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Mike Resnick. Similarly like a street dog, Man must continue to fight when he is no longer at the top of the heap. While many of Resnick's novels are filled with individuals who are larger than life Santiago, Jefferson Nighthawk, Koriba few of the characters in Birthright manage to acquire the same mythic proportions.

However, because of Birthright 's format, characters of this type are not necessary and would probably detract from the work as a whole. As originally published, Birthright was a good and interesting book on its own. Republished now after being out of print for 15 years, Birthright provides an interesting look at Resnick's early career and the ideas which he originally wanted to explore. His history is large enough in scope that it can easily accomodate, without conflict, the many and varied stories he has chosen to set among the same background.

Birthright is a good starting place for those who are not familiar with Resnick's work. At the same time, it serves as a recap for those who have already read significant amounts of Resnick's writings. The reward for him is the largest in history. Screenwriter and novelist Nate Page arrives aboard the empty Velvet Comet 23 years after it is decommissioned by the Vainmill Syndicate. The light-topic musical holographic production that Nate is writing is based on the Velvet Comet in its prime, and requires research available only through Cupid, the ship's still-functioning and nearly-self-aware onboard computer.

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In the 7th millennium, humans have spread throughout the galaxy and govern most of the inhabited planets. Leonardo's enhanced ultraviolet and infrared vision are ideal traits for assessment and authentication of artwork, and he immediately catches the attention of an aging Far London collector. In the year , when Earth is bare of anything larger than an insect or a mouse and most people have left for the stars, Duncan Rojas receives a most unusual visitor.

His name is Bukoba Mandaka, and he is the last of the Maasai.

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Mandaka wants Rojas, senior researcher for Braxton's Records of Big Game, to find the tusks of the Kilimanjaro Elephant, tusks that weigh over lb. Mandaka will not say, but he will pay enormous sums for them. And Rojas cannot resist the challenge of tracing something lost for years. The Earth-like planet Peponi has vast riches, an abundant and opulent wildlife, and most importantly, compliant natives.

But now that humanity is on the brink of opening up an entirely new world, has it learned its lessons from the past?

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A thought-provoking novel from the author of Ivory. Mouse, a hard-bitten, cynical woman and professional thief, finds herself in deep trouble when her attempt to rescue a seemingly helpless little girl has potentially deadly consequences in this brilliant and haunting installment of Santiago-inspired adventure. Young Penelope has long had a price on her head, and Carlos Mendoza now knows how she has outwitted her captors - and the awesome powers behind her success.

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As Carlos moves in for the kill, Mouse is hard-pressed to preserve her life, defend Penelope, and in so doing, save humanity. Since she was a little girl, all humanity has been frightened by Penelope Bailey's awesome psychic talent and her ability to bend events - and men - to her will. Now a grown woman and living on the planet Hades, Penelope is caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a bounty hunter, a government agent, and an out-for-profit outlaw cyborg - none of whom suspect the true depths of her power. Set in Resnick's far future, where humankind has long spread out through the galaxy and there are as many alien races as there are planets suitable for colonization, Purgatory is a hard look at how many ways an advanced civilization can misunderstand a "primitive" race.

With all of humanity frightened by her powers of prophecy, and a paid assassin known as the Iceman determined to kill her, Penelope Bailey hides on an obscure planet.

Birthright: The Book of Man

Disanko, the ruler of the Enkoti, and Susan Beddoes, a representative from the Department of Cartography, help the planet of Faligor to become the richest and most technologically advanced of its sector until an evil general rises to power. Birthright Resnick 34 books in series.

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