Lion Stew! Humorous Childrens Poems

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So glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for stopping by. I have this all prepared and realized that I only have a little over a pound of pork stew meat thawing. I have another pound of beef stew meat in the freezer! Suggestions please! Will it mess with the end result of this dish enough to make it less than perfect? Is the cooking time different to make it tender? I have had bad luck with stew meat coming out tough…. Hi Haley, thanks for dropping by Southern Boy Dishes. If you do need a larger quantity, give it a try with pork and beef.

Hope this helps. Used 3 fresh medium tomatoes off the vine, and just used one large onion. Never would have considered Basalmic Vinegar. So glad you enjoyed it. I always love hearing how recipes work for my readers. This was delicious! I followed the recipe, except I added a turnip because I had one that needed using up. I also let it cook an hour longer. A wonderful winter meal! The photo caught my eye so I made this for a cold January Saturday night dinner with friends.

What a hit! This is one of those recipes where substitutions are fine. Happy New Year! Made your pork stew over the weekend and it was delicious!! What a great blend of flavors. Actually turned out very good! The balsamic vinegar and herbs were amazing. Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you so much for the comment. I always love getting feedback on my recipes! Exceptionally nice recipe — good job with that. Love the background in the picture. What a great way to fill up your time and distract your attention to something positive! I was just reading about the flu season and the main thing that kept jumping out at me was that because of the shutdown and places like the CDC being shutdown, we have no way to track the progress of the flu season.

As far as the stew is concerned, what a great dish of comfort food! Something we all need right now. Thanks for sharing! I believe I can substitute pork with beef? What a wonderful, warming recipe. I love stew. The picture of your stew is absolutely beautiful!! Never thought of using pork instead of beef….. Definitely making this soon. Comfort food like none other. This would be so perfect on a cool night, a movie and a chunky bread to scoop all that up.

Great job Bill. Cooking in the kitchen is where I go when I need to de-stress or to nest. It is my favorite place. It is obviously yours too. This pork stew really does go with the cooler air the autumn delivers. My favorite season is autumn. I am all about the soups and stews this time of year.

Stews are perfect for fall and this hearty dish is the ultimate! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Yield: 6 to 8 servings. About Latest Posts. Bill Harris.

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I grew up in small town Mississippi eating traditional southern fare. A lifelong foodie, I started cooking and experimenting with food at a very young age. I started Southern Boy Dishes as a creative outlet and a way to share my love of food. Share this:. Comments I consider myself a pretty experienced cook and do t usually use recipes for a stew. Thanks so much for the message, Brigitte! I hope you enjoy the recipe!! Thank so much! Thanks for stopping by SBD, Tom. I hope you enjoy the recipe! Thank you, Brooke!

Have a great weekend! Yes, pork shoulder would work well in this recipe. Thanks so much, Tim! Bill, it looks perfect and tasty! Classic Pork Stew…the best I ever copied to cook! Our family loved it! So glad you enjoyed the recipe, May! Thanks so much for the feedback. This recipe is excellent! My whole family loved it and it was perfect. No additions needed.

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Thanks so much for the feedback, Alexandria! Thank you so much, Tony! Will a plain stock pot do? Thanks so much for the feedback, Frances. Thanks for your feedback. So happy you liked the recipe! So glad you enjoyed the recipe. Thanks So much, Gail! So glad you enjoyed the recipe! Thanks so much Christine. I really appreciate the feedback!

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Can I use this recipe for already cooked pork? I used cooked pork and we just loved it…. Thanks so much, Lin! I really appreciate your feedback! So glad you liked it, Sue! Thanks for dropping by. Since leeks are relatively more expensive, would vidalia sweet onions work as a substitute? Sounds delicious. Will try it out today. Thanks Bill. It sounds very goo! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I will be back with my review. Thanks for dropping by, Diana! I hope you like the recipe! Thanks for dropping by, Valerie.

I hope you like the recipe. Thanks so much, Doris! I appreciate you dropping by Southern Boy Dishes and leaving a comment! My neck is long, I am very tall, But I don't have very much voice at all.

Lion Stew! Humorous Children's Poems

I have one big ear on each side of my head. High up in the air is where I am fed. I walk right up to the tallest tree. And I eat the leaves that are good for me. If skies be blue, if skies be gray, they bound in the same graceful way into dim space at such a pace that where they go there's none to say!


Thanks, Martha! Will you point out to me the place where you can see my father's face.

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My preschoolers are 2 and 3 years old. Thanks, Charlotte! Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow the zoo tomorrow the zoo tomorrow Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow hip, hip, hip. Since poetry cannot be traslated verbatim, I try to write the same concept in both languages.

By doing this, the children are able to share in the experience regardless of their dominant language. At the Zoo I see elephants with heavy legs, Eating bacon and eggs I see giraffes with very long necks Playing with the horses around a deck.


I see zebras wearing black and white, Running freely under the sunlight. I see monkeys, making funny tricks Eating bananas, and playing with sticks. I see the seals swimming in the pool And sitting with grace on a wood stool. I see children holding colorful balloons, Next to a cage where I can see raccoons! I see people walking around, Listening to the foxes making their Wow, wow sound. En el Zoologico Veo un elefante, Comiendo huevos con picante. Veo una zebra corriendo hacia el barranco. Vistiendo un traje negro y blanco.

Veo jirafas jugando al sol, Con sus cuellos largos, comiendo un girasol. Veo un mono haciendo acrobacias, Comiendo bananas y haciendo gracias. Veo las focas nadando en la piscina, Y sentadas en sillas comiendo golosinas. Intended for children ages five and up, these poems will also please parents and teachers who will find that the funny book leaves youngsters giggling and snickering. Whether it is a monster who keeps people awake with his loud snoring rather than the ferocity of his roar or a visit from Miss Bo Peep who charges would-be sleepers for counting her sheep, nobody is quite who they seem to be in Ellis' humorous poems.

Witty and whimsical, these rhyming stories are full of figurative language and silly stories that will draw children's rapt attention and devotion. Ellis has been writing children's stories for over a decade, but he only recently began to write poetry.

He is married with one daughter and enjoys surfing whenever life brings him to the beach. To contact Ellis, please visit the website www. For more information on Chambers-Goldberg, please visit www. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Add to Wishlist. USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Whether it is a man with a lawn growing on his head or a story about a tooth fairy that goes broke paying for fallen teeth, this collection of children's poems will delight with its zany humor. The clever rhymes of author Damon M. Ellis in Lion Stew! Humorous Children's Poems are paired with equally whimsical illustrations by Micah Chambers-Goldberg. Each poem stands on its own, revealing unique characters and crazy situations in the tradition of Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky.

Children will love these playful poems filled with characters engaged in absurd activities and adventures. In "The Greatest Dive Never," a man never tires of bragging about a feat he will never actually perform: "Ladies and gentlemen gather and see the greatest dive ever in all history! Product Details About the Author.