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Our job is to work with the earth — gratify and return the love exhange. Give and receive. I think you are doing the work of whats next in terms of gratifying NATURE and making sure to connect and respect Gaia — but make sure you are personally and individually staying protected, grounded and bubbled so that you do not empath others and also the collective sadness.

And find JOY whenever and however possible helps overall! With this look of wonder? Simple story be extremely rewarding for me. Absolutely followed this with a connection of enlightenment. Excellent in continuing my journey in the third eye opening! I am anticipating the next Blog! I laughed out loud reading this because so much of it rings true!

Last week, I felt like someone was stepping on my chest for days. I appreciate you, Suzanne! Thanks for reading and commenting — just know that I TOO am dealing many of these symptoms! I was really thinking about that when posting this last BLOG — and wanted to share that I believe part of the reason that our bodies are doing all this pain and angst is to get out attention. Our actual cells are changing at such a rapid rate from carbon based to crystal based in light, and it is a tough process.

Our meat bodies are not used to this new vibration so we need to have knowledge, patience and self care.

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Got a great massage for my B-day the other day! I was going to go through these and explain the areas I am dealing with but after going through half the list and realized I am dealing with almost everything here. There were a couple in most of the section but very few. The only section I am not feeling almost anything in is the section of Love. I find the entire thing interesting and hopeful because I was so lost and I feel like there are reasons for this now. Hope to figure things out soon! Looking forward to your next post!

Suzanne, this is all great stuff. The last time I came to see you, you told me I was not going crazy! I felt alone and exhausted.. I went vegetarian, now am vegan. My eyes have been opened to a new reality! How could I have been blind so long that the flesh I was eating did not want to die just so I could eat them. Work, politics, food, health, vaccinations, corporations, spirituality, the universe, everything OMG sometimes it is over load.

Constantly learning and seeing things in new perspectives…. LOL thank you for doing this! I look forward to the next blog! How to take a break? Can i take a break and then enter this state again? I am getting overwhelmed and not comfortable going in crowd. I try to tell others that WE are in charge of the knobs on turning in — up and down.

Yes I takes breaks often also. The energy is always there, we need to take care of US. SO grateful I was able to come across this! What is the best way to express these particular breaks when it gets to overwhelming? I work hard to go with the FLOW in this world of energy right now — meaning there is ALWAYS going to be ups and downs and being able to know that without fear is important — embracing change. This was very helpful as I have so many of these symptoms — particularly the disconnection and exhaustion — happily the love an gratitude ones as well.

Looking forward to your next blog and seeing you soon! WOW Yes I have a grocery list of medical conditions in which limit a lot of my life to the couch. I have been constantly changing things in life to hopefully help heal myself so I no longer have to take over 10 different medications. I can happily say I now only take 1 medication and that is for my anxiety something I cannot for the life of me pass. So may tests, injections, topical etc that you can think of I probably have tried it. Nothing seems to help. I can have minor satisfaction but not enough for me to want to continue any purchases.

This is a struggle I live on a daily basis. Hello Katie, Your story is interesting and I emphasize with you. I am wondering if you have tried Tapping to ease your anxiety. I have been have sessions with a local Tapping practitioner, and it is making such a difference in my life, in many areas. Hi, my children notice more and more about these changes in me. Please help me. Biggest thing is to now think you are going crazy with this stuff and taht it IS real and that the traditional medical community will oftentimes NOT find anything wrong — and not to allow yourself to get even more scared with that answer.

Keep it up Katie — yo uare rocking this girl! In my opinion this is the one you have to taper off gradually. I am right there with you. Lots of doctors. No diagnosis. But all or most of the symptoms above fit. Sickness is the exact reason may begin and do their personal spiritual journey.

I am currently going through a Spiritual Awakening, and have been for the past year and a half. This Article is very well written, and organized, and perhaps the most clear and informative article I have seen pertaining to Spiritual Awakening symptoms. This information helped me immensely! Thank you Suzanne! Thanks Carter — but have to admit for the LIST, I took lots of info from MANY different sites and resources for to combine into one place to get the info, plus added a lot of my own experiences.

My BLOG offers a lot of my personal insights on how to handle these as well because it is super important to know these signs. Many of us experience them daily and are not aware that it is indeed energetically based. Thanks for checking it out! Thanks for your comments and input Claude, it is appreciated you made the time to share your thoughts. I would like to add however, that each of us has our own version of truths, combined with free will choice. Every human works on his or her own Akashic Record timeline.

All bodies of creation carry their own Records; meaning Gaia and Universe; that is influenced by our vibration sent forth via thought forms and emotions; transmitted in fear or love. There are numerous lightworkers myself included currently working and reversing timelines and grids in the 13th Plane of Existence to positively shift and anchor Multi-Universal Patterns of Ascension on behalf of the ALL — the collective. Thanks for your work and for sharing your perspectives. To reiterate: please use absolute discretion when sharing opinions and when listening to another, take within only that which rings true for you.

Very interesting comment thread. Whether that statement is true or not is another question. Hello, I would like to talk with you, if that is ok? My email is scriptwriter10 gmail. That is what is cool about individual expression. I have been having several symptoms that are on this list. The latest is light sensitivity. If with sun glasses on the sunshine is so bright that I have to keep closing my eyes just to see. If I leave my eyes open my sight is enveloped in the brightness.

I have exactly the same thing as you describe regarding my eyes in the bright sunshine, so cloudy, dull days are a Godsend for me. But it would explain a lot to people suffering from this awful symptom which limits your lifestyle quite considerably. I would be very interested what Suzanne feels about this. And I will send her this question. I think LIGHT itself is changing and it is very difficult to allow our human bodies including the eyes to adjust. I am trying my best to also navigate this stuff and it is not easy. I have a question. I have light sensitivity, and also strange light coming from behind my eyes.

I can see it coming from me into my peripheral vision. Any thoughts? Not sure on the light from behind the eyes — always good to medically get checked out — but I do know that I have had — and continue to have lots of weird eye experiences and I believe it is because I am traversing the Planes and Dimensions differently. All other stuff you mentioned for me too is pretty typical, so yo uare not alone! I have pretty much every symptom on this list. I have found awakenimgvto be beautiful but also brutal.

My health has suffered considerably and I go from feeling amazing to very ill! I would love to connect with your community. Yes the electric stuff sucks — I crash many things and it gets old. I am very electric alien energy — not little green men but starseed vibe so it is imperative for me to stay in this human meat body as best I can and if I am doing a good job of that I find myself NOT experiencing as much yuck…. Also, I seriously check solar flares and gamma rays and monitor that consistently is I am having troubles.

Hope that helps some at least. I have almost every symptom. Some over the past few years but now they are becoming more intense. I have a few ideas and luckily I have a partner in this journey. Reading this made me feel so much better. I thought I was losing my mind or getting very sick. Glad to know what it really is, now I need to figure out how to use this. If anyone has any advice, let me know. I usually do ritual when I am in that state of mind — like burning, drumming, danging and chimes. It allows the energies to move outward easier into the ether and I can then let me physical Suzanne release as well.

Service to Self — Service to Others. Hope this helps some. Suzanne, you talk an absolute load of shit. Why not do it at work? You make this nightmare sound positively delightful, when the reality is a huge increase in suicides. I mean, what can you do when you are no longer comfortable in your own skin. What do you do when your body becomes a torture chamber? Wow Paul, I am not here to change your mind or anyones for that fact but it is pretty obvious why you are still in the state of struggle that you are in your physical body as well as emotional, mental and spirital ones and running a ot of victim programming and usually this is because one has not chosen to do the work to release the fear and YES for many including myself the ritual of burning and drumming can ideed help — maybe you should try it!

All of that fear anger and negativity will simply transcend with you and that Paul is called karma. So gain, you obviously get to choose to believe what ever you want to, as we all do. But many on planet are a living testament to the fact that doing the hard work to release fear and regain balance in empowered love DOES work, even if we find it through a drum! Also feel free to sharing your website YouTube channel I am interested in learning more thank you. Footsteps can mean several things, it might mean an actual guide, a loved one, an entity, or more.

OR it also might mean residual energy — meaning energy that runs in a loop pattern from previous energy running through that space. Me and my husband have both been experiencing many of these symptoms in ALL of the categories. It has been making him think that he was either dying waking up out of a dead sleep or crazy. We are going to start reading through this and absorbing what it could mean for us. One of the coolest things so far that has happened to us was this past Sunday morning when Sena whom you work with in Bump was coming to do a reading for us and my husbands mother and step-father, i woke up to a completely dead cell phone even though it was plugged into the outlet by my bed and I walked down stairs and noticed one out of five of the battery operated tea lights was turned on in a candelabra in our living room and no one in the house had turned it on.

We later it was confirmed by Sena which one was lit and the spirit who lit it. She must have known that Sena was coming and wanted to be heard as she had messages to deliver for my husbands step father. Does that also get amplified through this process? Wanted to share this experience as it just happened moments ago. Following is the post I made about this on my Facebook page:. Gotout an hour of sleep before waking from yet another really intense vivid parallel reality dream. Felt motivated pushed really to go online and research in particular the causes of the horrible headaches that wash over me with pain that rolls into and out of my head like a thumbing heart riding on a tidal wave in and out of my brain.

And then found this:. It is the whole big picture…. I have been seriously contemplating whether something has been medically wrong with me and even went as far as getting a cat scan to look for brain tumors it was completely normal. At last, it seems an answer has been put in front of me, to help me start making sense if it all…as never once was I connecting these things with the metaphysical. The odds of all these symptoms appearing in a single list when they are so far unrelated is mind blowing.

Yet upon further research, this is happening to thousands of people across the planet and multiple sources are discussing very similar topics. I can begin to understand and learn. So what is next? What will the outcome be? Who else in my Facebook family is experiencing any of the things in the attached article. I know that I am not alone….

Please pm me if you feel uncomfortable talking in open chat. I really wanna know. Today this happened: So…I decided to take a string of copper wire faerie lights from a tree in the living room to put in my bedroom instead. I dragged the tree to the center of the room and began to unwind them. As I proceeded, the whole string lit up by itself in my hands for about 3 seconds and then shut back off. A year ago, this would have overwhelmed me with the weirdness. I could go through your entire list, item by item, and list pages of reoccurrances from over the past year.

My big question is…what can we expect next and in what timeframe. What are these occorances ultimately leading up to? Does anyone have any insights into the finish line of this evolution? What is the purpose of the occurrances and what outcome are we heading toward? In my personal opinion there is no finish line as energy in always in change, motion and transformation.

It is the evolution of creations itself. The purpose IS co-creation. We are humans having a spiritual experience here on the planet and sometimes we forget that.

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The great thing about the changing energies is that is going to contiue to be different all the time; especially now when people are awakening at such a rapid pace — so maybe just try, try and try again — meaning I just keep trying new things to work with my energy. I try MANY different ways to play with the energies and these efforts will change as the energy changes. I think one of the things to do is to keep the FUN and the AWE in this process verses finding the frustration or the fear.

My greatest problem is the ringing in the ear associated with anxiety and depression. And just now I forgot what I was about to say. Is this ascension all true? I have always been spiritual and I also believe in the higher power. I just know that something weird is going on with my body. The Vagus nerve is being worked on causing the ringing. I have tinnitus and diagnosed Hyperacusis very sensitive hearing.

Google herbal remedies for Vagus. My results have been very good with herbal only. Starred on the 29th dec. It only comes from late afternoons to the evenings, never in the mornings. What on earth is causing this? My advice is always stay on task with checking in the 3-D medical physical realm while having patience in the 5-D metaphysical-realm.

I have been undergoing a huge shift in my energy since August. When I say huge, I mean intensely different, awe-provoking, and humbling. I found this article several months back looking for information about ascsension, and my Google search brought me back here today because I heard a seemingly source-less electronic beeping that I wanted to investigate more. The beauty of finding this article again is that in the last month I have felt terrible! Here is what I have discovered through this process so far: — Surrender to all experiences the good and the seemingly bad is critical for overall health.

Trusting your decisions and releasing fear opens the channels for You to flow through. Much the opposite. I have most of those things happen to me too as well as everything said above that was posted on this site. I seem to be having all the same symptoms around the same time as it feels like anyway but I dont understand. If someone can please inform me knowing these issues please let me know. I dont want to have to be forced to go to the doctor. Thankyou as well. Wow is right!!! I began awakening December and it has been very crazy. Currently I could write a book on my life and how this Divine energy has changed everything.

A reverse Kundalini started my journey. My body and mind have gone through enormous changes. Almost 90 pounds lighter. I was a very successful bodybuilder as a teenager and I have that body back. Flexibility and overall cognitive, functional control of all CNS nerves is one of the coolest things. Balance is amazing and I play a lot to test and grow new capabilities physically and Spiritually.

I am an energy healer now and understand it all from the Upanishads to the Gita. I find myself in a Guru role often for others. I can give shaktipot to people open to it and have been like a closet healer for a while. My own family blew me off way back as I started changing. I was a professional working in Government modeling and simulation as well as high tech background in telecommunications for over 15 years. This Kundalini shot my skills higher and higher to the point it squeezed me out of my regular job. The peer group I had seen me as oddly outgoing and insightful.

I was getting to be a fun guy in the workplace who could solve any problem but with SPiritual angles. That turned people off. I learned to keep my reasons for being who I am to myself. JUst bring your natural awakened talents to the forefront of your life without highlighting them for now. This is my best advice. Too many people do not know about this shift.

You will lose their ability to stay focused on you if you try to pull them into the spirit. In the Gita, Krishna advises Arjuna to not preach to those who do not want to hear. Be very delicate with expressing and offering help to others. When you find a non-receptive person, they have the potential to wreck your day if you are not aware of how to talk to and address their comments; as usually it will end up as a debate. I learned this the hard way : ….

Overall, my psychic abilities and abilities within meditation are improving daily. Thank you so much for this venue to express in. Namaste and happy awakening. As a child I could easily communicate with a little korean girl that was placed in my kindergarten classroom.

The teacher and her would be frustrated not being able to express or understand her needs but I knew what she needed. A little older I had dreams or visions of complete famine or natural disasters. Very often throughout my entire life I always had a sense of bad situations or people that I was able to steer clear from just in the nick of time. I see more butterflies, number sequences, and experience coincidences more than anyone should in an entire lifetime. I have also stepped back from old relationships some who are my own close relatives. Especially when I see things on the news and think that those things have already happened a couple weeks ago as if I literally watched the same exact briefing or had a dream about the exact thing just weeks prior.

I would like to know how to control this a little better and maybe tell my awakening to slow it down just a notch. Thanks for the post Cassandra — and for sharing your experiences for others to learn from. This is a difficult time for many so to hear that others have similar thoughts, emotions and experiences always helps. I am just here to offer mine. When you make reference to feeling a deep, deep need to find something — It may be YOU that you are looking to find.

I feel that indicates your soul trying to find true alignment with yourSELF. To remember what you know as they say. When we are going through this work, we often feel like we need to change the world — but the way we do this is by starting with ones self — changing that to be the best ME I can be because I AM a microcosmic version of the whole; and the more work I do on ME the more that work resonates into the collective patterns of the all. Additionally releasing judgment and fear from self, others and life helps change the all.

It just takes a different mind-set. Always remember it is YOU that is in charge of your awakening even though it may not feel like it some times. I liken it to a visual of an old-fashioned radio with really big knobs, and I am the one that is constantly moving them through the channel frequencies. I am the one that is in charge of listening or aligning to what vibration I choose to, when I choose to, how I choose to. AND I can also turn them way down and even off for a bit if I choose because we never lose the connection, but some times we might want a break in the action.

Has anyone report any female issues with reproductive system? Any suggestions? I am wondering about the reproductive organs as well. They did a colposcopy, which came back normal. Any thoughts?? My personal take is that our poor human bodies are taking such a hit with all the environmental and food things we are in contact with in addition to everything else going on….

I for the past year have been going through some very strange things. Starting with i felt something like it was moving in my vagina area for about a month. My left eye rolled completely around. It always seems as if I am walking in a bunch of flickers of light. I also get very depressed and anxious all of a sudden. Feels lkme there is something in me and around me that everyone can see but me.

My bones are cracking in my chest back and neck. My knee and anke keep cracking and feels like the are xoming out of socket. My shoulders also. There is a funny feeling in my ear and strange noises coming. I feel something when im around people something comes from them and i feel funny. Please help there is a lot more to tell but i need someone to help me make sense of me. The best thing I can offer is to read more about all of this — and I have a ton on my site free to assist as is there in this Blog.

You are not alone. You are not nuts, things are real and we all have to find ways to stay grounded and connected. There is also energy healers that can assist. By the way. I met a man in late who was a stranger and due to circumstances in my life we had to cross paths. I literally felt this man walk into the room as i had my back to him. I jolted emotionally,spiritually,mentally and physically. I have never felt this experience with another human being in almost 50 years of life.

Library - Dr Joshua David Stone

I was 45 at the time and since that day my life has changed drastically. I got divorced from a bad marriage, have come out the other side of severe depression and anxiety and PTSD. I have a deep respect and love for this man and i couldnt forget him if i tried. After meeting him i felt propelled to get better and heal. He had such a healing affect on me. While i was with him i was reliving a trauma but at the same time felt completly safe with him at the same time if that makes sense. He is the only human being i have felt complete safeness with. To the point that when i remember it i get overwhelmed with gratefulness.

I feel like he is the love of my life in a true sense and meant with respect and not whimsical. I would never do anything to hurt him or interfere with his life and feel a profound protectiveness towards him. He had a profound affect on me and i only spoke to him on the phone a few times and met him once. When i first heard his voice it went straight into me deeply. No other human being has had this affect on me and he is still in my heart and soul to this day and i feel like it just gets stronger and grows. I get overwhelmed by the strength of it but it is very comforting when i think of him.

When i think of him there is no fear just a completeness i cant explain and never felt with anyone in my life. Just pure respect and love. I think you met your twin soul. Plato and some other great phylosophers used to talk about it. It happened to me too. But my experience was way more like science fiction and i never met her in person, only in other dimensions. She is here but it seeks like it would be very dangerous for us to meet in this lifetime which makes me so sad but i know we are united and going home after this life.

Time for us to move on. I have been trying to reach this for years. I had a near death experience at age I think that changed me or woke something up. Popping in my right ear when i have a visitor as i call it. Still self dout myself, then today i had to put it out there at my morning tea group …. To my surprise…. Because my mouth felt dropped to one side … he answered YES …. Think i need help …. Where do i start???

Hi Suzanne! Thank you for this post. That lasted about a month and started going up to my shoulders and then my neck, I started getting headaches and even after 5 ibuprofen it still made no difference. I also have never had any headaches before. I started having vivid dreams about very violent experiences, experiences that seemed like I was in another body and another time but it felt so real. I started doing meditations and looking up ascension. It still is very confusing to me at times and I still cry a lot.

Sometimes it feels like it is getting worse and then it gets better for a little bit. I am still confused about that part. Thank you! Hi Dom — Ascension Cycles are approcimately 26, year cycles so needless to say we are barely into this cycle — LOL! Seriously there really is no END to this Ascension stuff because this is all about frequencies and vibrations in flux — every changing and that does not have to be seen as a bad thing.

Many of the symptoms mentioned I resonate with. Strange things have been happening. Last week as I was lying in bed a flash of golden white light with a cracking sound appeared that sent direct energy to my solar plexus then ripped through my body. It was like a massive shock. The pain stayed for about 2 days afterwards not as intense but there. Was told that it is a clearing of old conditioning as I am well on my Assecntion path.

Has anyone else experienced this? Getting outside and working with and for Gaia is important. Thanks so much for sharing — yes things can get crazy and we can feel a lot of different things along this path; most of which the traditional medical professionals cannot help with. That said, always at least check in with them if you feel you should. I share some of the experience ,and I feel I have the following happenings which I tryied but still did not explained well for myself what is happening exactly, though sometimes I have a vivid small events.

Starting resently like two yrs before suddenly I have somehow changed from like a lover of group chats discussion loughling with friends organizing events to some how ,most of the time I feel uncomfortable with my close family and friends. When I start discussion I directly hear the other conscious?? And I find difficult to keep longer conversation because handling both hearing drains me. And I will try to make meetings shorter.

When I am alone with nature like park. I have to be these places frequently not to feel depressed in work area and around my family. The other issue what is happening is my hearing sensitivity is higher now. I started recently listening an insect sound cricket in a meaningful way. When I am far from the insects nothing is happening. I cked well that it is not in me the sound but outside attached with the insect sound and I have actually communicated it. Lastly I would like to share , music use to be nice, but not now, I hear it like as conversation and like I feel somebody is trying to communicate with out my interest.

I have to have some booth to listen to a music. It seems I use to be more e. And Boosting energy to have a good feelings!!

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Thank You all, May God Bless! Thanks for the post Teddy — I too am very aware of vibration more than ever now and am careful as to what I do and where I go. I believe staying grounded and bubbled is crucial in navigating these frequencies. Making choices that are good for YOU. In response to your comment about staying bubbled I was reading that staying bubbled in a golden light is much safer and better than white or clear, would you agree with this? The guy said that the white is not full proof and can allow some lower energies in still somehow. I also would like to know if I do the bubble in the morning do I have to do it periodically all day or am I good for the day …..??

I have definitely levitated in dreams and had some freakishly bizarre and lucid dreams. Like dreams within deams for sure. I am also feeling alone and use to be a true people person. But the whole world seems to really annoy and bore me with their trivial conversations about nothing. I would love to have people to talk with this about. It would truly be amazing.

If you intent to do a protection i. I believe we all have personal power and we are able to create what is for our Highest and Best via our intention, so I personally say — do what works for you…. With regard to being anoyed and bored — that too is typical right now, because you are vibrating at a different level — that does not make one better or worse, just different. Place three drops of each of these in 16 ounces of water, and sip from the bottle throughout the day. Each day I learn something new about myself, the universe, humanity. I feel my compassion and empathy growing.

My love for life and all the creatures that dwell within it. However, I also frequently experience negative side affects. How long does the ascension process take? Is there even an average time. Intuitively, I feel like it may take a decade or so. Hi Liz — thanks for the post.

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Many of us experience all kinds of symptoms some of which leave eventually and some not. That said, that is due to the fact that these frequencies will continue to change and our bodies will also continue to struggle to align to them. For me, this IS the learning made manifest. It is a continual opportunity to dig deeper into what FEARS I am still holding as that is what fights the increase in freuqqency within in the human meat-body. The more you delete fear-based programming, the better you feel, physically, emotionally and mentally. This provides the protective frequencies to protect you and let only that which is for your Highest and best to enter your space.

Many feel that sense of going crazy and that is why it is important to find a group of like minded folks like our Vibe Tribe Membership so that you can share and be heard and acknowledged. You are not crazy — and it is difficult because not everyone else feels and experiences these energies. It does not make us special — while at the same time makes us very special — meaning we are ALL a part of this but those that are more affected are the ones needing to do the work for Service to Others by doing their own work of Service to Self.

That means doing your own individual work to stay balanced and hold the frequencies as best you can without the FEAR. This helps the collective energies made available to the ALL. Hope this helps some! I do know the Physics of Change. Change is like Time. In fact, it is Time. There are as many factors involving Change as there are in Time. To interfere in any aspect would throw the outcome. If you are afraid, center yourself, step back and wait. I began to wake up in and in I read about the golden age.

Strange thing was that out of the blue this page appeared on my computer and that is how I started learning about the changes the earth was about to go through. I recall my walk-in experience when I was 10, it was quite interesting and fascinating. Apparently she could see a neon glow around all the meat in the grocery stores and the people eating it were also glowing with this colour. She said it was radiation. Anyway, I have been focused on clean eating to the best of my knowledge and this ascension cycle is a wonderful to experience.

My mind literally tells me what to eat, I usually get ideas and recipes while in the shower. It is always fruits, vegetables, greens, banana ice cream with berries kind of thing. I do feel a stronger connection than ever to animals and nature although it had always been there but not this strong. Sometimes I have difficulty letting go of what I feel from the animals, it is the abuse and pain they endure that must stop.

I also find that my light attracts dark negative people sometimes that want to intentionally cause harm. I feel very aware, a heightened sense of awareness. I am conscious of my thoughts and have three pets that are highly intuitive. Fascinating to see your pets go through ascension as well. I believe they are actually helping us and wild animals are playing their role as well. Plz if you have insight I wish to share your knowledge base. Thanks Christopher — TI too used to be much like this and I have changed my balance extensively but it takes work.

It sounds as if you are way too overloaded in the electric energies and super depleted in the magnetic ones so that meditation each morning and each evening for at least two weeks should help you better confine your aura. Additionally, anything you can do to ramp up your Mother Earth Connection Verses the Father Sky one for now is critical — and back off electronics if and when possible is another suggestion. You are pulling way toooooo much cosmic and need the Gaia anchor right now if you choose!!

Last night my whole body vibrated so much that I could not control it. I was singing and listening to the vibration of my vocals and connecting with my body. I used to practice my chakras so feeling energy around me in normal. My family thinks I was having a seizure.

My hands and charms were stiff and clenched to my sides.

10 “Spiritual” Things People Do That Sabotage Their Growth

I wanted to pass out so I practiced my breathing. My body became numb and I could barely feel it anymore. I started jumping up and down and moving my legs around. After 20 mins it went away. I felt cold and started sweaty after. I was aware and could speak. I do puke in my mouth at least 3 times a week which has concerned me. I never experience things such as that and I ALWAYS say that we should make our own choice about getting medical opinions — but in this case I might if I were you, just to be sure and to ease you mind.

I have been waking to this strong energy in my room and my sleep has been very in and out. The other day I was beginning to wake and I got this strong visualization of the number I saw it so clearly, I even said it aloud as it appeared. My daughter and husband were in the room and the energy seemed to wake my daughter with me. Hyper-arousal even seems to match up with your list of signs. Can you help me to understand the visualization and energy?

It was so real but I have such a hard time coming to terms with it being reality. I only just now read your amazing article. Thank you so much for sharing it and helping all those, who seek the truth about what is going on! I have reached a point where I feel real physical pain when I see or hear of dead of suffering animals, or when I see dead or cut trees. I would do anything to help animals and trees. I feel one with all of them. I feel very close to some, and then totally disconnected from others.

Also, three weeks ago my father died and this event just turned my world upside down. He was is one of the most gentle, kind and noble creatures I had ever known and his death shook my whole being. But then I started seeing him in my dreams all the time. Hi Sela — thanks for your post. In MY opinion we DO have some control over feeling the sadness and pain of the animal kingdom. These new humans will then have access to the horrors going on here on planet — and they will come in with a different perspective, and make better choices to heal the animal kingdom and the world.

If we continue to keep that sad and fear within our human individual bodies, we not only get sick ourselves, but we die with it and then reincarnate over and over with limited knowledge. Hopefully that makes some sense…. We can move that info through us in any way we choose — that is the magic of the work.

We can pray, dance, burn, do ritual, drum, see it on a cloud…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the top of my soul for writing this article. I had been on some form of opiates and anxiety medication for the last 17 years of my life. I recently got off all meds, moved into a new house and met new friends…then my health went bananas, a long with every other thing you listed.

My mind has blown over and over again. I went from sensitive empath to being awakened! I am in spritual awakening meditation.. I feel heart like palpitation in my back bone on lying in bed. Really typical because we have our chakras that move that divine energy and those chakras go through our physical body both front and back. What you just wrote in this page is like….. When I woke up I start having all the symptoms you have mentioned, I see things in higher like someone on drugs and more ,for me I thing Jesus is selecting his people so we should not be afraid of this ,my hearing became very high.

At times I fill like my mind is exploding. So friends glad u had gotten this signs in your life is the will of Jesus. I often catch a glimpse of time and it is 3. Also experience palpitations. Sometimes I am very intuitive and it often happens that the person I was thinking about called me or mentioned just the thing I was thinking. There is this lingering sadness that is there. I have a question please.

What could it be? Hi Anush — remember your entire chakra system aligns with you electrical and nervous system — and all systems go down the spine, so we can active those goosebumps in any area at any time. Wow thank u Suzanne for all the authentic work u share and help guide us with on this journey..

This is helpful overall. Having said that I am relatively new and an looking for clarity with what I am experiencing. I have been practicing chakra balancing and clearing after taking an online udemy course for a few months. Since I started this process, i began to feel chillness around my chakra areas. It was an energy flow and i was feeling quite confortable with it. As I got to clearing my heart chakra about a month or two back, i experienced extreme chillness in my body one night.

I was shivering from inside even though the thermometer indicated my temperature was normal. When i closed my eyes, i felt i was seeing flashes. I could not sleep for a long time. I thought i was perhaps doing something wrong with my chakra clearing process. So next day, I tried not to focus on the energy as much but I think I pretty much blocked it and i developed a headache. Subsequently, i slowed down on my practice but the chillness feeling never stopped. I feel it randomly around my hands, legs, in my body right around where the chakras are located and more often over my head.

There are times when my hands heat up and i can feel the vibrations. Sometimes, the heat flows around my heart area. It used to be frequent before I started chakra clearing. Now the heat sensation is occasional, but mostly i feel a cold air around me. Once I was so angry at a work related issue and i was expressing my frustration to my wife. Just as I started to speak, I experienced a sudden powerful wave of cold air on my left side.

It felt as though someone was there. I subsequently continued to experience the feeling over my head. I did some research online and only found mixed views on this which was not clear. Hey Jay — I find a lot of times when one channels more ETHER energies it feels chilly or cold and it just means you move and hold that energy in that cool vibration verses how another would hold heat. ETHER folks pull it all FOUR at once and it moves the energy differently and comes out cool No right or wrong, nothing to change — it is just how you work… in my opinion.

Some additional things I started to experience…i could sense the fields around objects and people when i bring my hands close. For instance, i could feel the field with my hands for over a feet with my kids. Depending on how i move my hands clockwise or counterclockwise , i could either feel A repulsive or attractive field. I can also feel the heat when I move my hand over others. However, I noticed that this sensitivity drops when I begin to get the cold feeling around me. You probably already read my response to your first post and explaining the cool. The hands close experience is because you are tapping into their Etheric Body template — or first layer of their aura — and they will be holding that field in their usual way again most hold heat and you will experience both them and you — if that makes sense…..

Thanks Suzanne. This is helpful. Some of the sites I read mentioned my chakras could be imbalanced but I never felt any discomfort. So I wanted to know what this all means as these things have started to happen only recently for me. Suzanne most of the things are what is happening to me accept for the last paragraph and the second to last paragraph. If you would I would like you to make more of these so I can figure out what is going on with my body.

I do my best to explain more in the Asension Guide that is free on my site and the blogs — peek there to see if that helps! Each new apostle in turn is chosen by the Lord and revealed to the then living prophet who ordains him. The matter of seniority is basic in the first quorums of the Church. All the apostles understand this perfectly, and all well-trained members of the Church are conversant with this perfect succession program. President Joseph F. It is not permissible for them to say, I believe, simply; I have accepted it simply because I believe it. Read the revelation; the Lord informs us they must know , they must get the knowledge for themselves.

It must be with them as if they had seen with their eyes and heard with their ears and they know the truth. The seeing, even the Savior, does not leave as deep an impression in the mind as does the testimony of the Holy Ghost to the spirit. The Lord continues to direct His Church through revelation in the appointing of Apostles from seemingly random occupations and walks of life similar to the early Apostles who had been fishermen, tax collectors, tentmakers, and so forth.

These Apostles are then privileged to have spiritual experiences that allow them to stand as witnesses of Jesus Christ and proclaim His reality throughout the world. The Lord guides the growing Church through this significant quorum of leadership to the point that there is little concern in the Church today over succession and the direction of leadership of the Church.

Another problem the early Apostles faced was how to spread the gospel among many different lands where many different languages were spoken. Shortly after they had reconstituted their quorum, a dramatic spiritual experience occurred on the day of Pentecost that helped pave the way for the spreading of the gospel in different lands. They were amazed because much of the multitude was from various parts of the Near East and eastern Mediterranean, yet they heard these Galilean Apostles speaking in their own tongue.

With such spiritual preparation, Peter arose and addressed the interested audience. As he preached the gospel, many desired to know what to do. These new converts formed the base of the Church in its heartland of Jerusalem vv. The gift of tongues manifested on the day of Pentecost is one of many gifts of the Spirit elaborated in scripture, both ancient and modern.

We are encouraged to seek after these gifts, especially missionaries serving in foreign lands. According to H. George Bickerstaff in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism :. Gifts of the Spirit are to be sought for their beneficial effect rather than for their remarkable character see 1 Cor. In fact, as Joseph Smith observed, only one or two of the gifts are visible when in operation. In its commonly understood sense, the gift of tongues is one such, but President Joseph F. I was in a foreign land, sent to preach the gospel to a people whose language I could not understand.

Then I sought earnestly for the gift of tongues, and by this gift and by study, in a hundred days after landing upon those [Hawaiian] islands I could talk to the people in their language as I now talk to you in my native tongue. This was a gift that was worthy of the gospel. There was a purpose in it. Modern Church leaders, however, have warned us to be cautious in using this gift because of its potential to lead us astray. Elder Robert D. Hales stated:. We are told by prophets in this dispensation that revelation for the direction of the Church will not be given through the gift of tongues.

The reason for this is that it is very easy for Lucifer to falsely duplicate the gift of tongues and confuse the members of the Church. Satan has the power to trick us as it pertains to some of the gifts of the Spirit. One in which he is the most deceptive is the gift of tongues. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young —77 explained the need to be cautious when considering the gift of tongues. The devil can speak in tongues. All gifts and endowments given of the Lord to members of his Church are not given to control the Church; but they are under the control and guidance of the Priesthood, and are judged of by it.

Our usual interpretation of this gift, communicating in a foreign language for teaching, differs from some other Christian groups, but even from the time of Paul see 1 Corinthians 14 , the wisdom of properly communicating and understanding through this gift is the key blessing.

This gift may also allow individuals who are temporarily living in a foreign country to hear the gospel in a foreign tongue, understand it, become converted, and return later to their homelands to build the Church there. This blessing allows the gospel to be carried throughout the world to people of many different languages. As the early Church began to expand and include different groups, one particular administrative issue arose that required the attention of the Apostles.

Acts describes a situation where Grecians were murmuring against Hebrews because their widows and poor were neglected in the daily ministration. The Grecians, usually referred to as Hellenists, were a group of Greek-speaking converts to the Church who were living in Jerusalem as Hellenized Jews. Hellenism was the spread and influence of Greek thought, culture, religion, and language throughout the eastern Mediterranean. Many Jews in the land of Israel, but particularly Jews living outside of Israel in Diaspora exile from the land of Israel , became Hellenized and thus adopted many Greek ways of thinking and especially the Greek language.

The Greek language had become so dominant among Jews several centuries before the rise of Christianity, in fact, that a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible became necessary, thus giving birth to the Septuagint. The Hellenists of Acts 6 probably formed their own community based on language and cultural practices, although their religion was shared with fellow Jewish converts to Christianity. The Hebrews, on the other hand, were more traditional Jews who had converted to Christianity.

They maintained a stronger link to their Semitic language background and culture, speaking Aramaic, which was closely related to Hebrew. Among early Christians they also may have maintained a somewhat separate community based on shared cultural and linguistic traits. The issue that arose between these two groups was over caring for the poor, specifically the widows among the Hellenist community. The Hellenists felt their widows were being neglected by the Hebrews, so they took their concerns to the Apostles.

The Apostles met with the Hellenist community and explained that with the growth of the Church and the need for their missionary service in new areas, they could not adequately care for the widows alone see Thus a new Church leadership position was instituted that helped the Churchwide work go forward while also addressing the local needs of members. There are thus many examples of organizational changes that have allowed the Church to expand globally yet continue to assist members on a more local level.

President Harold B. Lee cautions that we need modern revelation to fully understand the offices and duties mentioned in the New Testament:. We are able by reading the Bible to identify every priesthood office existing in the restored church of Jesus Christ, but modern revelation, giving us the complete organization, is necessary in order to understand how the organization functioned and the relationship of church officers to each other.

One of the errors into which men, unguided by revelation, have fallen today is to confuse terms used in the Bible describing the duties and nature of various callings in the Church with the proper titles by which priesthood offices were designated. Hence such words as pastor, evangelist, minister, overseer, father of the flock a term applied to bishops and applied in apostate churches with titles which mean father were often used in reference to duties rather than to designate an office of the priesthood.

We can thus see that these duties and functions persist, such as overseeing a congregation or quorum as a pastor shepherd , in the various offices of the priesthood and administrative titles of the Church today. As alluded to above, some recent notable examples of organizational changes include Area Presidencies and Area Seventies as well as some Apostles living abroad in a specific region for an extended period of time.

Currently there are eight Quorums of the Seventy to allow better geographic organization and supervision. Members of the third through the eighth quorums do not serve as General Authorities but rather as area supervisors who help train local leaders and assist Area Presidencies, who are mostly General Authorities serving in the First or Second Quorums of the Seventy. Holland and Dallin H. Oaks recently lived abroad in the Chile and Philippines, respectively, and later Elder L. Tom Perry lived in Europe. Their direct presence allowed greater service to the local membership while maintaining their roles as witnesses of Christ to all the world.

As the early Church began expanding, it brought together many different cultures, which was both a challenge and a blessing. An interesting episode in Acts that highlights the growing diversity of the Church and its converts is the encounter between Philip and an Ethiopian in Acts — Philip was prompted by an angel to go south from Jerusalem to Gaza. While en route he overheard an Ethiopian man, a prominent official of the Ethiopian queen, reading from a key messianic prophecy in Isaiah The Ethiopian did not understand what he was reading, which provided the opportunity for Philip to explain and preach of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

After some teaching and traveling, they came upon a body of water, where the Ethiopian proclaimed his belief and was baptized. This encounter is interesting because here was an Ethiopian, probably a Jewish convert or God-fearer, since he had gone to Jerusalem to worship and was reading from Isaiah, who was baptized by one of the seven leaders chosen to watch over the Jerusalem Hellenist Christian community.

What a potpourri of cultures, languages, and backgrounds! Yet the Spirit brought them together, and presumably the Ethiopian then took his newfound faith with him back to his home region, thereby building a foundation for the Church that would later bring about the conversion of the king and create a Christian kingdom in Ethiopia in the fourth century.

One great example of diverse cultures united under Christ, according to President Marion G. Romney and others, is BYU—Hawaii, which serves as a microcosm of the growing international Church, with the majority of the students coming from over seventy countries studying and worshipping together. For what can be done here interculturally in a small way is what mankind must do on a large scale if we are ever to have real brotherhood on this earth. Due to the globalization and movement of peoples throughout the world today, the Church has continued to expand among many different cultures, sometimes even among people living away from their homeland where the Church has not been fully organized.

This expansion and blurring of borders has created some interesting results along with problems as some congregations, especially in major cities of the world such as Toronto, London, Paris, New York, and Hong Kong, bring together many different cultures, languages, and backgrounds.

Some individuals become pioneers in a very real sense as they take the gospel back to their homelands to introduce the Church on new soil. Consequently, they form the foundation for the future growth of the Church in that area. Some of the first African converts fulfilled the role of pioneer for the Church in their homelands. There are many pioneers in the Church in Ghana. Some of them were baptized while studying or working outside the country, then returned home to share their newfound truths with family and friends.

Monica Ohene-Opare was baptized as an exchange student in New York in She married shortly after returning home and helped convert her husband, Emmanuel. Each of them has since held a variety of Church callings. Currently, she is president of the Primary in their ward, and he is president of the Accra Ghana Stake. But their most important leadership contributions may have been in family life. Emmanuel was studying medicine in London when LDS missionaries contacted his family.

His wife, Benedicta Elizabeth, was healed of illness and depression through a blessing they gave her. In what they taught, Emmanuel found answers to questions that had troubled him for years. The Kissis were baptized in There are also some cases where members meet in language wards different from their host country so that they can maintain their gospel study and worship in a familiar tongue.

Thus to adapt to growing, global dynamics, the Church sometimes encourages mixed congregations, sometimes separate language congregations, and all the while strives to strengthen individual members in areas where the Church is developing so they can build a strong foundation for future growth in those areas.

The chapter opens by recounting a visionary, angelic experience Cornelius received wherein he was told to summon Peter from nearby Joppa see —6. In the vision he was commanded to partake of the animals, but he resisted due to their unclean status see vv. After two repetitions of the same command and refusal, the cloth returned to heaven and Peter was left to puzzle over its meaning. Peter received a spiritual prompting that they were sent from God, and he, along with some companions, accompanied them back to Cornelius see v. The Christian companions that had accompanied Peter, who were of Jewish background, were astonished that the Holy Ghost was also poured out on the Gentiles see vv.

Peter pointed out that since the Gentiles had received the witness of the Holy Ghost, what should preclude them from being baptized? At which point Peter commanded that they be baptized in the name of the Lord see vv. Peter also felt he could no longer call any man common or unclean see v. Apparently this new attitude towards the Gentiles was resisted by some Jewish Christians, as some contended with Peter when he returned to Jerusalem and they found out about his dealings with the Gentiles see —3. Now they were being asked to extend the blessings of the gospel beyond lineal boundaries and focus on worthiness and the Spirit instead.

But after Peter shared his vision and experience with them, emphasizing the manifestations of the Spirit among them, they were pacified see vv. Yet this issue continued to hang over the early Church as they tried to understand the role of gentile converts vis-a-vis the house of Israel and Mosaic customs. Because of decades of Church policy and hypothetical reasoning for the priesthood ban, it was a difficult change for some members of the Church. In Elder McConkie discussed the parallel between the inclusion of the gentiles and the lifting of the priesthood ban. He illustrated the difficulty the New Testament—era Church members must have had in reversing centuries of practice.

They may have wondered if all men could come to Christ on an equal basis with the seed of Abraham despite the new revelation given to Peter from God. Similarly, lifting the priesthood ban ended years of practice and highlighted the importance of current revelation today.

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We have revelations that tell us that the gospel is to go to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people before the second coming of the Son of Man. And we have revelations which recite that when the Lord comes, he will find those who speak every tongue and are members of every nation and kindred, who will be kings and priests, who will live and reign on earth with him a thousand years.

That means, as you know, that people from all nations will have the blessings of the house of the Lord before the Second Coming. We have read these passages and their associated passages for many years. Cannon or whosoever has said in days past that is contrary to the present revelation. We spoke with a limited understanding and without the light and knowledge that now has come into the world.

We get our truth and our light line upon line and precept upon precept. We have now had added a new flood of intelligence and light on this particular subject, and it erases all the darkness and all the views and all the thoughts of the past. It is a new day and a new arrangement, and the Lord has now given the revelation that sheds light out into the world on this subject.

As to any slivers of light or any particles of darkness of the past, we forget about them.