TURNING POINTS: Turning a Test into a Testimony

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A defeat-minded person will see a trial as yet another problem to struggle through in life.

Has ‘children’s mass’ become a colossal mistake?

Winners never see tests and trials; all they see are opportunities. He wants you to come out of every trial with the advantage. When you are walking in love with God—following His plan and purpose for your life—you can face every negative situation with complete confidence.

What should we do when we face tests and trials?

She leaves too early for work each morning to take them to school, but she picks them up each night after practice or work. Just graduate high school. This cannot be the last place you learn from.

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I have to go further than these halls. And when she gets one, she said, that experience will make her appreciate it even more.

Turning Tests Into Testimonies

Like any high school student, peer pressure does get to her. An honor roll student taking advanced classes while starting on the basketball team and working about 25 hours each week, Lee has made an impression on the adults in her school and at her job.

Ever since then, I have had a different motivation, knowing I have someone here for me outside of my family. Charles Smith, her calculus teacher, knew her mom died because he asked why her grades were dropping shortly after. Lee pointed to him as an inspiration, wanting to become a math teacher herself.

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Joyce Meyer - Let Your Test Become Your Testimony

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