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I am sure that the endless sunshine of childhood summers must have experienced wet days as well but we can quickly forget such things. Fortunately we have had glimpses of sunshine this week. Cricket, rounders, tennis and golf have happened with the promise of much more to come. I look forward to the School swimming gala on Monday with the certain knowledge that it will not fall victim to the weather and hopefully no one will be too upset about getting soaking wet.

Over the Easter holidays, pupils in each year group were invited to produce a piece of work to enter a competition all linked to the theme of "Energy".

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Every child who entered was awarded two house points and some of the best entries are now on display in the entrance hall. Year 3 — "Design a presentation menu for the food eaten on one day of the holiday". Year 4 — " Where do wolves get their energy from? Year 5 — "Design a recipe for a new meal" — There were lots of very tasty looking ideas for this one but the entries from Annabel Spratt, Jack Pocock, Phoebe Esdaile and Hannah Smith impressed most as they included nutritional analysis.

All entrants will be asked to cook their meal next weekend and bring it in to sample on Monday 19 th May. Year 6 — "Where does electricity come from? Clearly the chicks were keen to get a taste of school life as seven of them hatched overnight, and two the next day. The hatched chicks soon fluffed up and are now busy eating and gaining weight.

The tadpoles have been closely observed as we watch the changes taking place. The children are now able to talk about the lifecycle of a frog. Another minibeast being investigated is the ladybird. We have been gathering information from various sources and have linked topics such as time and feelings to this. We have been out in the grounds gathering these critters, with much joy and excitement!

In Year 1 the children are enjoying the new topic of Tropical Rainforests. This week we have explored the locations of the tropical rainforests, which led to an interesting discussion about the difference in climate between the UK and equatorial countries. What an amazing day Year 2 had on Thursday as they donned their medieval costumes and learnt all about what life would have been like living in a castle hundreds of years ago.

It was certainly a hands-on day in which History was brought to life. I would like to echo the sentiments of Sir Lionel Mr Marsh who acknowledged that it would not have been possible to have so many workstations had it not been for the kind mums and dads who gave up some of their precious time to support the children. Thank you for your support! Mr Marsh, who has been coming to Daneshill for 8 years, also stated how impressed he was with the positive attitude and diligence demonstrated by the children who were all so keen to learn. These have included sorting by size, story sequencing, cutting and sticking shape houses and ordering by type.

This topic has concluded with a display of shape houses where some of the children have written their own house names — a very proud moment for us! This will be the basis of a topic on healthy eating, sequencing a story, counting and ordering the days of the week. We will also be planting seeds ready for our final topic on flowers and Minibeasts. So much to do and so little time to do it all in…. The U. Thankfully for our senior girls the predicted rain never appeared, which meant our U. It was the first game of the season so the girls were raring to go and as Georgia Lea belted the first ball bowled across the field their confidence soared!

Two fantastic catches were made by Ellen Green, and Issy Thomas played a strong 3 rd base.

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Overall it was a strong performance from the team and an impressive start to the season for the U. Due to poor weather, the U. Good fielding by Lilias Hoare Nairne, Eliza Harker and Grace Weedon prevented the opposition scoring many rounders and great batting by Eliza Burgess added points to our tally. The final score was a respectable 4. Brilliant fielding by Kayla Whittle at backstop and Grace Ruffell at second base stopped the opposition scoring half rounders, and the whole squad batted really well, particularly Natalia Ivanov and Bella Mogg who despite having not played a great deal of rounders, scored points and demonstrated good decision making.

The girls won the game 4. This week saw the first fixtures of the term as we were lucky enough to get a game in against Holme Grange on Wednesday. The pitches were a little wet which meant turning to an Incrediball. But never the less we got a game in. We also experimented by playing pairs matches at all levels.

The advantage being that every player had the opportunity to bat and bowl. I thought it worked well and a mixture of the two types of matches Pairs and 11 a-side could be the way forward in terms of catering for all ability levels. The boys enjoyed their cricket and earned themselves some great reward during the matches. Mrs Melissa Debont, formerly a Director of Music at Daneshill, has returned in the capacity of Peripatetic piano tutor this term.

I am sure all of these appointments will prove valuable additions to school life. Jacob and Theo were born on Thursday 27 th March and are in good health and voice! With three grandchildren now under the age of 7 months I can confirm that Mrs Spencer is having to call on all of her Norland Nanny training to keep the ship afloat so to speak.

I very much hope that summer joins us soon and that the pupils can take full advantage of all the opportunities that are on offer in this action-packed term. Year 5 had a wonderful day on Monday. They were treated to glimpses of the types of activities we offer in the senior years at Daneshill and they were not disappointed. They spent an hour scuba diving and firing underwater torpedoes at one another with Andark Diving School in our own pool.

They then experienced Bush Craft, lighting fires, and learning about wilderness survival down near the pond with Mr Champness before heading to the Science block to submerge fruit, walk on eggs, and try to blow up the lab with Mrs Blomfield. It was wonderful, as a teacher, to sit back and allow the discussion to take on a life of its own. Remarkably, most of the groups completed their task! A good day was had by all and a big thank you to all of the teachers and children who were involved. It has been lovely to welcome back the children and hear how much they enjoyed their holidays.

Now, however, it is time to get down to work with an action-packed summer term planned. As you can see from the calendar there are lots of activities arranged to engage and inspire the children. After-school clubs are being well attended this term so please can we remind you to bring in a healthy snack and a drink to ensure your child has enough energy to enjoy their club.

Thank you very much. We have welcomed four new children into the nursery this term. They have settled well and are enjoying playing with all of the toys and playing alongside their new friends. We have taken every opportunity to play outside this week, which has given all of the children the opportunity to explore the garden and to make use of the new resources that we have. There has been much writing of cards and letters, and delivering of parcels around the nursery. Daneshill displayed some strong fielding, which prevented both St Andrews and Yateley Manor scoring a number of rounders.

Accurate passing was shown by deep fielder Holly Smith, who passed the ball long distances, accurately and under control. Elysia Rougier and Ella Heffner demonstrated some superb catching skills with Lily Dekic and Anna Swart adding a number of rounders to the final score. The whole team were consistently strong throughout and supported each other brilliantly, backing up the bases and communicating well. It really was a tremendous victory for the School. A great team effort by all, which should be high commended. Our winning scores were 3. Unfortunately the weather has not been kind to us and this has hindered the smooth transition from Rugby to Cricket.

We have done our best in the circumstances and have managed to get a little bit of work done focusing on SAQ, striking the ball, and building our bowling actions. Hopefully the sun will return soon and with it the cricket season can begin in earnest! Six boys set off early on Saturday morning to head to Sussex and play in the first match of the season.

With plenty of time before teeing off, we made good use of the driving range and putting area. Early season golf can sometimes be disheartening but all of the boys seemed to be striking the ball well and were looking forward to playing.

A special mention must go to Alex Brown who came in with a particularly strong score card. Although we finished 3 rd it was a respectable start to the season and we look forward to plenty more fixtures. This week all three of our Year 7 candidates for Marlborough College were offered definite places. This is a pivotal moment in our development and adds Marlborough to Canford, Eton and Harrow as new destinations where Daneshill pupils have been offered places this academic year.

Well done to Bella Bullen, Elysia Rougier and Holly Smith though for successfully completing the first step of the process. Only the exams to go! Another exciting moment this week happened when hounds appeared in the grounds on Wednesday. Much fun was had by all, particularly when one of them appeared for match tea. Many thanks to all the parents who helped collar the hound and return them safely home.

On 12 th March at approximately 7. Magnus had been stolen and a ransom note left. Who would commit suggest a heinous crime? Police officers and rather giggly ones at that! It was up to 18 pupils across years to solve the mystery and make the necessary arrest. The crucial first hours after the crime was discovered were spent getting suitably dressed from head to toe in forensic outfits, carefully analysing the crime scene and collecting the necessary evidence in plastic bags ready to be analysed in the laboratory later.

The group then discussed the evidence and put forward their suggestions for possible suspects to be interviewed. At approximately Mr Baldwin was the leading prime suspect for most of the morning but the finger print sample confirmed his innocence! It was a fantastic and challenging morning for the children who showed immense enthusiasm, incredible aptitude and impressive scientific skills including code breaking, chromatography and finger print lifting and identification.

I am pleased to say that Magnus is back in his rightful place and is none the worse for this experience! This show is renowned for its innovative use of puppetry with full size horses seemingly coming to life on the stage. It was also a cross-curricular experience as they have additionally been studying World War 1 in history. This ensured that they were more than familiar with the period in which this story is set. War Horse was a gripping and action-packed show, so much so that whenever I looked along our row the children were literally on the edge of their seats!

Morpurgo has written another emotional story that draws you into the characters and their experiences both in agricultural England and on the battlefield in France. It is rare to find oneself shedding some empathetic tears with a puppet horse and its owner, but I know that I was not alone in reaching for a hanky!

Mrs Moore, Mr Baldwin and I thoroughly enjoyed taking Year 6 on this trip and can confirm that their theatre etiquette was refined! Despite their late night they have also maintained their enthusiastic pace all week. As part of their Science study Wolves and their Adaptations, Year 4 had begun to unravel popular misconceptions. With a visit to the Wolf Sanctuary near Reading this week, children improved their understanding of these magnificent animals further. What better way to understand wolves than by gaining first-hand experience.

They took part in a variety of hands on sessions — assembling a human skeleton, looking at bones and X-rays in detail, and exploring the Natural History gallery. They enjoyed handling real fossils, completing detailed drawings and experiencing the Geology Gallery with its giant Jurassic Ammonite.

A fantastic trip! Reception have started their new topic farm this week. We have been learning about different farm animals and the produce we get from them. This is in anticipation for our farm trip next week. The children in Year 1 thoroughly enjoy their circle time discussions where they are given an opportunity to discuss their feelings and get to know their peers.

This week the children have been thinking about special people, who is special to them and who they are special to. We heard lots of expected responses e. Some children shared their special teddies, pets, friends and wider family members. In Year 2 the children have become budding authors creating their own story boards and writing some really amazing stories about a tiny creature that they have created and named.

The U8 netball teams were bursting with enthusiasm before their fixture against The Oratory on Friday 7 th March. I was very impressed with the speed at which they moved the ball down the court and the shooters whizzed around their defenders brilliantly to take the ball in a strong shooting position.

The girls proved to be incredibly versatile too as they moved positions and between teams frequently. Both teams recorded brilliant wins and I was delighted with the results of and The girls have really impressed our coaches over the past few weeks with their mature game play and tactical decision making. Lessons have focused on strong and accurate passing and we were delighted to see them put these skills into play. They have worked incredibly hard in lessons and are unquestionably much more focused. This became evident in their matches against Lyndhurst on Wednesday as they were calm and composed; their game play was controlled and they appear to have grown in confidence.

The girls dominated Lyndhurst from the start and the goals just kept on rolling! A superb win of to the A team with the B team winning The U9 hockey teams travelled to The Abbey on Thursday. The girls fought incredibly hard against their experienced teams, moving well to create space and pass accurately.

The girls played on a full size pitch which was a new experience for some of them but they drilled down and battled hard regardless. The final scores were to the A team but the B team did well to secure a win of The Firsts fought bravely against a much bigger St Georges unit. It was the second week running that they had to defend against boys who were simply larger and Mr Croker was very proud of their efforts again this week. The Colts A side lost by 4 points after an extremely spirited performance, which very nearly saw them topple the favourites.

The Colts B side put in a stirling performance. A very competitive match saw them go down by one try but there was not a head hanging in despair as they knew they had given it their all. The Colts C fought out a fantastic draw, scoring 2 tries in the last 2 minutes. Every year we head to Windsor to compete against some of the best prep schools in the area.

This was our best finish yet and the boys can be really proud of their achievement. Well done them! One of the most pleasant tasks of a Headmaster is having the opportunity to talk with pupils who are shortly to be interviewed by colleagues at senior schools.

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The interview process is very much part of the pre-testing routine favoured by an increasing number of independent schools. Most senior colleagues will have met a significant number of preparatory school pupils and can quickly spot the programed individual with rehearsed responses.

I always advise the pupils that whilst it is necessary to imagine what sort of things they are most likely to be asked so that they are not thrown by anything too unexpected, just think for a while before answering. We are never too old to brush up on our interview techniques and most days of the week I am meeting prospective parents many of whom come prepared with a whole list of questions, which thankfully are not usually too difficult to answer. Today, however, I was asked an extraordinary question, which I had never been asked before. I will leave you to deliberate what it might have been!

This is the ideal place to store all of their certificates and reports. The folders will be kept at home and brought into school on request. I really hope that the children are excited about keeping this record up-to-date, as it will provide a treasured memory of their time at Daneshill when they come to look back on it in future years. It is also a good idea for the children to keep a list in the folder of any achievements which may not have resulted in an award, for example captaining a winning team, scoring a hat trick or being voted onto the School Council.

World Book Day is yet another Daneshill event which took my breath away! The imagination and efforts of every single pupil was astonishing and there was a magnificent array of characters on display. I very much hope this proves how much everyone enjoys reading! Inevitably, the judging was incredibly difficult — how do you choose the best and runner up in every class, and harder still, an overall winner from such strong contenders? After much discussion I can, however, confirm that the prize winners were:.

This was quite an event and saw most pony and rider competitors facing their biggest ever course of scary coloured fences in a huge indoor arena, complete with mirrors and a viewing gallery. The pressure was on.

All credit to the girls and their four-legged friends, who all took a deep breath and went for it — some at quite a cracking pace. Sighs of relief were breathed all round each time a pair completed the course safely. In the first class, three out of four riders scored impressive double clears, meaning we took 4 th place as a team — well done Flic, Poppy, Issy and Olivia. The second class was a significant step-up for most ponies, and some put in naughty stops, though Poppy rode a lovely clear round.

Things got really serious in the third class but the standard of riding was very pleasing to see; Emily and Jess rode impressive clears while whizzy Talulla just had one pole down. In the final class, on the day only Talulla took on the challenge of this huge 1.

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What a great day out. Many thanks to all our supporters — I hope we can enter more competitions soon — we certainly have plenty of talent. The notice boards for each year group in the Pre-Prep are now up and running, to help inform the parents of what the children are doing each week. Please have a look to see how busy we all are.

Well what a surprise we had — the Smartest Giant visited us last week leaving his enormous foot prints all over the playground — the children thought that he must have used the swimming pool as a bath and then walked across the playground to get back on the road! What excitement we had seeing how many of us could fit in one footprint as well as comparing how many steps it took him to cross the playground compared to us.

So due to popular demand he has made a return this week only this time he must have come the other way — he obviously needed another bath! It is amazing how much fun you can have with Maths even at this age and also what brilliant and imaginative young minds we have the pleasure of spending time with here in the Nursery!

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The girls from years 5, 6 and 7 were required to swim a timed heat in the pool across a distance of m, followed by a 1km cross country run, with little time to rest in-between. There were over girls competing in the competition from 13 local Schools. The Daneshill team did incredibly well and showed fantastic team spirit. It was lovely to see such camaraderie from the girls. They supported and encouraged each other the whole way, really spurring their team mates on with positivity and praise, and with lots of hugs at the finish line! I think a few of the less confident performers surprised themselves with their results so I hope they can gain confidence from this.

Many thanks to Mrs Barnes for her help in the pool and it was fabulous to see so many parents there too. The skills and tactics practiced in lessons are beginning to really show as the team dominated play up and down the pitch, creating many goal scoring opportunities. The U10 B team played brilliantly and had a close game but were very unlucky to lose at the final whistle. The A team fought hard and managed to hold onto a draw whilst the B team unfortunately lost On Friday 28 th February the Year 2 boys had their first ever inter-school match.

We got in a coach and went off to Papplewick School to play football. The boys were very excited and having practiced everything the previous day from the bus trip to changing, we were very prepared! The matches were competitive and some budding young Daneshill stars emerged. Two draws ensued as the Red team drew and the Blue team drew It was great first experience. In the prep school we were able to consistently train on the grass for the first time in a while. This meant a nice build up to the fixtures against St Neots.

Wednesday was, for once, a sunny day and the conditions made for some good rugby from all year groups. The Colts had a couple of good wins and the First XII fought really hard in the second half, and displayed their defensive qualities and spirit. All of the boys should be very proud of their efforts this week. This is an outstanding achievement and one that recognises a very worthy recipient.

Scholarship awards are extremely competitive, especially in these current times, and I admire everyone who is considered to be a potential scholar and is prepared to put themselves in the lime light of trying for an award. Anna is an excellent role model for others in that she is both modest and unassuming about her undoubted ability. These are admirable qualities in someone who is a genuine catalyst for so many good things at Daneshill.

Many parents will be familiar with being assigned to various houses during their schooling days and this is something that Daneshill enjoys too. Being part of a team is something that we enjoy throughout our lives and at Daneshill the children thrive on a competitive spirit. What makes these weekly meetings enjoyable for teachers too is to see pupils working amongst differing year groups. This week we have discussed ideas for Lent and perhaps parents may notice a new pact or two around the house in the near future! House points play a huge part of day-to-day incentives for the children, and overall house points are eagerly anticipated on a fortnightly basis.

Meningitis is a terrifying disease that can strike in hours and can affect anyone, of any age, at any time. It is particularly serious because the symptoms are so varied, it progresses so quickly and can be very easily confused with symptoms of far less serious illnesses. The show started fifteen minutes late which held our return up a little.

West Side Story is an excellent reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet, thereby neatly dovetailing with our studies, yet it is also enormously entertaining. The last word must about the pupils though — they were an absolute pleasure and delight to take to the theatre, and I genuinely had other members of the audience seated close by keen to tell me what a well behaved party of school children they were.

You can be proud that their theatre etiquette was immaculate. A good week of fixtures was kicked off on Tuesday afternoon with our U9 hockey teams dominating their matches against Thorngrove. Both Daneshill teams were strong from the start and scored some great early goals, which helped their confidence grow. They continued to put their newly acquired skills and tactics into play and managed to maintain their lead throughout the games. All games were won by Daneshill with final scores of and The sun was shining and the girls were in good spirits as they began their quest to become County Champions!

The first pool of matches were against some big Secondary Schools but the girls did not let this faze them and they started their first game against Waingels well, managing to hold onto a draw until the final whistle. The second match against Marist School started brilliantly with an early goal from Daneshill. The game finished a draw but the girls and coaches were pleased with how they played. We held a very strong Kennet School to a draw in game three and finally got our first win of the day against Kendrick School in the final game in the pool.

The girls waited in anticipation as the results were announced and were absolutely delighted to hear that Daneshill were through to the Cup competition in the afternoon, meaning we were amongst the top 8 Schools in the competition. Our final game against Lambrook was particularly tough, as the Lambrook players were used to playing on a full sized pitch and were big hitters which Ella Heffner experienced first-hand with a big hit to the chin!

Brave Ella shook it off and carried on to the final whistle. Lambrook asserted themselves from the start and dominated play winning the game We were out but not down as Daneshill finished in 6 place overall out of 18 Schools. Big thank you also to all the parents who came to watch and to support the team too! The first half of term has been a busy time for pupils in Year 6. Our curriculum is designed to be progressive so that all candidates are prepared for any type of assessment in Year 6 and with a little fine tuning they are all in a strong position to be successful, whatever the challenge.

The vast majority of our current Year 6 pupils are remaining at Daneshill for Years 7 and 8. Many of our pupils have already pre-qualified whilst others are in the process of doing so. In the story a Giant builds a high wall around his beautiful garden to prevent the children from playing in it. However, he is taught a valuable lesson when spring does not return and the garden remains in winter all year round.

One morning the unusual sound of bird-song and the sight of a small, frail child trying to climb a tree remind the Giant how selfish he has been. He knocks down the wall, spring returns and he is happy that his garden is now free for all to enjoy. At the midway point of the year I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon the developments in ALS since September.

Similarly, most of our senior pupils are now on course to refining their ski skills and qualifying as Rookie Lifeguards. As I mentioned at the start of the year, however, Adventure, Leadership and Service are now values which underpin the entire senior school experience at Daneshill and are no longer just for Thursday afternoons. The new School Council and Eco-Council allow our older students to become role models and community leaders, pioneering a number of initiatives already.

It has also, just this week, been confirmed that Pre-Prep staff will be coaching our Year 8 pupils to listen to our young readers, encouraging and giving advice as they go. The expectation that students in Years 6 to 8 lead the pupil body and give something back to their school is one we take very seriously, and the values of Leadership and Service will be further embraced over the coming terms. The Pre-Prep have transformed their hallway into an advice centre on how to be green. Do you switch off the tap while brushing your teeth? Do you remember to turn off lights in your house when you are not using a certain room?

How much are you able to recycle each week? Do you recycle newspaper, glass, plastic and aluminium? These are just some of the questions posed — come and visit and learn some amazing facts. Reception did a fun circuit of various sporting skills too. There are some very tired children who have worked really hard over the last few weeks and deserve a well-earned restful half term break. May we wish you all a happy and fingers crossed a sunny week. What weather — but we have survived, and what a joy it is to be able to wrap them all up in their waterproofs in order to continue our time outside despite these downpours.

The birds seem to be braving the weather a little more too and our bird feeders are alive with the blue tits, robins, greenfinch and nuthatch that we had always hoped would visit. We have put a voucher collection box in the front entrance hall and hope that we will collect record numbers this year! We are able to exchange vouchers for a range of equipment, and the children benefit from using this sports kit during lessons and break times.

Happy shopping! The opposition were well drilled and tactically strong but the Daneshill girls worked hard and spurred each other on. Despite only having a couple of practices this term, the U8 netball teams were bursting with confidence as they walked onto the court to play High Fives an adapted game of 5-a-side netball last week. Both teams started strong, scoring early goals, but by half time Daneshill had taken the lead. It was fantastic to see the Daneshill squads dominating game play with superb shooting and strong defence.

The girls were really versatile and happy to change positions whenever required, showing great team spirit. The final scores were and to Daneshill: superb results. This week saw the end of the Inter-house Gym competition with Years competing on Monday night. The Year 4 gymnasts have been working on their somersaults and handspring vaults this term.

Some pupils performed with support, whilst Archie Beresford Davies and Archie Lloyd performed the skills on their own. In Year 5, the skills moved up a level and we witnessed twisting somersaults and back flicks from many children. Beatrice Hindley demonstrated graceful, aesthetic and precise movements, achieving top marks for Yellow house, and Cameron Spiers completed dynamic vaulting and complex somersaulting.

Cameron has worked really hard this term, perfecting these difficult skills. The result was close but Yellow house came 1st, Red house 2nd and Blue House 3rd. Join Goodreads. Add New. Jordyn Redwood. Dan Groat. Gloria Pearson-Vasey.

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