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Attitudes and perceptions can change. However to be successful, it will take all of us. All of us in the water industry need to break down potential verbal and terminology barriers, simplify management concepts and speak to people in language they understand.

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Janet and her daughter checking out the wetlands at Hattah. Acknowledgement: This work was carried out by Orima Research. Do you speak waterish?

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There is an art to good communication. To be heard, to be understood and to have impact. Waterish that no-one else understands, waterish that sounds like gibberish… Research commissioned by the Victorian Environmental Water Holder VEWH has found strong evidence that the language and complexity of water management is excluding communities from understanding what environmental flows are and their benefits.

Additionally, the meaning of the following commonly used terms was not well understood: Fishing at Mullaroo Creek.

Mahathir urges Johor to speak up against Singapore water pact

Figure 1: Audience segmentation. What we should be saying: Australia needs a sustainable and healthy river system—our economy and communities depend on it. Healthy waterways provide places for connection to culture for Traditional Owners, recreational opportunities, improved water quality for irrigation and connection to nature for communities.

The Murray-Darling Basin covers 1 million square kilometres of south-eastern Australia, and is home to more than 2 million people. We are part of the water cycle, too.

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Every time we breathe, we exhale water molecules into the atmosphere. What comes around, goes around when it comes to water. Click to discover how water moves through water cycle. The Water Cycle--What comes around, goes around! Water plays an important role in global warming. Click here to explore the greenhouse effect.

We need greenhouse gases. Without them the Earth would be an ice ball in space! But just like putting on too many blankets, higher concentrations of greenhouse gases can trap too much heat, adding extra warming to the Earth.

Nature Is Speaking – Penélope Cruz is Water - Conservation International (CI)

What is the most abundant greenhouse gas? It comes from evaporation of liquid water from water bodies on earth, like the ocean. The warmer the atmosphere, the more water vapor it can hold.

Speak Water

The percentage of carbon dioxide CO2 in the atmosphere compared to water vapor is much smaller. Why is the impact of CO2 greater? Because unlike the other greenhouse gases, CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere where it can last up to years. Atmospheric CO2 comes from natural sources such as when plants decompose, from the oceans, and when we breathe. But evidence shows that human activities, such as burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and land use are increasing atmospheric CO2 levels. Click on here to explore feedback loops. Image: NASA. Warmer temperatures cause more water to evaporate into the atmosphere.

More warming encourages more evaporation, amplifying the warming effect caused by CO2. Well, not really! The distribution of water on the Earth's surface is extremely uneven. The freshwater water you use comes from a watershed. Each of us lives and works in a watershed. The boundaries of a watershed are higher places, such as hills or mountains, work like the sides of the tub.

Chesapeake, Devon, Apache to speak at sand and water conferences

Rain, snow, groundwater, and even pollution that fall within watershed eventually drains to the river, lake, or ocean. Adjacent wetland areas provide habitat, filter pollutants, and slow the flow of runoff. This is not only illogical but also morally wrong. Dr Mahathir said Johor would make a lot of profit if the state could properly manage the supply of water and electricity that it channelled to Singapore. So, if investors are looking for a larger land size, this will definitely give an advantage to Johor compared to Singapore. In terms of ports, Dr Mahathir said Johor could use its strategic position to attract the arrival of merchant ships.

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