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Inventory accuracy. It feels fluffy rich! BIG size! Translated by Google Translation Original Japanese. People Also Searched Cat soft toy. Currently unavailable.

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1. 集中豪雨 (しゅうちゅう ごうう) — Intense rain

But I would never know which ones to call upon when trying to add them to anything I might say. But other than those, yeah, Ive been stymied for years. Oh thank you, Joe and Akemi! Those background sounds in the manga have driven me crazy for years! And, of course, they have a name.

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Or two. Ah, kanji. Earlier this week, as I was leaving work, I passed by the breakroom on my way out the door. I thought I heard someone singing in there. But as I walked by, I looked and it was an oriental girl talking on her cell phone. Your blog entry might explain the language she was speaking and what it sounded like to me. Music or singing.

Very interesting…. Any language can be a royal pain in the arse when you first start, but it gets better over time. As a polyglot look it up , I find he onomatopoeia sounds make a lot of sense.

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Hmmm…perhaps I should attempt Japanese next. I swear, sometimes if you close your eyes while watching action-packed anime it sounds like porn…or in some cases, a rough time in the bathroom after eating at Taco Bell. Well, I was going to thank Joe and Akemi for the language lessons. Das — Thanks Das, you made my day. It was pretty crappy til your comment. My friend just had her first book published! E-book and paperback! Just wanted to share. That was weird. I know that through watching NHK world it does get confusing…there are programs on there to help you learn Japanese.

They even have things on their website as well to help you…which is great but I can hardly speak English! The animal sounds make some sense, at least. Also, Welsh sheep also say meeeeh instead of baaa.

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I dutifully went to college night courses to learn Japanese when in Japan, but as an on call tech who was called often, I ended up dropping them time and again. Which is how I learned bar Japanese, shopping Japanese, and talking to little kids and grannies Japanese. I could read signs. It sufficed.

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  8. All my adult and school age neighbors insisted on English, even my houseowner who knew about a dozen phrases. I think the sound must be OUCH! For example: Da dont da dont — the Jaws music when the shark was attacking.

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    Da Da Da dont — the notes from Beethoven showing the other shoe is about to drop. A wolf whistle in the presence of an attractive person. The whistle bomb drop showing something bad is about to happen. Like this: Like Loading