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After the basic training you will be assigned to one of the regiments. Even you have no influence on this decision, the Legion uses you where it makes the most sense for you.

Joel Adam Struthers' Memoir Offers a Fascinating, Myth-Busting Account of the French Foreign Legion

The Insignia of the Regiments of the Foreign Legion. French blue helmet deployment of the Foreign Legion. Up to the rank of Caporal, accommodation, food, pension and health insurance as well as working clothes are provided by the Legion. You only have to pay for the costs of accident and life insurance yourself. Of course, in addition to the basic salary there are a number of allowances such as off-road days, service outside France, combat operations etc.

Badges and Uniforms

The legionary can also apply for French citizenship after 3 years of service. As a rule, this is also granted. There would also be the possibility of applying for a renewable year residence permit. At the end of the 5-year contract, the legionary can leave the legion in an honorary manner and, if necessary, exercise the qualifications acquired during the period of service such as accountant, truck and bus driver, bricklayer, electrician, car mechanic, etc.

Secondly, he can extend his contract for 6 months, 1, 2 or 3 years. After 21 years of service you are also entitled to an immediate pension. Lower years of service mean a reduction in the pension. Legionaries who have served for less than 5 years are also entitled to pension payments, but these are only paid when they enter the civil retirement age, Germany for example 67 years.

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Follow the story of a young man, who, through a chance encounter in prison, leaves his life of crime and joins the ranks of one of the world's toughest fighting forces. Lawrence served in the 3rd company of the parachute regiment 2REP from - The author served in the Foreign Legion during the War on Terror period and the book includes a chapter on the war in Afghanistan. The French Foreign Legion is an extraordinary and unique army, specifically created for foreign nationals wishing to serve in the French Armed Forces, but commanded by French officers. For nearly two centuries, adventure seekers or men on the run from all around the globe have found a home in the Foreign Legion and shed blood for France.

In this book, author Douglas Boyd has been given unrivalled access to the Legion to tell its story from its inception in the s, when it was primarily used to protect and expand the French colonial empire during the nineteenth century, but it has also fought in almost all French wars including the Franco-Prussian War and both World Wars.

The Legion is today known as an elite military unit whose training focuses not only on traditional military skills, but also on its strong esprit de corps. This is a very rare and fascinating account of life as a modern day Legionnaire. The author describes how, with no French language ability, he approached recruiters for the French Foreign Legion in Paris and the demanding selection process that followed.

When he was accepted, he and other prospective legionnaires were sent to Southern France to begin the harsh recruit training course. The mix of different nationalities and backgrounds among his fellows was enormous. New members are traditionally allowed to change their identities - the author chose to alter his age becoming 28 not 38!

Security Bulletin

Elite paratrooper training followed in Corsica before the author earned his 'wings'. This is a completely authentic book that lifts the veil of mystery and myth and reveals much about the realities of service in the Foreign Legion. The author is not given to exaggeration - there is no need for it. A gripping read. Revised 2nd edition, with a new foreword and afterword from the author. Yes, very much so. My memories in Word lacked structure and consideration for the English language.

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An effort to share a story without changing it because one is older was a challenge. Rewriting and reliving experiences allowed me to recognize how my time in the French Foreign Legion had shaped me. In addition, all the research enlightened me and led to some surprising nostalgia and an appreciation for my experiences all those years ago. My memories were saved via laptop inside of a small portable air-conditioned trailer on a gas drilling platform in the Sahara Desert - Algeria, North Africa. However, the majority was done late into the night at home in Langley, B.

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Did you use any materials, documents, interviews, or other research that became part of the writing process? Friends from the regiment and Groupe Commando Parachutistes GCP helped to ensure my memories and facts were all correct.

Le *vrai* entraînement des parachutistes français

The research included reviewing books I had from my time in the Legion, books acquired for the purpose, and online websites to ensure Legion, military, historical, and family facts were accurate. During the final editing, pre-publisher, the professional editor I hired fact checked my efforts to ensure accuracy.

Emmanuel Macron wades into row over whether French soldiers can 'open fire' on yellow vests

A big effort went into choosing the most appropriate visuals. In turn, the narrative was shaped where appropriate in order to support visuals.

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Did you experience any anxiety about making a part of yourself public in this way? S jump boots, olive green trousers, U. This "motley" uniform will continue to be worn and this right up to the end of the Indochina war even if a standard French Indochina airborne uniform was issued. Some gear like the U. S steel helmet will remain in use until the end of the Algerian War.

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