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I think we have compelling stories to tell for anybody who wants to chase a title over the next five to six years. As the Nuggets prepare to build on the campaign, internal growth will continue to be the main focus. With 11 players under contract for next season, Denver will return the majority, if not the entirety of their rotation from the past season, and that continuity should help the team grow together.

Denver Nuggets’ Bench Has Been Key to Playoff Success

As a result of the young talent on the roster, there are very few holes in the rotation that need to be filled with external resources. From ownership down to the coaching staff, the Nuggets understand that patience and a consistent vision got them to this point.

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For many, this past season was just the first step in a long process. We have a lot of work to do and it starts this offseason into next year.

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We're not satisfied, and that's the best part about it. Not one player, one coach, one member of the front office or ownership is satisfied with the year. We're excited, we're happy, but not satisfied.

Skip to main content. When he comes in, we've got a good feel for each other. That chemistry has been on full display this season, as the pairing allows the two players to flourish in their natural roles. For Morris, this often means handling the ball and initiating the offense.

Denver Nuggets' Success Accentuates Need To Extend Tim Connelly Long Term

Meanwhile, playing alongside a traditional point guard in Morris allows Murray to run around screens and get open for quality shots. Then when he's on-the-ball he can turn to his scoring mentality, which is good.

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Morris has certainly done his fair share of finding Murray when the two share the floor. With Morris handling the ball, Murray will run around the court and navigate his way through off-ball screens to get open for quality looks.

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In the two clips below, Morris is able to find Murray for open 3-pointers after Murray capitalizes on a confused defense and runs to the 3-point line. Monte has been great this year. While Morris often finds himself with the ball in his hands during these stretches, he too is a strong off-ball player, having knocked down The overall numbers paint a positive picture surrounding the backcourt pairing. This is mainly due to the strong offensive performance during those minutes, as those lineups have posted a As a result of having Morris on the floor as a steadying presence, lineups with the two guards on the floor together rarely turn the ball over. admin