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A holiday "Made in Italy" is tailor-made for you The richest artistic heritage in the world, the warmth of the Mediterranean, breath-taking In Norcia, in Perugia province, the sacred and the profane are mixed very easily. The real power of Norcia, a very tough town, able to withstand the Italian Tourism Official Website.

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Islands Sardinia Sicily. News Leonardo da Vinci.

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Drawing the future Leonardo da Vinci. Man is the model of the world Il meraviglioso mondo della natura: una favola fra arte, mito e scienza Leonardo.

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Piazze d'Italia 30" A holiday "Made in Italy" is tailor-made for you The richest artistic heritage in the world, the warmth of the Mediterranean, breath-taking Norcia, the sacred and the profane In Norcia, in Perugia province, the sacred and the profane are mixed very easily. Accessibility Rights for Tourists. Cerca nel sito.

Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina. Il Palagio. The American Bar at The Savoy.

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Where to enjoy a glass of wine The places to visit Garrafeira Alfaia wine bar. Find out where to eat and drink in Lisbon Clown Bar, Paris. Paris for wine lovers Monvinic, Barcelona Credit: Monvinic, Barcelona. From around the world Resurrecting Monferace Grignolino in Piedmont. Admittedly, this is a rather refreshing twist on the usual big-money, big-champagne imagery usually associated with the hip hop world.

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In this case, the rapper is definitely onto something special. Cornelissen, a Belgian living on Mount Etna in Sicily, was inspired to start making wine by a trip to Georgia, where he tasted the amphora-aged, traditional orange wines of the area. With no experience in winemaking, he bought land in Sicily, on the Etna volcano, started making wine, and rapidly became one of the most respected and controversial producers in the wine world.

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A firm advocate of no-intervention winemaking procedures and letting nature run its course, his wines initially tended to be very unstable and inconsistent from bottle to bottle, but after years of experience and fine-tuning, his wines now have reached a beautiful balance between the more wild and rustic elements, and a sharp, focused elegance.

The refreshing and easy to drink Susucaru and Contadino wines, together with his numerous single vineyard bottlings, such as his Munjebel line and the rich and powerful Magma, are currently some of the most sought after bottles by wine lovers worldwide. Abruzzo had always been known as a region where wine was produced based on quantity, not quality.

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  5. For this reason, when estate owner Emidio Pepe decided in to stop selling grapes destined for mass produced, low-quality wine, and started making low-yield wines following groundbreaking strict biodynamic procedures, most of his fellow wine producers and vineyard owners thought that he had lost his mind. The longevity of his Montepulciano red wines, and his Trebbiano whites, have been impressing even the most jaded wine lovers throughout the years.

    His wines are funky and complex, and sometimes they tend to give in to their more earthy and wild side. This makes them in some cases somewhat difficult to fully appreciate, especially to wine drinkers with little experience with natural wines. But if you are lucky enough to open an aged Pepe Montepulciano from a good vintage, or one of his lean, crisp and acidic Pecorino or Trebbiano white wines, the rewards will be great!

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    The Paolo Bea winery is located right on the outskirts of the small town of Montefalco, Umbria, famous for its highly structured and tannic Sagrantino wine. The estate has been in the Bea family since the s, and is nowadays at the forefront of the natural wine movement. Montefalco wines are known for their dark fruit and powerful profile, usually highlighting strength over elegance. Bea has somehow managed to tame the wild and rustic Sagrantino grape, known to be of the most tannic grape varieties in the world, into a more refined and subtle version.

    One of his top bottlings, the Pagliaro, is a truly remarkable interpretation of a Sagrantino wine. If left to age for at least five years, it begins to lose some of its impenetrable, though characteristics so commonly found in a Montefalco wine, and displays a more herbal and floral profile. Sagrantino was traditionally vinified as a sweet red wine, and that tradition continues today in the form of the Sagrantino Passito.

    Everything you wanted to know about natural wines. What is natural wine?

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    Barnyard vs. Is it true that drinking natural wines reduces the risk of getting a hangover? Natural Wines in Italy The natural wine movement in Italy is in constant expansion, and it is becoming more common throughout the country for restaurants to include a natural wine selection to their wine lists. Natural wines worldwide This sort of charter was also created in other countries due to the lack of any official, government-recognized set of regulations. Among the associations worldwide that serve this purpose a few of the main ones are: Les Vins S. admin