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The first thing that caught my eye was the enormous robot. The second was an empty stool. For four days, I had been walking the too-noisy floor of the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual convention of bad ideas in the middle of a city Las Vegas whose reputation is forged with the steel of bad ideas. The Institute spends most of it days building pesticide-residue detectors and smarter battery-management technology, but for CES it had brought a novelty robot with an unwieldy name: Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots.

IVSCR so unwieldy!

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Nor is the robot really here to demonstrate Scrabble skills, so much as an ability to recognize and interact with objects around it in a constructive way. And the robot is impressive, in its way. In the wild, no sane animal volunteers for a fight against something bigger, stronger, and smarter than it. And yet I find myself sitting down on the spitefully short stool across from this robot.

IVSCR does the same, carefully arranging them in printed squares on its side of the oversized board. At first, this seems like a good thing. Before long, Charlie and Miranda are considering parenthood and searching for a suitable nest.

Conflict and consciousness

Man, woman, and android third wheel, the trio is Eden by way of Apple. Talese , a retrofuturist family drama that doubles as a cautionary fable about artificial intelligence, consent, and justice. McEwan has written on Turing before. Upon release, he lays the basis for modern A. Other fragilities are near at hand that evening. My situation had a thrilling aspect, not only of subterfuge and discovery, but of originality, of modern precedence, of being the first to be cuckolded by an artefact. I saw it all in the dark—men would be obsolete. The humiliation is exquisitely layered. I could see you wanted it.

Neither, for the time being, is replacing him.

I robot? Ian McEwan tells android tale in ‘Machines Like Me’

But Adam also begins to assert himself and intervene in household affairs; he even disables his kill switch. There is a great deal of dark humor in the gap between his high aspirations and his dreary home life. Mistreating a robot agent would not be the same as mistreating a printer for example, it would be more similar to mistreating another human.

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Granting legal rights to robots clearly remains a complicated subject, but experiences from other fields shows how the problem is only practical and that it can be overcome. Legal systems have recognised that things as diverse as idols , orangutans and even rivers can have rights — so why not robots?

A contemporary Robinsonade — York, York. The polar oceans and global climate — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

Joshua Jowitt , Newcastle University. Being human But before this can be dismissed as whimsical science fiction, we need to think more about why humans have rights and what it means to be human in the first place.

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Conflict and consciousness Although the level of machine consciousness portrayed by McEwan is, for the time being, still fiction — many believe that it will be a reality by the end of the century. You might also like shutterstock.