The King’s Obsession (gay paranormal vampire erotica)

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This manual will prepare you to travel from multiverse to multiverse. No experience is required. Choose from twenty-five preset post-realities! Rejoice at obstacles unquestionably bested and conflicts efficiently resolved. Through tense alliances and devastating betrayal, the Dhai and their allies attempt to hold against a seemingly unstoppable force as enemy nations prepare for a coming together of worlds as old as the universe itself. Growing up, however, has only made him realize how inescapable his identity as a man is.

But when he returns to Neverland, everything has changed: the Lost Boys have become men, and the war games they once played are now real and deadly. Even more shocking is the attraction Peter never knew he could feel for his old rival, Captain Hook—and the realization that he no longer knows which of them is the real villain. The book is over pages long, black and white, and contains 15 original stories blending fantasy, drama, humor, and romance. When she meets Rivka, an athletic and assertive warrior from the north who wears a mask and pretends to be a man, she finds the source of strength she needs so desperately.

The real world outside the palace is full of adventure, however, and the search for a royal girlfriend quickly turns into a rescue mission when they discover a temple full of women turned to stone by an evil sorcerer. Jeanne Duval, the ginger-colored entertainer, struggles with her lover poet Charles Baudelaire…Mer, plantation slave and doctor, both hungers for and dreads liberation…and Thais, a dark-skinned beauty from Alexandria, is impelled to seek a glorious revelation-as Ezili, a being born of hope, unites them all. Interweaving acts of brutality with passionate unions of spirit and flesh, this is a narrative that shocks, entertains, and dazzles.

Here are found the struggles of a medieval Japanese monk, seduced by a mischievous fairy, and a young slave who finds mystery deep within the briar patch of an antebellum plantation. Gidney offers readers a gay teen obsessed with his patron saint, Lena Horne, and, in the title story, an ailing tourist seeking escape at a distant shore but never reckons on encountering an African sea god. Rich, poetic, dark and disturbing, these are tales not soon forgotten. In an example of art echoing life, Tony landed a job as production assistant for the syndicated TV show Darkest Night, a series about a vampire detective.

Until everything started to fall apart on the set. She hates it. The two of them will need all the gifts those divine ancestors left to them to keep their caravan brothers alive. The one safe road between the northern oasis and southern kingdom is stalked by a necromantic terror. Demane may have to master his wild powers and trade humanity for godhood if he is to keep his brothers and his beloved captain alive.

Even the nobles on the Hill turn to duels to settle their disputes. Within this elite, dangerous world, Richard St. Vier is the undisputed master, as skilled as he is ruthless—until a death by the sword is met with outrage instead of awe, and the city discovers that the line between hero and villain can be altered in the blink of an eye. Until her husband brings home a new bride.

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Yonghua is an artificial woman crafted from terracotta. What she is may change hell for good. Who she is will transform Siew Tsin.

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Their bond is not coterie, pack, or coven, but something else. Thrust into the supernatural politics ruling Ottawa from behind the shadows, they face Renard, a powerful vampire who harbors deadly secrets of his own and wishes to end their threat. The enemy they know conjures fire and death at every turn.

Blood, soul, and magic gave them freedom. Now they need to survive it. The original trilogy is available here for the first time as a fully revised one-volume novel. The story of the struggle for the green world of the Everland, home of the forest-dwelling Kyn, is an adventure tale that bends genre and gender. With beautiful and enchanting prose, and a sure narrative hand, Lai combines Chinese mythology, the sexual politics of medieval China, and modern-day Vancouver to masterfully revise the myth of the Fox.

As war erupts and their families are torn apart, they fear they may disappear into the unwritten pages of history. Using the sword and the pen, the body and the voice, they struggle not just to survive, but to make history. Listen Shop Insiders. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox. Reagan demands Trey's respect and faithfulness. Reagan is a tomboy, funny, badass. She is confident but accessible. She's the kind of woman men love to hang out with, and get it on with because she is sexy as hell. She is fearless with her guitar and even more fearless when it comes to taking a chance on Trey.

Also ranked 1 in erotic gay romance for bisexuals. Catherine Henderson. He is given a case to try to find a man missing for quite sometime. Also ranked 8 in gay mystery books. Finished it in a few days. Couldn't put it down. I will definitely check out more from this author. Also ranked 6 in gay books with sailor characters.

Kenneth Bowman. It is the second book in the series but it doesn't quite live up to the first one. Pick it up if you're interested but I'd pass if you're on the fence about buying it. Also ranked 6 in books with gay bears. Journey's End is the second book in the male-to-male romance series The Harvest written by M. Cheryl Wallace.

There is drama from start to finish and I truly fell in love with the characters. The plot is so realistic and it does a good job of helping you to feel the characters' emotions. I read it for the first time a few months ago and have recommended it to all my friends and the members of my book club. Also ranked 3 in male to male romance novels. There are no comments yet!

Share your opinion. Also ranked 4 in romance books with gay cowboys. This story follows along with love, pregnancy and royal intrique, it just gets more and more intense and you read. Also ranked 3 in romance books about gay relationship. It has wonderful reviews and many people really enjoy the male character's love story and how it develops.

Also ranked 8 in books involving male pregnancy. I'm not into romance books of any type and I can't say that the description is something that would make me want to start now. Also ranked 1 in gay steamy romance novels. It is a good read for a day off sitting by the lake, to imagine yourself as a brave man on the far seas.

Top 9 Gay Paranormal Romances to Unleash Your Inner Beast

Also ranked 3 in gay books with sailor characters. Charles Arnold. It has your typical pretty boy in then finds his perfect lover in a seemingly incompatible package. Pretty boy falls for bad boy, the story isn't terribly deep but what you'd expect for a typical romance novel. Also ranked 3 in novels with Male protagonist. I found the story to be interesting and enjoyed the western setting. If you're looking for a Romance novel that's different, you might want to give it a try. Also ranked 2 in novels about western gay cowboys.

The story unfolds as a fun adventure with plenty of mystery to keep your attention. The romance is sweet without being too explicit. Plus, the ending is totally wild and unexpected--I loved it! Also ranked 2 in gay novels that belong in a series. Also ranked 3 in vampire Yaoi Manga. Ten years after their graduation, Jake Campbell and Brandon Bartlett are working as teachers in their old high school. One day, Brandon becomes the coach of Jake's baseball team, and they will start a relationship that will change their lives for ever.

But it isn't the best written thing I've read. Overall a good book to chill on the couch with a glass of wine and read after a stressful week. Also ranked 6 in books with gay enemies who become lovers. Timothy Oliver. Adrien spends days under surveillance without doing anything remotely sinister?

Sadly, this type of thinking is all too common in real life. Adrienisa more fun protagonist than Jake, whom I could take or leave, honestly. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and plan to check out more Josh Lanyon in the future. Also ranked 3 in books featuring gay twinks.

Joseph Castillo. This book describe the romance feelings of gays. Also ranked 6 in fiction books about fat gays. A man is snowed in a home, and realizes that the guy he is stuck with is hitting on him. Not going to give too much away, but a good read! Also ranked 2 in dreamspun desires books. Charles Fields. Also ranked 7 in funny gay romance books. Untamed Heart is a contemporary man to man romance and fiction book for adults written by Ally Blue that was published on December 1, by Samhain Publishing. It follows the story of Leaon Fisher as he seeks revenge for his lover.

Here Be Sexist Vampires by Suzanne Wright

Christopher Fernandez. But he soon finds himself in need of rescue as he succumbs to a bear attack.

Adult lgbt fantasy books

Fortunately, Grim is on hand to help. It's the perfect setting for a new romance, but Grim's past might get in the way. Also ranked 11 in books featuring gay twinks. Dirty Kiss is a gay romance book written by Rhys Ford that tells the story of Cole. He is an ex-cop who will fall in love with a person who must not be related to him. Walter Freeman. I'm not bisexual or gay, so I wouldn't know any books for them, but judging by the two shirtless dudes on the cover of Dirty Kiss, this seems like a pretty good one to read if you are.

Also ranked 3 in gay novels that belong in a series.


Touch Me Gently is an erotic romance novel by J. It tells the story of Kaden James, who tries to move on from his traumatic past with the help of Logan, who treats him with the kindness he deserves. Kathleen Munoz. Subject is interesting and told with sensivity. Also ranked 3 in novels about western gay cowboys. The story here appears to be about a gay man's story and it is not directly about a bisexual story.

Also ranked 1 in fiction books about fat gays. Also ranked 1 in military fiction books with lesbian characters. Lawrence Newman. Also ranked 3 in books with gay demons. I really enjoyed it. This kind of novel is not very easy to come by. I'm so happy that it's part of a series. The characters are realistic and it just felt like a true tale to me. I am excited to see where the rest of the story goes.

Also ranked 2 in male-to-male novels featuring motorcycle clubs. Latakia is a book by JF Smith that tells the story of Matthew. His friends and he are volunteering at the softball club. He will then meet a guy that will give him the attention he's been wanting for so long. I was looking for good books but you can't really find good books on this. It's still really taboo and that's just not right.

Latakia is a great read though.

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It will leave you wanting more and you won't be able to put it down. I would highly recommend it. Also ranked 1 in gay books with sailor characters. Also ranked 7 in fiction books about fat gays. Anthony Gibson. The book has no value. Also ranked 6 in gay novels for young adults. If your looking for a good book with an interesting subject, this one is worth taking a look at! Also ranked 2 in erotic paranormal books. The Deceivers is a book by Mel Keegan that tells the story of two men who are sailing the sea and working on a ship. They will become lovers but struggles will never be removed in a relationship.

Jose Patterson. The two man sailing without any story behind them is not something that I normally would like to choose to read. There are many great gay romance books out there which are non-historical but good. Also ranked 4 in gay books with sailor characters. First You Fall Kevin Connor Mysteries is a contemporary man to man romance book with a touch of mystery and crime authored by Scott Sherman, published on October 14, by Scott Sherman.

Brenda Carroll. Overall, a great book to lay out by the pool and read on a warm summer afternoon.

Must-Read YA Books Featuring Gay Protagonists

Also ranked 3 in gay romance books featuring rent boys. Just a cheap book that you find off the shelf at the check out aisle. Something that you read just to kill time, but I have other things that I could read that are much more worth my time. For other it was worth the read and money, for me, it doesn't hit any high notes and just keeps me middle of the road wondering what is going on. Also ranked 7 in books about polyamory. Reading the description it seems like they could be gay but it is not the primary theme of this book.

I have to rank this solution poorly in the topic because I was unable to see a close similarity. Also ranked 8 in books with a gay military theme. Also ranked 2 in contemporary western novels. The plot kept me hooked throughout. Also ranked 2 in MM books released in September Charles Estrada. Also ranked 3 in books with gay bears. While I enjoyed Garret's character immensely I was completely drawn into the inner life of Kai and his anxieties.

Well researched, nuanced characters, hot scenes, this book has it all. Also ranked 1 in male-to-male romance novels published in Christian Munoz. It is about three men weaving through differences and similarities in passion and in the bedroom the book overall is rather cheesy and overrated. Also ranked 1 in sexy gay romance books with BDSM. Spencer Cohen Book 1 is the first book in the Spencer Cohen series, a male-to-male contemporary romance fiction written by N.

With over pages, this book is published in by BlueHeart. Barbara Stephens. Also ranked 3 in male-to-male audiobooks. A Western tale with a twist, Gay twist that is.

If you are into morally questionable reading that involves a friendship and turns into "passion". Don't read this unless you are interested in questionable topics.

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Also ranked 3 in romance books with gay cowboys. Riding Heartbreak Road is an erotic western romance by Kiernan Kelly. It tells the story of Brent Miller who falls in love at first sight with Jake Goodall, a bull rider. However, t heir relationship is threatened by close-minded people. It's gay of course, but that doesn't stop me from reading it and enjoying! Also ranked 8 in romance books with gay cowboys. He needs sex, and a lot of it. When he takes her to a scene party, the last person he expects to find acting as a submissive is his new friend, Traceon.

WARNING: This collection contains strong adult content, references to homosexuality and bisexuality, and explicit sexual material that is both heterosexual and homosexual.

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