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That is, except Thomas. For I, too, was in need of encouragement. Jesus appeared again eight days later. This time, He singled out Thomas. See my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe. Could it be that God cared enough to encourage doubters like Thomas—and like me? But I need something more. As an afterthought, I added, Lord, You showed your nail-scarred hands to Thomas. I want to see Your nail marks, too!

I never told anyone about my prayer. How could God possibly show me a nail hole? A few days later, I received a card in the mail from Kenna. Perhaps the Lord sent this penny as an encouragement to us both. Taped to her card was an ordinary penny. But as I looked closer, I caught my breath. Right through the center—was a nail hole! I sat transfixed. And suddenly I knew. Suddenly, it was clear. God is awesome. He is powerful enough to rule the entire universe! And ordinary—like that penny.

Something extraordinary begins to happen when we give God our first fruit. The 21 Day Experiment is a good way to jumpstart this habit. Carry this momentum with you to the next portion of Scripture. If you like to study, you might choose to invest in the Key Word Study Bible. Bible Gateway is a great online resource to read the Bible in multiple versions. Just for fun, why not find a box and start a collection of your own spiritual momentos? More watchful. More thankful! Morning by morning I lay my requests before you and eagerly watch for the answers Psalm I noticed my well-worn Bible sitting on my bedside table; the collection of prayer journals stacked below.

Answered prayers, healings, even a few miracles. A testimony to my close walk with the Lord. Then, it hit me. If my Christian life was only about my relationship with the Lord, my world of personal concerns, and my blessings, then so what? I am incredibly thankful for my relationship with the Lord. But as important as these blessings are , they were given to me so that I would be a blessing to others.

As God said to Abraham, we are blessed so that we will be a blessing to others Genesis ,3. That scenario—just as I described it—happened over twenty years ago. My epiphany that day marked a dramatic shift. I began to look for ways to step out of my well-managed life and into a broken world. That shift has since taken me to those who are hurting in my own neighborhood. To fragile communities all over the world. So many are thirsty for the good news of Jesus Christ. If they survived, weather and temperature would be the least of their worries.

The timing would have to be perfect. The Earth stopped spinning because the atmosphere is accumulating force to explode outward. If the atmosphere remains intact, the moon and the asteroid will collapse the Earth. If the atmosphere explodes at the exact time that the moon and the asteroid start to fall toward Earth, the slowed asteroid and the falling moon could be propelled backward away from Earth.

They had a chance at living. A small chance at living, but still a chance. Still working on that. Either way, if we live, we are stuck inside for a while. All right guys, this is it. Life or death. Live or die. They were all solemn, all ready to accept their fate, like martyrs going to the stake. They dove under the sliding doors as the doors boomed shut. Parker ducked his head, shut his eyes and pulled his knees to his chest, surrounded by thousands of other scared, trembling individuals. The fate of the Earth and the survival of millions rested in their hands. There was no going back. He watches the ships float over the surface of the still lake, while the people repose on the grassy shore.

Large trees grant shade from the heat of the sun, and he imagines himself lying beneath them. She watches as the dogs chase one another, weaving between the figures of the lazy public. He stares into the empty blue eyes of the girl in the dress, believing they mirror his own. On a packed Wednesday evening, the world spins in the opposite direction for a while. This is no ordinary church, but rather the home of Galilee Ministries, an immigrant help center headed by Toni Hagerman.

Diocesan leaders invited back Loaves and Fishes, which had managed the food pantry, and Central Piedmont Community College, which had sponsored English. The new center hired staff and re-established the community garden. The center still offers English classes, a food pantry and a community garden, but now it also provides counseling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Catholic Charities runs an afterschool program, and the center also serves a free dinner every Wednesday. A group of Muslims meets regularly in a small prayer room, while a little congregation of Montagnard mountain people from Vietnam holds church services on Sundays.

With the variety of people from different backgrounds, the old church exudes life and hope. Operating for a few years now, the staff looks to the future. Hagerman estimates that the center serves between one to two hundred people each weekday. Leadership at Galilee Ministries plans to expand programs and maximize space to cater to the growing influx of immigrants.

Interfaith conversations began in January Participants meet once a month and discuss themes such as hope, commitment and love. Sometimes I still forget how to breathe. That helpless feeling keeps me up at night, making me squeeze my own neck like I can reach into my chest and force air into my lungs. And sometimes my heart still beats too quickly, and I can only hold my chest, clawing, panting, scraping with too long fingernails and drawing too pink lines. Sometimes my hands still shake. I clench them into fists, pressing sharp nails into skin, leaving perfect crescents like the moon high in the sky on my palms.

Sometimes I forget how to stay alive. When my panic decides it is time to attack with my hands on my throat and scrapes on my chest and crescents on my hands, sometimes I remember that under my window I have plants growing, and they don't need to remember how to survive. Inner Banks Her freckles are like a map of miles of road, stretching into the swaying green grasses in her eyes and the soft dunes of her lips. Her hair hangs about her face like clouds tangled in sunshine, masking cerebral thunder.

Piedmont Her laughter rolls like the hills, and her smile fits her cheeks like rivers fit the land. Her lips are state fair funnel cakes in October, leaving powdered sugar tracks across my collarbones. Appalachia She sits with her legs knotted in a breezy sky, keeping her gaze on the tide of clouds above us.

But there was one little twist: I did so in French. It was a great programa full-on immersion program in the heart of Los Angeles. I grew up eating Nutella-filled crepes at snack time and singing French nursery rhymes before bed. To top it all off, in , my mother impulsively decided to take my sister and me and move to France. Again, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I rode my bike around town; the local boulangerie knew me by name and always had a fresh loaf of bread waiting. The catch is that I am in no way French. Both my parents were born and raised in the United States and have no connection to France. The trouble started in middle school. A couple of years after I returned to my immersion school in the United States, I realized that I was the only full American in my class. Ironically I had a higher grade in French than any of my French classmates. The divide became more and more apparent.

By high school, I had developed a Southern accent. Certain words were followed by giggles from the back of the room and claims that I was a redneck, although I had never been farther south than Maryland. Out of fortythree families, mine was the only one that celebrated Thanksgiving. And then something unforeseen happened. I moved. Picture entering a whole new country without a map, a country that I had always lived in but never experienced. I was introduced to wonders like fried chicken and Friday night football games. Other things remain foreign, like sweet tea and Chacos.

In the beginning, I felt like a tourist in my own country, but soon I became a true local.

But if you look close enough, there are still signs of my French upraising. I still practice too. If anything, French has made it easy to speak secretly to my mother without anyone eavesdropping. What makes us human is wiped away with a dishcloth. The student ministry director announced that we were less than an hour away from the hotel, so everyone stayed awake.

Most people were watching the movie Mulan, but my friend and I were talking about everything we wanted to do during the weekend. Suddenly one of the two girls sitting in front of us turned around. It was really just another day in the life of eleven-year-old me. Yet to her, I was no American.

I was dumbfounded by the seriousness of her question. Do you speak American? Naeun baboibnida. What does that mean? She even told everyone her newly learned phrase at the hotel.

Whispers on Woodsmoke

On the contrary, repay evil with blessing because this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing. Five guys, the chaperone and I shared two rooms. As soon as I walked in, I saw all of the boys lying around half-naked in. What did I get myself into? I sat down against the wall away from the other boys and listened to their exchange. The conversation then shifted to racist jokes, but none of them dared to make any jokes about Asians with me around. So I thought they might like me if I started.

They all stared blankly at me. After a brief silence, they burst out in laughter. I felt relieved now that they were finally including me in their exclusive group. But then they made Asian jokes too, and I unexpectedly became the target in the room. Because B is for banished! After another twenty minutes, they exhausted their Asian jokes.

Ten Signs That An Angel Is With You!

Thankfully the pastor walked in to check on us, providing me with an opportunity to leave, so I darted out the door with him. I hoped that it would get better. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. Ephesians The following day, the entire youth group went to the first Christian concert series. I was excited to experience the worship and put the debacle of the previous day behind me.

The lights dimmed, and the music started. The music seemed to capture everyone in the room with its raw emotion and powerful dynamics. As I looked around, I could see the three white boys from my group sitting two rows in front of me. Just the sight of their hypocrisy made me want to vomit. Instead, it would be a weekend full of trial, trouble and tribulation. Hold on to what is good, reject every kind of evil.

That evening, we all went to the water park where we were required to stay together as a group. Finally time to have some fun. The same three boys got up and left our table while our chaperone went to the bathroom. Plus, the waterpark is totally lame. As they got up and started to walk away, one of them turned around and looked at me. They go ching-chang-chong. To end the torture, I left my seat and caught up with them. As we were walking, the boys leading the group missed a turn.

After a few minutes, a group of girls walked toward us, and the boys got up. Our two groups merg-. I prayed under my breath that something, anything, would save me from this situation. As we got nearer and nearer to our room, I got more and more nervous. All I could think about was how much trouble we were about to get into. We finally reached our room, and one of the boys slipped the key into the slot and unlocked the door.

But before he could open it, a voice startled us from the other end of the hallway.

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But from the end of the hallway, our chaperone was rushing toward us with the rest of the group. None of them knew what to say or how to make the situation any better. Instinctively I tried to improvise an explanation. His eyebrows furrowed, and we knew it was over. Just next time, be sure to find an adult first. The boy unlocked the door again, and the others headed into their room.

When they suddenly shut the door behind them, right in my face, I stood there for a second, trying to process what had just happened. Then I started to head back to my room. As I was leaving, I could hear them chuckle through the door. Romans The bus ride home was fairly quiet since everyone was tired. My friend and I were glad to be back together for the remaining hours of our trip. Better yet, just the night before, the three boys got sent home for entertaining ladies in their room.

Jesus loves the little children of the world. Suddenly I started to cry. They ran down my face because of the hypocrisy of the church. They ran down my face because I was Asian, not American. They kept running and running and running, and they never stopped Personal Narrative. The blueberry bursts in my mouth as sharp teeth pierce the soft skin; a bitter, sour taste stains my taste buds in the same way thoughts of you stain my memory. The acidic juices burn the back of my tongue and my throat as I swallow in an attempt to rid myself of the poignant aftertaste.

I fail. Although the taste sends shivers of regret and anger down my spine, the berries have become my favorite, as if the constant run of absinthal juice serves as a pleasant reminder of our time and memories together. Instead, the berries remind me of my anger, fueling flames of hatred and annoyance that flare deep in my chest, toward myself rather than you, ill-tempered grief at my loss of innocent love and self-respect which I so willingly left in your hands.

You told me you loved me though we hardly knew each other, and I, being naive and innocent and too excited at the mention of the idea, went through with the actions that I supposed went along with the words that poured from your mouth. Before long, I noticed the demands that made me uneasy and the bitter, acidic taste left on my lips when you kissed me.

Before long, the constant run of absinthal juice burned my throat too much, and the hormones that made me naive and innocent began to fade. And I became the water that washed away the taste. The air was ice, so cold that you could count every goosebump from your shoulder to your fingers. A lone cabin lived in the center of a valley of glaciers, and a crystal lake kept it company. There you were, perched at the bow of the rickety raft we called a sailboat.

Shocks of lemon hair, bleached white by the long summer sun, whipped across your face. Flames sparked in your blueberry eyes as you leaned down to nudge the crystal clear lake with your nose. I shivered, a leaf preparing to fall, while you nosedived into hypothermic melting ice without a second thought.

Standing there, completely exposed to the chill in nothing but my thin swimsuit, I wished for your fearlessness. I wished for a dose of whatever elixir made you either crazy brave or crazy stupid. Of whatever kept your bare feet from crystallizing on the deck. He leaves his keys in the ignition as he climbs from the cab of the truck. The headlights throw shadows through stalks of hay, and the field glows orange like the flashlight pressed against my palm.

The waterlogged ground caves beneath my boots and sucks at the straps. Ashton closes the truck door slowly, letting the latch click into place. My flashlight illuminates his dip-stained teeth. His lips stretch a half-second late, and his eyes move Dilaudid-slow in their sockets. I follow him along the edge of the pasture. He holds his arms out, brushing through the hay with unabashed amusement.

He pauses to spit and tear a piece of twine from a mildewed bale, chewing the end with lazy interest while he watches me. He speaks to me like a handler to a spooked horse, iron will wrapped in cotton words. Grasshoppers flick on my thighs and fall into my boots, crunching beneath my heels. The underbrush has been cleared away at the edge of the pasture. In the darkness, I can only make out the beginning of a trail, hard-packed and weeded.

He has spent hours clearing this trail, I know. It empties abruptly into a creek bed, and I am standing on a sandbank. Ashton sits on a log and digs his toes into the ground. He gestures to the circular arrangement of lumber and rocks. I meet his shuttered eyes and nod. Where is the kitchen? In the scraps of moonlight, I see the outline of a tree house perched cautiously in the neck of an oak tree. Stepping through knots of ivy and creepers, I can see that the lumber is dark and cut roughly.

Ashton takes great pride in his nails; there must be dozens of them embedded in the tree house. He used to build beautiful birdhouses and carve strong benches. Now, his voice floats behind me, incoherent and insistent. He shows me how he has hammered driftwood to the tree trunk to make a ladder. He climbs into the tree house, each movement deliberate and respectful.

When he reaches the top of the ladder, he turns with great precision and sits on the platform, swinging his legs back and forth over the side. His calves. He swings his arms around his torso in a wild gesture. Do you think Micah will like it? He knows he has been away too often and that he has left far too many cigarettes in the trailer.

Micah deserves a gift that erases the burns on the kitchen counter. He promised he would find a great present, and now he has made Micah his very own tree house. He nods with satisfaction, and it is time to go. I have to help him down his ladder again. The blood trickling from his calves stains my jeans. I lead him through the pasture and back to his truck, the keys still dangling from the ignition where he left them.

Vast Korean prairies rest between craggy Sepo-deungpan mountains. The countryside is haunted by the brutal axe murder incident, underground military tunnels built for armed invasion of Seoul and soul. The ribbon stretches tauta single exposed belt separating two antagonistic nations. When my sister was diagnosed, she was ten. I sat there confused, wondering what it meant. We are close, often giving the illusion that we are twins. However, when it came to knowledge and experience, our age difference created an invisible fissure that separated us: She was always ahead in her accomplishments, always given more grown-up privileges.

I was angry that she got all the attention based on birth order, and my accomplishments were always lackluster in comparison. My nine-year-old self wailed, throwing every single stuffed animal around his room in a frantic fit. He could not hear the doctor explain that his sister had scoliosis and that she would have constant pain in the muscles around her torso. Why did she have everything? Over time, I realized that there was no way of stopping her from taking things away from me; she had a one-.

I could not go back in time to raise my grades, start school before her or say my first words before she did. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen. I cannot believe all the feathers that have appeared to me in the last 2 months. I asked back in December 09, nothing. One day minding my own business I thought of my ex-boyfriend, the true love of my life, and there on the ground was a feather.

Next afternoon it was still there, but another had joined it. He is truly the love of my life and we hurt each other and NEED to work past this. How wonderful all your feathers! Have you tried talking to your Angels to learn what message they are sending? I started with automatic writing and still do it today. Sit quietly, and start writing what you hear. You will be surprised how easy it is! Om, would lights flickering be a sign an angel is here even though there is a massive wind storm outside?

Most often when we are scared, we ask for signs. At that time they are much more easily seen, because we are so alert. Spend more time in the present moment. You can do this easily by focusing on your breath stops your mind from racing through all your regular thoughts. Also when you choose to change your routine… take a new route to work… change your morning program… it makes you more aware of what is around you… and you are ready to receive signs. I Also Feel Angels like…its about to rain. Kind of some..

Sensation of water, cleaneniness around me as well as.. I can totally relate to the feeling of approaching goodness. A sweet smell in the air.

National Geographic Book (part 1: North America) - Whisper Nature ASMR

Angels are pure love and joy. Yesterday, I could have sworn I heard a voice. Not sure what is stopping you from asking her out, but it certainly is on your mind. Your thoughts are things. When you spend a great deal of time thinking of something, you will begin to see it everywhere.

That is the nature of the universe. Have you ever bought a new car, and suddenly you see the same model everywhere? Same thing. With that being said, it does not mean that these are not signs also. You will have to do a little bit more internal investigation. It is wonderful you are starting to hear! This is truly exciting. To develop this skill, put aside time to be quiet and start to listen. Meditation is great for this, but if you are not comfortable with that right now, just sit. Focus on your heart… imagine circling your heart with white … and start to feel love in your chest.

When you feel you have got a swelling of love… ask your questions. Wait for an answer. Sometimes answers come right away… you hear something, or you maybe see something… or even just know something. If the answer does not come right away, look for a sign. You will know when it is your sign. It could be a song lyric, or a street sign. I get feathers. What does it mean when you wake up from a deep sleep at the same time every night? I will feel as if I am not even on this earth sleeping so good and then boom I sit up and I am awake and must get out of bed at am — I am not used to getting up at this time, I dont work anywhere near this time.

I once heard it was a sign that angels were present. I would like to know why at am this happens???? I am a very spiritual person, I also keep asking my angels to appear to me- I tell them I would really like it and I wont be scared but they never appear, why? It seems to happen for everybody else but me. The Angels are definitely getting your attention. Be patient with yourself and know that waking you is really a great connection.

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Your Angels are able to connect with you now and the connection is going to grow. Oh my god this is the strangest thing! So she must have visited me! I have been so upset about her passing but i feel she is here taking care of me! I am sooo happy, and it feels good to know she is ok…. I am so happy you were able to receive confirmation.

May you always remember this wonderful gift. Do you really think it was her? DO think it was crazy that the girl two posts above me also woke up ? I mean i am beyond ecstatic, but it just seems so strange. I agree with Stephanie. Finding this posts was no coincidence. There is no such thing. I have to admit, I was even pleasantly surprised in the synchronicity for you.

The previous post only happened days ago. I have lost people very close to me, and received wonderful confirmations, too. Know she is with you.

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You are very blessed. I feel quilty for letting him go even though it was nessasary. I have tried to contact my dad, but nothing for 15 years, now this feather x. I am sending blessings of compassion to you. I understand how difficult it is to grieve. At the age of 13, my Matina was hurting and needed to be carried. My darling friend no longer was able to do the things she loved, as much as she wished she could. She began to fall regularly, and I knew it was time.

It was certainly one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. There are many who know how you feel. Allow yourself to grieve. Everyone grieves differently. People who have never loved a pet can not understand the unconditional love you have lost. I know. The Angels hear your pain. They would like to help you. Please invite them to comfort you, and give you ways to heal.

Then, do whatever you feel you need to do to continue the process. This is what I did.

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I collected all the photos and made a movie: from puppy to right before the last day. It was painful, but really allowed me to cry… really cry. I cried until my tear ducts dried up. Then I wrote a letter saying thank you. I tried to remember all the memories. She helped me raise my children. We were truly blessed. We buried her in her ashes in her favorite spot in the yard. When we buried her, we had a funeral ceremony and we all cried.

She was a part of our family. I do believe you will get through this. The Angels are at your side, and so is the spirit of your dog. They love you and are always with you. The feather you received today was Sign from Above. You do not need to heal alone. Believe and surrender, the Angels will take it from there. Thank you for bringing Matina back into my life. It was wonderful to think about her again. You just gave me a wonderful gift. Thank you, I have loads of pictures I will have ago, but ive not had his ashes back yet, thats another hurdle i need to deal with.

I would like some help with all that, but i have not very successful contacting the past, I have been to many medium live events, came close when all the right info was mentioned, however a lady beside me insisted it was for her even though the medium said no, I knew it was for me, but did not want to burst her bubble. Prince was very special, was the eldest of my brood, cared for me when my hubby was serving, laid by my side whilst poorly and shadowed my every move.

I am not a medium, but my husband and most of my friends are. I have learned a lot from them. One thing I do know, is spirit can piggy-back messages. That message was most certainly for you. You knew it. Two spirits can come through together, especially if they have lots of similarities. I also know that if they were quiet, or not wanting a lot of attention in life, they are like that on the other side. You can ask your Dad to come for you. Ask for a sign. This seems to be easier for them. It will come, just make sure you stay in the present. When you get all caught up in your head about everyday stuff you miss the signs.

I can feel my dogs at my feet sometimes. It is comforting, and still brings tears. The tears are not sadness, it is love. When I think of them, I get filled with pure love. My heart opens and tears come. This may happen for you too. It is a nice shift from grief, and you might not even realize you have made the transition. I would love to hear what signs you receive from your Dad, and even Prince. Keep in touch. What if you hear angels singing for about 5 seconds? I heard lovely music, but when I realized there was nothing connected to singing on the tv, the first thing that came to mind was angels.

What could this mean? I reposted your question here!! I had a psychic stop me in the street and tell me that I should contact my angel, and that I should go to a spiritualist church, she also Said I was an angel? She said I really should pray to them, and that I should become a psychic- I would have no idea how you go about that, as I thought you were born with it,.

Suddenly all I could smell was him,like I was sat in his house, it was so odd it lasted for so long I had to go have a bath. That really creeped me out. What message would you take from that? I often think about people and see them, it just was so odd that the smell was so over powering it made me feel dizzy. Welcome to the spirit world!

It seems you are more psychically open than you think. Seems like you just experienced:. These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space. Angels are wonderful, and I welcome you to the community. Each person has a different connection to spirit. Some are shaman, mediums, christians, buddists, etc … and it seems you can easily connect through Angels. There are many good books to help you connect with Angels. Feel free to write again with questions.

I would love to share what I have learned. Do not be fearful. Angels come to us with love. As I think of your feather now, I think of strength and courage. I feel Arch Angel Michael with you giving you additional strength. Often when Angels try to reach us, and we are not paying attention, they need to step it up a notch. This message came to you loud! They wanted to make sure you know they are with you. Call on their assistance, and they can help more. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Many people write about receiving black feathers and question message of them. Love is always the message from the Angels. I once saw an angel at a Catholic Church. It was very bright white. It was coming down slowly. I just felt safe. Aldo, I also see beautiful spirits in Churches. I know what you mean about being at peace in their presence. Hello, I have been having some strange happenings lately, I have been asking my angels for help regarding my boyfriend and I. We are hoping he gets this particular job in a particular city so that we can finally be together. The other day as I was driving I asked my angels to please help us and I felt this definite flick on my forehead, not hard, just playful and attention grabbing.

I look around startled and realized nothing was there. I laughed out loud for some reason and felt very warm and reassured. Then the other day I was driving yet again and asked again and I felt something cold on my arm. I looked down and there was a tiny piece of ice on my forearm. It melted quickly and I looked around to see what it could have been from. The temp gage in my van said it was 30 degrees outside and there were no cars around? I am hoping these are good signs and not negative ones. I find them both a bit humorous and I tend to be a bit of a silly person myself. I suppose that my angels could be a bit silly as well.

My daughter is 7 and she says she sees angels in the clouds all the time and whenever she thinks of her great Grandmother who passed two years ago is when she sees them. I really hope these are all as wonderful signs as I believe them to be. My daughter is my angel. I often feel the brush of spirit too. It is a sensitive person who can feel the gentle touches. Are you an empath? Spirit is certainly try to get your attention! How wonderful. Angels are happy, playful and fun. Your daughter is certainly fortunate to see Angels already. Her life will have so much more guidance if she chooses to pay attention.

Please write back with additional Angel adventures. I do believe this is just the beginning for both of you! I gave my notice at my place of employment to start my own business full-time. This past weekend, while riding my horse on gamelands, which we often do, I came upon a beautiful flawless large turkey feather right in the middle of the path. In all my time riding on random trails I have never seen one like this.

Well, as I admired it my horse and I kept walking past. About 30 feet away, I felt this strong internal pull to go back to the feather. When I approached it, I dismounted, and asked permission to pick it up. I then felt like it was suppose to be for me. I made an offering, and said thank you as I gentle picked it up. I have been continuously drawn to it since. Would you let me know if you think this was some sort of sign, and what it might possibly mean?

Congratulations on your new adventure. Signs come to us in so many ways. How wonderful when we notice them! Yes, this feather was most certainly a sign for you. How do I know? Because you know. Others on the journey with you might not recognize the magic in your feather. It was not meant for them. My suggestion to finding the meaning in your feather, would be to sit with it regularly.

The true meaning will come to you. For now it has filled you with the excitement of the mysteries of the Universe. It would be advantageous for you to stay connected to the Angels and their signs. You will find many synchronicities begin. The message I am feeling from the feather… and the truth is this feather is magical… is this: As you move forward in your journey, stay aware. You may also find that you feel like you are going backwards, but what you receive from your stopping and going back will be immeasurable. Life is not a straight line. It is an every twining journey, and sometimes it is wonderful to just take a moment to twirl around and see what you have passed.

Gather up your riches and continue on this wonderful road. Is it possible that she can be an angel and send me that sign? Angels are Angels. They are completely different beings. It is very possible that your next dog will have the energy of this dog. And then, of course she will grow into her new self.

That exact thing happened to us. We got Patriot as a puppy, and Matina, our older dog was not pleased. After years of torment by a young puppy, she passed away. A few years later we brought home Sedona. She has all the same mannerisms as Matina — even sleeps in the same places in the house. This time Sedona was able to give Patriot a hard time. Sometimes I can feel him at my feet. Be still, this can happen for you. If it is difficult for you, ask the Angels to send you a sign that your dog is with you. A feather is my favorite sign, but you can choose your own. It could be a lyric to a song, or a sign on the street.

Do you think this is the angels telling me something?? Hi Karen. Thank you for your input, as it means a lot. Again, I thank you and appreciate your sharing your knowledge. May your life be filled with many blessings! I dont know why everytime I see a butterfly flying around me I think of my dad. Two days ago , while I was putting my 2 daughters to sleep, I started looking at the butterfly mobile they have in their bedroom hunging from the ceiling. I want to belive it was a sign from him….. Thank you for sharing your story.

Messages from our deceased loved ones are certainly a divine blessing. Butterflies are a wonderful message too. They also mean transformation, changing into a new you. Your father has transformed, and I also feel that you are in a process of changing. Know your father and your Angels are with you and deeply love you. I have also been hearing whispers in my head that I cannot understand. Seems like spirit is trying to answer your question!

You can actually visualize a dial, and in your mind try turning it until the clear reception comes in. When my husband and I lifted the first mattress to disassemble the bed everything was normal, we did not see anything unsusual. I do not know what could this mean but it made my day!! Hi, there are a few things that seem to be abit of a coindicence. For instance I always look at the time at a unintentionally, which is also my birthday 17th march.

Not only that but my mother had repetitive dreams years before I was born about my birth. Also, on my day of birth my grandma mothers mum was up all night worring about my mum and me but at exactly 5 in the morning my grandad said you suddenly stopped and declared we were ok and went to bed. I was born at am. What does this all mean? Oh my goodness, yes. So many things were mentioned in your message. Angels and past loved ones come in our dreams. I often have dreams that come true, or wake with a sense of knowing.

Numbers are another way of Angels to contact us. Birthdays are very typical, because it is a pattern we recognize those easily. When you these numbers on a clock or sign, take a moment to notice what you are doing or thinking. You should feel comfort in it. The white feathers!! I also asked my grandparents to give me a sign when at their grave, I stood and saw 2 graves virtually opposite theirs, one with his first name on and the one next to it had his middle name on. They were also there, the same year he moved to the UK. Is that a sign too?? You are certainly seeing signs.

Angels can give us signs using all our senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and our intuition. You are receiving your signs using most of these! Congratulations on being so aware. Thanks Karen, does that mean he is meant to be the one?? Today I saw about 20 feathers after I asked the angels to show me a sign he is falling for me too. The Angels will bring to you what you ask for… What I see, you are manifesting with great power in this relationship, and it will happen if all things remain the same.

My advice is to go into this relationship with magnifying lens instead of rose colored glasses. It is no coincidence that you are asking me for advice … and I have experienced this exact thing. Just take your time … you are a powerful manifester. I know you are choosing to go forward with him … so take it slow. The Angels always give advice with your well-being in mind. And anything can change … so take your time and remain who you are.

You have free will to make anything come true. To begin to manifest… you desire something very strongly. You desire it with your heart… you believe it can be yours … and then you let go, and let it come. That is it in a nut shell, but it takes some practice. This time you were able to do with ease. I highly recommend learning more about Manifesting. Esther and Jerry Hicks have a great book called the Law of Attraction … you can borrow the movie the Secret from library… there is a book with the title too… I actually got the audio from my library.

I use manifestation all them time! We all do, as you will learn. It is something everyone should try to master. It certainly makes life fun. There is an other movie that might interest you… it is called What the Bleep? I have seen angels my whole life. One time in human form as a beautiful woman in a blue dress and wings -she was floating in the air and told me not to be afraid. I see angels as misty colors in my bedroom when I go to sleep. There is a huge angel that stands by my front door.

Angels are everywhere and if you want to connect to them all you have to do is have loving thoughts in your heart and they will be there. All you have to do is ask for their help and they will be there. Never doubt they are sent to protect you and know that we are surrounded by angels all of the time.

That is a universal truth. Well, I did ask for a sign he liked me and with the feathers. Yesterday, I was told by a colleague that he was talking about me and said he loved working with me and I was his favourite. So happy about your new romance. Keep an open eye along with your heart. I would much prefer my would-be love to be happily dreaming of me, filled with love in heart when we were apart.

Bad moods and snapping are not always the best qualities in a person when they are not getting what they want. Enjoy the feeling and every moment of your romance. Please remember he would be fortunate to be dating you… you are the catch! It seems to me the more Annie thinks and obsesses about this man, the more she draws him toward her.

He is usually laid back and carefree but I must trigger something off. I looked into auras too and I see yellow. We shall see but I take your advice well, thank you xx. I am trying to figure out where to start! Yesterday I was googling about the fact that I had seen a black shadow go by my face and the meaning when I found this website. I was reading the fantastic stories as I have been calling for signs from my angels. I am going through a very terrible time in my life, the big D word.

When I went home yesterday after reading these stories, I found a black feather on my doorstep. I picked it up and smiled. Today my heart is filled with so much joy! I know my angels are here guiding me and protecting me and I have so much peace! The Lord is so amazing! I am so happy for you!