The Turning of Tables

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For other uses, see Turning the Tables. Occult and Supernatural Phenomena. Dover Publications.

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Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Studies in Psychical Research. New York: Putnam. One the whole, though the experiments were conducted with care and a laudable desire not to exaggerate the importance of the facts observed, the experimenters do not appear to have sufficiently realised the possibilities of fraud; and their results add little evidence for action of a psychic, or, as Thury has preferred to name it, ectenic force.

Turning the Tables

Journal of the Franklin Institute. Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena. Then why do Marketing organizations struggle with alignment? Typically, Marketing groups take a bottom-up approach to planning. The result?

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Programs are only loosely connected to the business. The clarity between the programs and the broader business initiatives gets hazy. Alignment enables Marketing to clarify the strategic intent of all the investments it makes, and to measure and communicate the degree to which Marketing delivers on its commitments. Your Marketing excellence journey begins with alignment.

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How do you fix the fog? Best-in-Class BIC Marketing organizations create a direct line-of-sight between their Marketing investments and activities and the business outcomes. How do they do that?

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They take an outcome-based approach to alignment. What does it take to excel at alignment? Sinek posits that most companies do their marketing backward: they start with what they are going to do host events, post content and then move to how they do it the channels they use. His primary point: start with why.