Parque Muerte (Premio edebé de literatura Infantil) (Spanish Edition)

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She also feels strange having to welcome a new place to live in. She als Viento Award in M en published in Her work has be Book Contest in 20 and even Asia.

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Latin America, Europe. This is the story of a bird who apparently sings awfully. His authoritarian owner decides that he might need a partner to learn. When they get together, the birds keep singing awfully. He oria Samarelli. He has illustrated many and designer with a long career in imag publications.

He has also exhibited children books as well as some adult on workshops in design schools in different galleries and offered illustrati Madrid. He has his own studio Sr. All Mums are cool… but mine even more! ISBN: The perfect gift: A unique book made only for you!!! A book which can be personalized with pictures, text and draws done by young readers themselves who can create a unique book with the story of their own lives. It is a book thought as a gift from the child to their mother or father, or simply as a birthday gift of any relatives.

A perfect present, a handmade gift. As a mother of two, she works on Environmental Education and writes as many children books as she can. Since then, she works mainly for the publishing sector as well as for TV and advertisement projects. Dibujar rasgando. Adventuras Draw with tearing paper. An imperfect piece of teared paper that suddenly becomes… Surprise! A beautiful creation. With a very positive and encouraging method that strives for creativity and fun instead of perfection. Nobody said Art is to be perfect but it has to be beautiful. And this is exactly what the book aims at.

Violeta Monreal teaches us how to create incredible drawings by using small pieces of teared paper. She suggests more than 50 activities, using different kind of papers such as newspaper, magazines, wrapping paper, colored papers, gift paper… With them we will be able to create flowers, insects, monsters, fishes, castles and many more amusing things.

Violeta Monreal was born in the north of Spain. After she graduated in Fine Arts, she began her career as an illustrator. She travelled to New York where she helped the U. Since then, her book s are continuously being published by major Spanish publishers, out of which more than a hundred have been written by her.

A highly didactic and visual method of learning. Instructions to be easily followed with friends or within the family. Every summer, elephants go to the mud beach on a full bus. This year Olavo finally has his own brand new car. Problem is that the rest changed plans during the trip and he had not heard about it. Each summer elephants do a tough trip crossing the jungle all the way to the mud beach.

This year, Olavo manages to buy himself a big car with which he will avoid the bus inconveniences and the long walk. He will travel together with his best friend, Rubens the monkey. But travelling on your own also carries some problems and difficulties…. Along her career she has received seve the highly-recognized Massana She lives in Barcelona and teaches at t her by visiting her webpage at School of Arts. You can learn more abou www. Rio de Janeiro. He realized that Allan Rabelo studied graphic design in 3 he works as an illustrator.

You can learn storyboards for movies like the awarded www.

Rubens, the monkey who travels along with him, acts sometimes as a partner, others like a pet, and sometimes as a counselor. Rubens is a kind of Jiminy cricket, the famous Walt Disney character, who gives advice to the elephant about the mess they are getting into, while sometimes he just takes part of what is happening around him.

A perfect story to handle the feeling of frustration from the Master of children self-help stories. Candela has a little bit of everything. For example, she just turn seven, she is not too tall neither to short, and she has only a mother. When her mother left her at her granny house, because she has to leave on a business trip, Candela decided to keep angry all the time until How do you thing the story will end? He studied Psychology. His stori es have been published in several Spanish newspapers. He has also written plays and television series. The story is perfect for the children to learn to recognize and understand their own feelings.

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The witch Eulalia is ready to chase away the bugs that walk around her house, by hook or by crook. Do you think she will get rid of them? Eulalia, the witch, does not want to find ants in her honey pot every single morning. She has already asked them, in a polite way, to leave but ants always come back. Therefore, Eulalia, who is determinate, will try every single remedy until she finds a suitable one and she will find it. The problem is that later on Eulalia will need the help of the ants, but they are still really mad at her, so they decide to take revenge.

She has published several wonderful tales and won some literary awar d already. She works in a publishing house. She has had s. The narrative structure of each chapter 6 in total is always the same which helps first readers to understand the story. First it introduces the characters bugs , then explains the problem, and finally the small animals lead on the story. Keeping to the same narrative structure helps young readers to build on brain structures. This is why children love TV ads and stories which repeat the same pattern all along.

Funny, fresh and creative story. Everything, as incredible as it might seem, is possible if you really wish it. Mole is happily living in his house under earth in a nice field when a terrific water storm drags him far away from his house nearby an airport. A huge vibrating and strong noise scared him while talking to a black raven who was looking at him with hungry eyes. A plane that has just taken off! Planes are so magnificent! And from that moment he will not stop until he is able to get into one of these planes and be the first one in his species to fly on a plane.

He got a degree in Spanish philology and for several years he worked as a teacher. Later, he became a doctor in Basque philology, and he started to teach at the University of the Basque Country. At a very young age he gs, thin er oth ong nd to. Now, am stopped. And just like the charac n ow his studies. He also draws.

With an unusual but extraordinary sense of humor, Juan Kruz will teach children that everything, however incredible as it might seem, is possible if you go for it. A fresh and surrealist friendship story between a child and a polar bear, told with a lot of sense of humor and tenderness, as well as with a wink of complicity with the reader. Fernando, a short and slim boy, goes to a day trip to the zoo with the school.

Versión Completa. En todo ser humano hay grandeza, Mario Alonso Puig

There he meets a special good old bear, Nanoq, that loves ice sticks and that, moreover, speaks! Nanoq asks Fernando to release him so he can go back home to the pole. Besides its first incredulity and the problem it means to hide such a big animal, Fernando manages to release the animal from the zoo and succeeds on what seems an impossible mission, to take him back to the pole.

True friendship is capable of everything. She has written and drawn many children and picture books. Obviously, the book also deals with ecology, environment and nature and animal respect. When the best of two different worlds, nature life and education, crashes into a beautiful friendship. Kambo is an eight-year-old boy who has been raised up by pirates on a Caribbean island. He is happy, pirates love him, he enjoys the beach and the sea and is friend to the monkeys that crow the island.

His life changes when the pirates bring a girl, Sulima, to the island. She is a very elegant and fine girl who has been raised in an entirely different environment. Overcoming the first differences, the boy will learn how to read and good manners, while Sulima will learn how to play and enjoy the natural surroundings where they live. In time for her first work, La award the best children award at the 50 more titles followed. She draws since she Esther Gili Madrid, is an illus to pursue her career as an was a child so this is why she decided d many books, but she has illustrator.

Not only she has publishe as in advertisement. She has also worked in cinema projects as well illustrated books such is the received several awards for comic and rid awards.

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This story started with a huge disappointment. Mar had been dreaming on walking her dog along Seafront Avenue during Xmas morning. This is the only gift she asked Santa Claus for. But instead of a real dog, Santa brought her a plastic robot one. After unwrapping the parcel, Mar just went to her bed and covered herself with the quilt, without even taking the robot dog out of the box. As a theatre author, also holds a degree in performing and dram with awards. She is also the some of her works have been distinguished is at present working more in author of poems and some tales but she really feels most comfortable.

She works in Granada. By the books. She studied Fine Arts in Madrid and , two hairy girls, a sun and two winters. Manuel could not imagine that his relaxed trip to Paris to meet his uncle, a famous painter, would become the most unexpected, strange and incredible adventure of his yearold life. It might be the fact of having long hair and not speaking the language, but it probably has to do with the disappearance of his airplane companion, a troubled and very smart girl in search of her missing mother.

And how will he manage to escape with 11 boarding rebel girls? Well, he is a determinate boy to be sure, but probably because friendship is a powerful tool to solve problems with. Madrid in but she lives in Paloma Bordons was born in very young age, first with short London. She published her amassing a total of 40 books by she has not stopped publishing, award and also Barco de Vapor now.

When she gets tired of like the illustrations in this book. A brief introduction to the French impressionist artists and how they captured light and movement in their works. The plot offers a quick rhythm which moves quicker as we get to the end, enabling any reader to get involved in a non-stop reading. Nothing is what it seems to be in this intriguing story with a seta of clues which not even the most cunning detective using self-made costumes will be able to unravel easily. While he was watching birds with his binoculars for a school work, William discovers a girl crying behind the window of her house.

Her name is Claire and she is on a wheelchair. Claire asks William to look for her grandfather who apparently has escaped from an Open-care center. William starts looking not only for her grandfather but also investigating a treasure that he left to his granddaughter. The clue to the hidden treasure seems to be found in a very valuable collection of books. Carlo Frabetti Bolonia is a prolific Spanish writer. He has published over a books, half of them for children and young adults.

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He is happy among pen draws and plays music since a very ne, in short, creating. The novel deceives the reader with a game of perceptions and keeps the final surprises in the sleeve. Even the most experienced reader is tricked into the plot! The book is homage to all-times-adventure literature with references to stories, names or places that appeared in those master pieces. El acertijo del escarabajo de oro, n. Edgar is 11 years old. He is short with pale skin, but his eyes are very lively.

He is inquisitive, highly intelligent, anxious and extraordinarily imaginative. He wants to know everything. He enjoys fear because, as he says, when he feels it in his guts, everything becomes more thrilling and fun. He has a boundless imagination that he hopes to express one day in his books. He wants to be a writer when he grows up. The clues: a Golden Scarab, a parchment and a tarantula…. The series is a talented mix of intrigue and suspense in each case, with the family plot surrounding the Young Poe.

It was a gift for a 10 year-old girl and an instant hit. She bought the second part and stated it was even better! If you have children around 10 years old, note it down. However, Minerva leads a normal life until the day she comes across a dairy that hides a family secret, something really dangerous that it is supposed to happen on her birthday this year.

She decides to investigate by herself and runs an amazing adventure that changes her entire life. Minerva is a clever girl, and she is lucky to be part of quite a weird family. Science fiction, impossible inventions and the eternal fight against an enemy from another dimension… Will Minerva be able to beat the terrible Moriarty?

We are all in trouble. And it is probably my fault. Your shadow is NOT your shadow. All people have a wrong shadow. Except my adopted sister Ayelen, who has no shadow at all. And this is also my fault. But if you make a mistake, up to five worlds with its inhabitants will disappear, together with your own world. And furthermore, with them all the possible worlds ever will also disappear.


When I pick my mother up at her workplace, I discover she has disappeared. Just in front of her computer, which is still on, six sand and earth piles of no more than three centimeters high, aligned at an exact and equidistant distance between them. Seven miniature mountains are my only clue.

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I am not scared. I am angry. I am not a thug. But I will do whatever I have to. Someone has taken my mother away and will regret having done so. Try to remember, please. Do not look the other way. We have no more time left, and it is not a joke, it is real, the clock is against us. Are you asking me, who am I?!? I told you just a minute ago! Minerva Watson, I am Minerva Watson! Everything happens because of the machine. What machine?!? The wasting time machine! At the age s in He has lived in Spain sinc Carlos Salem was born in Buenos Aire ng this job with bini time journalist, after many years com of 30 he decided to become a fullporter in a hotel hall a as waiter, a taxi driver, a bookseller, many other occupations: he worked his experience in, Spa other activities.

Once he settled in and an advertising creator, among ral Spanish seve with newspapers and he collaborated in journalism earned him a job to run lished four pub ady alre works until , and he has media. He did not publish his literary collections two ra, Neg the well-known Award Valencia novels, one of which has achieved have been ks wor his ns of poems since then.

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