Secrets of Judo: A Text for Instructors and Students

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The natural posture is best for practicing judo: 56 2. Grappling techniques require a different type of posture: 56 4. Kinds of Force 65 Muscular force: 65 Gravity: 68 Momentum: 70 1. Impulse: 72 2. Impulsive force: 73 3. How to apply the strongest force possible on the opponent: 73 4. The relation of momentum to the force of the arm: 75 Friction. Acting State of Force 81 The principle of transmissibility of force: 81 Composition of forces: 82 Decomposition of forces: 84 The moment of force: 86 The moment of a couple: 90 7.

How to Practice Throwing 93 Some advice on throwing techniques: 93 1. Where to hold: 93 2. How to grasp: 93 3. How to advance or retreat: 94 Ukemi: the art of falling: 95 Explanation of throwing techniques: 1. Uki-goshi hip throw : 2. Uki-otoshi floating drop : 3. Tai-otoshi body drop : 5. Tsurikomi-goshi lifting hip throw : 6. Harai-goshi sweeping loin throw : 7. Hane-goshi spring hip throw : 8. Hiza-guruma knee wheel : 9.

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Harai-tsurikomi-ashi lifting foot sweep : De-ashi-harai advanced foot sweep : Okuri-ashi-harai sweeping ankle throw : Ko-uchi-gari minor inner reaping : Tomoe-nage circle throw : Uki-waza floating throw : 8. How to Practice Grappling Classification of grappling techniques: 1. Osaekomi-waza holddowns : 2. Shime-waza strangles : 3. Kansetsu-waza elbow locks and twists : The relation between grappling and throwing; Attack methods in grappling: 1. Force must precede speed and lightness of motion in grappling: 2.

First consider how to produce the largest momentum possible and how to apply it effectively: 3. Immobilize the force of your opponent's lower extremities: Defense. Hon-kesa-gatame side collar hold : 2. Kata-gatame single shoulder hold : 4. Kami-shiho-gatame four-quarter hold : 5. Kami-shiho-gatame: a slight modification: 6. Kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame modified four-quarter hold : 7.

Kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame: another modification: 8. Yoko-shiho-gatame side four-quarter hold : Explanation of shime-waza strangles : 1. Nami-juji-jime normal cross strangle : 2.

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