy brown hair, a square face and wore as much black as his brother, except his t-shirt had a green shield on the front. His brown eyes shone with contemplation as he took Riley in. There were no other differences between the two.

They both had large builds and impressive heights brushing above six feet, and looked capable of many mischievous things. He was shorter by a head, with unruly brown hair and gleaming brown eyes. He was slender like a swimmer and carried very little muscle beneath his bright red t-shirt and acid washed jeans.

He wore trainers on his feet and sport bands on his wrists. Riley Masters, Gideon mused slowly with a hint of an accent that was greatly exaggerated. He glanced curiously at his brothers. There really is a human sitting in the diner, right? Gideon stared at Riley, making her fidget under the scrutiny.

That kid, Jimmy or Johnny Reggie snapped his fingers, trying to conjure up the name. He stumbled in through the forest.

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Hiking or something. Shitty luck about what happened to him, Gideon said, shaking his head. No one deserves to die like that. He had a big mouth. And he was nosy, Reggie chimed in. He worked here for Eight months before the Guardians cleansed him?

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Their bloody curiosity. They always have to have answers. Ahh, the truth, scaring off potential employees since He peered around Magnus at Reggie. What year were you born, Reggie? Your face will be things of poetry and sonnets. Just you wait. Gideon threw his head back and howled with laughter as Reggie reached around him and punched Magnus in the arm. With a flourish, he spun on his heels and stalked back to the rubber corpse.

Magnus followed. Reggie offered her an uncertain grin before ambling after them. Between them, they hoisted up the body and shuffled their way through the kitchen doors and out of sight. They mean well. Liam opened his mouth to comment when the kitchen door opened and Kyaerin hurried out, a stack of papers in hand. She set them on the desk along with a pen and regained her seat next to her husband. Liam looked as relieved as Riley felt as the topic turned back to the business at hand. This is a straightforward contract. You will strive to be on time and presentable during work hours.

You are on temporary probation for the next three months. Riley tuned out as she flipped through the stapled pages, skimming through each row. Everything stated really did seem straightforward and easy to comply with.

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Love all of you! Screw this! Sewer-Man griped, as he turned and marched past Riley to the door. What a crappy day. The clerk waved at her from behind the counter. All shall be judged, she read quietly to herself. Lovely, she muttered, exhaling. Yes, someone is. Riley felt her jaw slacken. Maybe it was her imagination, but the way he said something else made her cheeks flush. She shook her head, more to clear it than anything else. His dark eyebrows lifted, interest now plain on his face. Are you? And who might that be?

He guided her with a gentle hand to a nearby table. I insist. Riley jumped and smacked the underside of the table with her knees. Riley offered him a slight smile. You should consider becoming a ninja. Riley giggled before she could stop herself. Will there be anything else? Job hunting? The woman grimaced guiltily.

The woman moved forward, slim hand extended. Riley laughed weakly. Really, not a big deal. Riley laughed. Like I said, whatever I can find. Work at the Addams Family Mansion? You would be doing us yet another favor, I assure you. Riley forced a bright smile. That would be wonderful. Thank you so much! Riley took it, giving it a buoyant shake. I have resumes in the car if you— The man waved the offer away. Riley sat, counting to ten in her head and willed her nerves to quit shaking. This all sounds a little too good to be true, she admitted. I am, Riley said, struggling to keep her voice even.

Read Octavian's Undoing (Sons of Judgment, #1) Online Book PDF

Fantastic, Kyaerin said, glancing at her husband. Liam nodded. I have a question though. Riley waited. How old are you? Riley shook her head. Full-time, if possible. No school for you? At long last, he trained his attention back to Riley, and smiled. When can you start? Chapter 2 The corpse was filthy, like it had been unearthed freshly from the grave. Kyaerin sputtered. Then post it online, the one holding the legs added. Kyaerin took a deep breath and left the room without another word. Boys, this is Riley Masters, Liam finished.

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Riley quickly caught herself and forced a smile. Reggie smacked the table. Weird little fellow that one. The other two made remorseful noises. Gideon blinked innocently at his brothers. Do you believe this hogwash? About the same time you got your sense of humor, Reggie replied tartly. The boy with the demon face, Magnus chimed, smirking darkly. Boys, Liam said with a burdened sigh. The trio sobered, turning their attention back to Riley.

Masters, Magnus said with a polite inclination of his head. Lady Masters, Gideon said with a dramatic bow and wink.