The Only Daddy That Will Walk The Line

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Waylon Jennings:Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line Lyrics

Record Research, Inc. Waylon Jennings. Retrieved 8 September Billboard : Simon and Schuster.

Waylon Jennings - Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line (The Johnny Cash Show)

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The Kentucky Headhunters. Orr Ricky Lee Phelps.

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Full of swagger, "Only Daddy" even punctuated a key scene in this season's Mad Men , after an especially confident Don Draper crashes a meeting. Something tells us Draper and Jennings would have gotten along just fine.

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You go ahead and tell Jennings that "ornery" isn't spelled that way. Though written by Steve Young, the pen behind the Eagles ' evocative "Seven Bridges Road," "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean" became Jennings' theme song, summing up the way the seminal outlaw went through at least part of his career.

Never released as a single, the song was the title track to his acclaimed album, as well as the lead-off track to 's multi-platinum Greatest Hits compilation.

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  4. Covered by everyone from Travis Tritt to Dierks Bentley, "Lonesome, On'ry and Mean" remains testament to Jennings' wild, wandering and, at times, exhausted spirit. Listen to him sing the line "there's no escaping from his snowy white dream," and your own body will ache. Jennings didn't play an actual gig in Luckenbach until July 4, , two decades after he recorded this mid-tempo ballad about rekindling the flame in a small Texas town.

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    That didn't stop him from turning the tune into a nostalgic, heartrending tribute to the simpler things in life, anchored by big, booming, baritone vocals and a tip of the cowboy hat to pre-outlaw pioneers like Hank Williams and Jerry Jeff Walker who recorded a live album, Viva Terlingua , at the Luckenbach Dancehall in August Willie Nelson even got a piece of the action, singing the song's final verse while prepping fans for the Waylon and Willie album that would appear one year later. To strengthen the message, he teamed up with Willie Nelson to record this cautionary classic in Oddly enough, Waylon's wife — fellow country rebel Jessi Colter — didn't take her husband's advice, leaving the couple's only son, Shooter Jennings, to launch his own career as a country singer two decades later.

    Written by Rodney Crowell and recorded by Emmylou Harris , this live fast, die whenever anthem took on new energy when Jennings wrapped his rough-hewn baritone around it. The song further cemented his image as a badass and also gave him his 11 th Number One country single. Jennings also threw a bone to his road band, the Waylors, who had been contractually blocked from performing on any of his RCA records previously.