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On examination, the child has cervical lymphadenopathy and mild hepatosplenomegaly. Blood tests reveal an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate and neutrophilia. Most likely defect in A C3 B CD18 C Myeloperoxidase D NADPH oxidase E Phagocyte granule structural defect Answer: D Catalase positive bacteria: 1 Staph 2 Pseudomonas 3 Candida in animal experiments there are advantages to eliciting non-specific inflammation at the site of inoculation of antigen toward the ultimate development of protective immune response to that immunogen.

Which of the following substances if introduced with a vaccine would serve the purpose of attrating a neutrophilic infiltrate into the area? Blocks the peptide binding groove so no normal peptides are accidentally attracted there MHC 1 molecules are loaded with peptides via which pathway? Endogenous pathway MHC 1 molecules present small peptides in the groove at its: N-terminal These pepcytes are from the endogenous oathway Proteins synthesized in the cell cytosol are routinely degraded in proteosomes and these are transported to into the ER by: A peptide transporter known as the TAP complex Does MHC 1 have an invariant chain?

Co-stimulatory molecules on the APC secrete cytokine and induce the clonal expansion of T cells into effector and memory cells What are the second signal costimulatory molecules? IL-2 What are the third signal cytokines involved in T cell activation? Viral or bacterial proteins that cross-link the variable B domain of a TCR to an a-chain of a MHC 2 molecule What function does the cross-linkage made by superantigens serve? Provides an activating signal that induces T cell activation and proliferation.

Staph enterotoxins Toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 Streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxins What are the effector mechanisms controlled by the TH cells? TH2 Which cytokines do TH1 cells produce? Patients with tuberculoid leprosy produce an effective cell-mediated immune response, which kills the IC organisms but produce tissue damage. Which immune cells is responsible for this? If these events elicit production of IL What characteristic is predicted based on the cytokines produced?

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Immunoelectrophoresis shows moderate hypogammaglobulinemia. Lymphocytes proliferate normally with phytohemagglutinin and MHC 1. Allogenic T lymphocytes do not proliferate. Which describes the molecule lacking? Wound is cleaned and treated with topical antibiotic ointment, but he develops a fever and hypotension and desquamating rash spreads from the site of the original blister How does the toxin responsible cause these signs?

If melanoma cells were induced to express these molecules, antitumor response might occur. Which of the following molecules would be the best choice for transfection of these tumor cells? Antibodies B-lymphocytes are attracted to which organs? Follicular areas of secondary lymphoid organs Most pathogens are what type of antigens? Thymus-dependent antigens Response to these molecules requires the direct contact of B cells with TH cells and their cytokines What are the requirements of B cell contact with TH cells?

By directly stimulating B cells May act as B-cell mitogens which activate clones of B cells and are used to assess lymphocytes function Idiotypes determine antigen specificity and isotypes: dictate the effector function Isotype switching is directed by which cells? TH2 If an AB is digested with papain, where does cleavage occur? Above the disulfide bonds that hold the heavy chains together What three fragments are formed after digestion with papain? Binding What is the function of F ab 2? Binding and bridging Which is bridging of antigens by Abs important?

It is required for agglutination of particulate antigens or the precipitation of soluble antigens What is the first isotype of Ig that can be produced by a B cell? IgM IgM exists as what type of structure? Trapping free antigens - Most effective Ig IgM provides the highest avidity, but low: Affinity What is the most effective isotype in activating complement? IgM At what point can a cell never produce IgM again? Once it undergoes isotype switching by TH2 cells Because excised DNA is degraded IgM is used as a measure of: Primary response Convalescent serum will contain mostly, which immunoglobulin?

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IgG What are germinal centers? Clones of proliferating antigen-specific B cells What does somatic hypermutation cause? Single point mutations in the antibody idiotype If these mutations give them higher affinity, these cells are at an advantage Clones with higher affinity will predominate Predominance of clones with increased affinity for an antigen is called: Clonal selection The process of increasing affinity for the antigen is called: Affinity maturation In these cells, affinity increase, but avidity: decreases Antibodies in order of abundance: GAMDE What is X-linked Hyper-IgM syndrome?

IgG How many subtypes does IgG have? IgG Where is most IgA produced? In the submucosa rather than in the lymph and spleen What is the structure of IgA? Dimer with a J chain What is the function of IgA? Inhibits binding of adhesive substances to mucosal surface Important component of breast milk IgE is bound to which types of cells? Mast cells Basophils What reactions does IgE mediate? Immediate type 1 allergic reactions IgE protects against which foreign bodies?

IgM and Ig Which antibodies are on the naive B-cell antigen receptor? Preparation does not activate the cells or cause capping, does not cause precipitation of its purified ligand, or cause agglutination of latex beads covalently coupled to its ligand.

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Which of the following is the most likely Ab preparation? When the product of this reaction is added to group B erythrocytes, they will be: A Agglutinated B Lysed C Phagocytosed D Precipitated E Unaffected - if papain is used Answer: A A 26 year old obstretic patient becomes ill during the first trimester of pregnancy with fever and lymphadenopathy. Rising titer of anti-Toxoplasma gondii Abs.

Full term baby delivered with no apparent signs of utero infection. The best test to diagnose acute infection in the neonate would be a parasite specific ELISA for which isotype? He has suffered repeated infections of mucosal surface pathogens. Delayed development of protective responses to the standard childhood vaccination. Immunoelectrophoresis of his serum shows absence of macroglobulin. Sputum devoid of secretory IgA. Which deficiencies account for these findings? Brought to ER after coughing all night. Serum high in IgM Abs Strep pneumonia. Strep pneumonia was isolated and identified in each of the cases.

Child treated with penicllin and the condition resolved. Now being evaluated for deficiency. Normal values for Ig isotypes Serum levels of some components of complement are depressed. Which of the following deficiencies could explain his problem? Block host cell protein synthesis, specifically MHC class 1 synthesis, transport, and expression However the second CMI response is NK kiling Exception to this rule is CMV 62 year old accountant develops a solid tumor that is unresponsive to chemotherapy.

Participates in experiment to stimulate his own immune effector cells to recognize and kill the malignant cells. Tumor cells have no expession of MHC class 1 antigens. Which of the following in vitro treatments stimulates the most effective immune response when reinfused into the patient? This may allow it to avoid recognition and killing by CD8 lymphocytes, which require the presentation of foreign peptides transported into the ER and loaded onto MHC molecules that have: A a B2 domain instead of a B2 microglobulin B Invariant chains C Peptide-binding groove D Single transmembrane domain E Two similar chains Answer: D MHC 1 Children with enlarged thymus glands were frequently irradiated to functionally ablate this organ.

Over the lifetime of such individuals which of the following conditions was likely to develop?

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A Depressed immune surveillance of tumors B Depressed oxygen dependent killing by neutrophils C Depressed primary response to soluble antigens D Increased cellularity of lymph node paracortical areas E Increased tendency to atopy Answer:A 42 year old Nigerian man in the US comes into the hospital clinic. Complains of several months of weight loss, night sweats, mild sputum production, and hemoptysis. As pathogens are eliminated Memory B cells have what Abs on their surface? IgG, IgA, or IgE Function of Activation induced cell death: Removal of activated T cells after the primary response Mediated through the Pas pathway Memory cells return to the tissue where: they first ecountered antigen Effector cells tend to return to areas of: Areas of active inflammation because of their expression of cell adhesion molecules such as LFA-1 Time lag after immunizations of primary and secondary responses?

Mucosal associated lymphoid tissues The tonsils and Peyer patches What is the function of the secretory component of secretory IgA? Transepithelial transport Protection from proteolytic cleavage What is the secretory component? Polyimmunoglobulin receptor A patient is suffering from lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly. He has increased lymphocytes, less platelets, and autoimmune anemia. When his peripheral blood leukocytes are exposed to T cell mitogens, they proliferate wildly for weeks. Which of the following is most likely to be the genetic defect? This procedure has lost its appeal as MALTs are important in the protective immune response.

What is the major immunoglobulin produced by the MALT? When boosters are administered at 10 year intervals, which of the following would be true of the B lymphocytes that respond? When the tissue is examined, the Peyer patches are noted to be hyperplastic with IgA-secreting plasma cell, but there is no secretory IgA in the lumen of the colon. Which of the following changes in the bowel epithelium would explain this? What type of cell has been labeled? Cell mediated Humoral Mediated Killed viral vaccines elicit which immune response?

Antibodies Hepatitis B vaccine is what type of vaccine? Recombinant Antigen Vaccines Experimental vaccine strategies: 1 DNA vaccines 2 Recombinant vaccine Artificial immunity is acquired through: Passive means - Horse antivenin against black widow spider and snake bite Horse antitoxin against botulism, diptheria Pooled humman Ig versus Hep A and B, measles, rabies, or tetanus Active means -Vaccines What are adjuvants?

Substances that increase the immunogenicity of an antigen when administered with it What effects do adjuvants exert? The child is started on a course of inoculations of pooled human antirabies IgG. Repeated inoculation of this Ig preparation is likely to induce? The goal of this protocol is to stimulate which of the following types of immunity? The trauma necessitates amputation above the knee. Although the man took a tetanus booster 6 years ago, he was revaccinated.

Human pooled , anti-tetanus Ig injected around the macerated tissue. Administration of Ig is an example of which type of immunization? One of the tests was for genetic Ig Which immunoglobulin marker would be useful in this case? Failure of formation of the 3rd and 4th pharyngeal pouches Thymic aplasia Clinical manifestations of DiGeorge syndrome: Facial abnormalities Hypoparathyroidism Cardiac malformations Depression of T cell numbers Absence of T cell responses What is the defect in MHC class 1 deficiency?

He has distortion in the shape of his mouth, low set malformed ears, and widely spaces eyes. Evidence of cardiac malformation and absence of a thymic shadow, radiographically. Which parameters are normal? A Antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity of parasite agents B Cellularity of splenic PALS C Cytotoxic killing of virus infected targets D Generation of oxygen metabolites E Proliferative response to concavalin A Answer: D 14 month old male infant is reffered to a specilaist for diagnosis of an immunologic deficiency.

For 4 months the child has suffered repeat bacterial infections and pneumoncoccal vaccine has failed. Absence of cells responsive to pokeweed mitogen. Hypercellularity of pro-B cells in bone marrow. Most likely diagnosis? A Bruton agammaglobulinemia B Common variable hypogammaglobulinemia C DiGeorge syndrome D Selective immunoglobulin deficiency E Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome Answer: A 31 year old man treated for 4th episode of disseminated Neisseria gonnorhea infection in the last 5 years. He had no previous history of unusual or recurrent infection.

If he has an immunologic defect, which of the following is most likely? What will lab findings in this patients most likely include? Her history is significant for a previous Serratia marcasens infection. If she has an enzyme deficiency, which of the following is most likely? Antibiotics caused resolution of the lesions and the child has had all of his immunizations. In all lab tests, the result are normal and NBT is negative No eczema or bleeding problems.

Which disease is indicated by these findings? Recovered from measles 6 months ago. Scant tonsillar tissue and no palpable lymphadenopathy. Electrophoresis reveals subnormal levels of y-globulins. NBT and chemiluminiscense assays indicate normal phagocytic activity. Which disorder is responsible for this condition? The mother remembers similiar symptoms in previous generations of the family and fears a heritable tendency toward food allergy.

What lab finding would support this suspicion? Inhibits cytokine synthesis in both infected and uninfected cells Destruction of TH cells by HIV leads to: Elimination of immune enhancement What is the immunologic result of deviation towards the TH2 response? Macrophages and dendritic cells How does the immune system respond to the inital infection? There is an initial, massive response by CD8 cells which controls the viremia and transition into clinical latency, but these leads to the death of many CD4 cells which amplify the cytoxic response , so the amplification loop for CTL stimulation will end How can HIV be diagnosed?

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Many Abs are generated within weeks of infection These Abs are identified using ELISA and Western blot 27 year old woman who's 5 months pregnant presents for prenatal care. How should this patient be counseled? What would be the assay of choice? Then gp undergoes a conformational change and binds to a second molecule. Because of his low income, he can only irregularly afford the anti-retroviral drugs prescribed to him. IgE What is the mechanism of tissue injury in Type 1 hypersensitivity?

Macriophage activation Cytokine mediated inflammation What is the mechanism of tissue injury in Type 4 hypersensitivity T-cell mediated cytolysis? Direct target cell killing Cytokine mediated inflammation What do all hypersensitivity reactions have in common? Mast cells Basophils Eosinophils Two to four hours after the immediate response to release of these mediators, what reaction begins? A late-phase reaction mediated by the products of the arichodonic acid cascade What are the stored mast cell mediators and their effects? Trees, grass, dust, cats, dogs, mites What are the possible allergens in food allergies?

Milk, eggs, fish, cereals, grain What are the possible allergens in Wheal and flare? Insect stings Used in vivo skin testing for allergies What are the possible allergens in Asthma? Inhaled materials What are the possible allergens in Systemic anaphylaxis? Opsonization, phagocytosis, and complement mediated destruction of RBCs What is the mechanism of pathogenesis of autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura?

Ab mediated platelet destruction through opsonization and complement activation What is the mechanism of pathogenesis of goodpasture syndrome? Complement and Fc receptor mediated inflammation What is the mechanism of pathogenesis of acute rheumatic fever? Inflammation Macrophage activation What is the mechanism of pathogenesis of myasthenia gravis?

Ab inhibits Ach binding Down modulates receptors What is the mechanism of pathogenesis of Graves disease? Ab inhibits binding of insulin What is the mechanism of pathogenesis of pernicious anemia? Neutralization of intrinsic factor Decreased absorption of vitamin B12 Clinical manifestations of autoimmune hemolytic anemia: Hemolysis Anemia Clinical manifestation of autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura: Bleeding Clinical manifestations of Goodpasture syndrome: Nephritis Lung Hemmorhage Clinical manifestations of acute rheumatic fever: Myocarditis Arthritis Clinical manifestations of myasthenia gravis: Muscle weakness Paralysis Clinical manifestations of Graves disease: Hyperthyroidism followed by hypothyroidism Clinical manifestation of Type 2 diabetes: Hyperglycemia Ketoacidosis Clinical manifestations of pernicious anemia: Abnormal erythropoiesis Anemia Hemolytic disease of the newborn is also known as: Erythroblastosis fetalis Erythroblastosis fetalis is what type of hypersensitivity?

Type 4 Which hypersensitivity reactions involve the complement? Type 2 cytotoxic Type 3 Which hypersensitivity reaction involves no Abs? Type 4 Characteristics of autoimmunity: Failure of self tolerance The strongest genetic associations with the development of autoimmune diseases are the class 2 MHC genes Environment associations -infections Hormones Infections can trigger autoimmunity through: 1 Activating bystanders 2 Molecular mimicry 3 Inflammatory damage Therapies for immune diseases: 1 Inhibit proliferation -cyclosporine 2 Inhibit function - corticosteroids 3 Kill T cells - cyclopshsphamide 4 Antiagnosts to proinflammatory cytokines or costimulatory molecules - monoclonals or binding proteins Other therapeutic regimens used to inhibit pathologic responses: 1 Desensitization by injecting small doses od allergens 2 Plasmapheresis 3 High doses of IV IgG- may bind to Fc receptors and inibit synthesis 4 Tolerance induction - high dose administration of antigens 43 year old woman is seen by her physician with complaints of painful, swollen joints.

Her hands appear to be disfigured by the joints with SC nodule formation. Left knee is grossly enlarged and mL of fluid is withdrawn. An examination of the fluid should reveal what? Very severe skin lesions. Which of the following cytokines administered topically could inhibit the severity of this reaction? She was born blue covered with splotches and bruises, although an earlier sibling was born normal.

Two further pregnancies ended in stillbirths. How should he advise the patients? On subsequent exposure, schistosomula are frequently killed within minutes by an immune response in the skin. This response is manifestated by intense itching, stinging, and urticaria. What is this protective immune response a manifestation of? Tissues taken from donor given to the host What is the most common transplantation?

Transfusion Types of grafts: 1 Autografts - same individual 2 Syngeneic grafts - genetic individuals 3 Allogenis grafts- genetically different members of same species 4 Xenogeneic grafts- different species MHC alleles are expressed: Co-Dominantly What are the effectors of Graft rejection? Leaves the host susceptible to increased risk of infection What therapies are used to prevent graft rejection? Cyclophosphamide Methotrexate Which drugs are corticosteroids? Prednisone Dexamethasone What drugs are fungal metabolites? Cyclosporin A What drugs are experimental monoclonals?

Block proliferation Prevent acute graft rejection Action and use of corticosteroids? Broad spectrum antiinflammatories During episodes of acute graft rejection Action and use of fungal metabolites? Block proliferatio of TH cells and production of their cytokines Prevent acute graft rejection Actions and use of experimental monoclonals? What type of graft transplant terminology is correct in this situation? Six months after the transplant, the immune response is fine. Which effector mechanism is most closely associated with this rejection reaction?

A suitable cadaver cornea is succcesfully grafter. What is the appropriate postsurgical treatment? A Corticosteroids, such as prednisone for life B Fungal metabolites, such as cyclosporin A, for life C Mitotic inhibitors, such as cyclophosphamide for life D Monoclonal anti-IL2 receptor for life E No treatment required Answer: E What are the immunopriveledged areas in the human being? Cornea Testes Uterus Brain Thymus Placenta In heart lung transplants, where the critical illness of the recipient and his inability to preserve tissue from brain dead donor often precludes tissue typing. In one immunosupressive experiment, patients are treated with anti-CD28Ab Fab fragments at the time of transplantation and montly after.

What is the goal of such therapy? Western blot How is the western blot done? Leishmania delayed hypersensitivity cell type associated with cell-mediated immunity activated cytotoxic T cell activated lymphocytes effectors of cell-mediated immunity antibodies effectors of humoral immunity IL-4, IL-5, IL-6 produced by this subset of T cells TH2 present mainly fragments of cellular antigens e.

What are they? Which subclass doesn't activate the complement? Lowercase "d" indicates absence of the D antigen Rhesus antigens are proteins and the antibodies that are produced against them are IgG antibodies ABO antigens are Carbohydrates sugars , and the antibodies that are produced against them are IgM antibodies There are two possible mechanisms of action, in case of Rh immunization: 1 ANTI D Abs will collect and clear all the Ags in the mothers blood quickly preventing an immune response 2 Abs will bind to the Ag -form immune complexes - bind with B-cell that is reactive to D Ag -undergo Ab feedback - inactivation B-cell What is febrile reaction?

A type of transfusion reaction that is associated with fever. Hemolysis and complement activation 2. Fever, nausea, sweating, and vomiting. Shivering 4. Kidney failure and other organs failure 5. DIC 6. Transient Hypogammaglobulinemia of Infancy.

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This is contradictory, since we know that all B cells initially express IgM then may switch to another class of Igs. Created by: Ulaisl. Antibodies produced by B-lymphocytes bind to pathogens and assist with phagocytosis. What are the two common progenitor cells which arise from the pluripotent stem cells in the bone marrow?

A germline B-lymphocyte possesses distinct V region genes, 5 J region genes, and 2 isotypic possibilities to rearrange for its selection of light chain synthesis. Isotype switching during B cell ontogeny dedicates mature B cells to production of a single heavy chain isotype, except in the case of IgM and IgD, which can be expressed concomitantly.

Hands meet tech Literacy, language and math. Steve Jobs: What if you knew "life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. Chats with Sir Ken Robinson Read more. Humor Read more. Math Education: Arguing Over False Choices "I tell my students that expertise in any subject, math or otherwise, has three components - facts, skills, and understanding. Each of these components is learned in a different way. Teachers: Don't Leave Out the Parents "I think we should start assuming that parents are truly on our side and not someone who is out to get us.

In fact, it's better if it doesn't. Plus "Is Khan Academy an example of the flipped class? Are students "respectful" of adult "values? But it is apparently tolerated and promoted everywhere else. Educational standards cannot be improved until adults begin to model the education values that they loudly espouse.

Jane Ph. Ultimately, in teaching, there is no one size fits all. You, as a teacher, must do what is best for YOUR set of students. Saying No to Standardized Testing for College? Painter Chuck Close: "The rest of us just show up and get to work. Because everything grows out of work. You do something and it kicks open a door. What are the currents in our time that might be causing an upwelling of psychopathology? Maybe not so fast. Steve Jobs: Why don't schools get rid of the crappy stuff? People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on.

But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. Cellophane" Invisible Kids: In the middle of the achievement gap Because you can look right through me, walk right by me, and never even know I'm there Read more. Taking a homework break and "feeding my brain" year old daughter is doing homework on-line.

Mom walks in. Sees her watching a video when "supposed" to be doing homework. A year old shows us how the Fibonacci sequence relates to trees: got that? Museum of Natural History Award Read more. Think for yourself, your teacher might be wrong If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.

Teaching For Students. Sounds Obvious. Education at the Crossroads By Seth Godin. Should this be about school or about learning? For a while, smart people thought that school was organized to encourage learning. Phillips Academy Andover Students Rap About Learning It's all there - auto-tunes and rap juxtaposed with professors and football fields. Random good reads: "Face it. Don't Facebook it. How I Spent My Summer: Being Edgy "Colleges have moved people from thinking they should be exceptionally well rounded to using the vocabulary that 'well rounded' means 'no edge,' " Read more.

Welcome Back to School, Parents! Above and Beyond Video "tells the story" of how the 4Cs in school -- communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity - can spark learning Read more. Christian Boer's "Dyslexie" doesn't exactly make the letterforms look conventionally beautiful, but since when is that a prerequisite for well-designed?

If it works, it works. Facebook and education? Social media? Ask kids what they think. The Southpark Episode A group of teens set me straight this week-end when I asked them about Facebook. Infographic: Is Facebook Ruining Students? Digital Natives: Another Myth? Are adults relinquishing responsibility for technology to kids? Tom Whitby weighs in. And the beat goes on. Harry Potter: It's been a great ride "My childhood is over. What Should Kids Know?

What about reading and writing, civics, life skills, mastery skills, pleasure of knowledge? What kind of Math should high schoolers learn? Got Jobs? Got Tech? What circle of "Friends" are you in? Sound familiar? Are You Ready to Flip? Burma Through Skateboarding Video - was hooked after the first minute.

THE DAILY RIFF: Featured Archives - Be Smarter. About Education.

Global, Culture, Education. Compare Singapore vs. Teacher Development. How the U. Great Movie Moments - The Declaration Of Independence I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace; that two, are a called a law firm; and that three or more, Become a Congress! Commencement Speeches Amy Poehler at Harvard and Tom Hanks at Yale Very different speeches, laden with humor, but both circle round to our shared humanity, lest we forget.

How about a Family Awards Ceremony? The key here is that by encouraging our children to strive for these awards, and defeat the other, they will achieve more and be pushed toward a more successful career in the real world. The Unintended Parent-Child Disconnect "The real value of college isn't in teaching what is known; it is in preparing students for the unknown. And we promote parent involvement while pulling stunts like this?

Can your Middle Schoolers create their own video games? Watch: 3-minute video - 5th-8th Graders across the country "create," not "consume". What if. College Had No Clothes? How would high school be different? He has spent his career working with students as a high school physical education, math, and science teacher, an intermediate teacher, an elementary vice-principal, as well as a Commie Core Standards?

State Governors have convened again to bring in a system of Common Core Standards across the country so that all children will be taught exactly the same thing in English and Math from kindergarten through high school Rigour Is Baack! Teachers: Impossible Expectations Guest post: "Teachers cannot be essential and irrelevant at the same time. Forget the flash cards. Let's not forget the emotional connection between teacher and student. If you have to spy on students, your new digital school program isn't working The principal illustrated how she could monitor every student's screen during class.

In fact, she "caught" one student playing a video game, and sent a note directly to him digitally. What Do They Know? They're Just Students. Video - Humor Read more. Colbert takes on Renaissance man, James Franco "Is his brain like a shark, and will die if he stops learning? College: another institution to be wary of? They used to embody humankind at its most elevated; now, they're just another institution to be wary of. The Shift is About to Hit the Fan?

Across the pond: Wealthiest students to pay premium fees to get into top universities? Turning back the clock when "breeding not brains matter" Read more. Apple: "When technology gets out of the way" Such smart branding from Apple with this new commercial. Stephen Colbert To Mr. Math: "Lies, Damned Lies" Find out which numbers are lonely, lucky, liberal or conservative! Ten Points to Consider When Transforming Towards a Digital Curriculum "A digital curriculum allows the creation of a society of creators, innovators, and learners. Wall Street Read more. Does your child's school and class culture sound like this?

Science Education: The Hidden Benefits ". In science class we learn to interrogate nature, but the interrogation methods can be used to scrutinize many other ideas and beliefs. Is a new "Thank You" culture coming? Gary Vaynerchuk on "Morning Joe" with a message that social media will drive a more humanized and "small town" world. Why does this viral video about child-driven education make so many uncomfortable?

A Child Driven Education: Two Videos that may change the way you think about the ability for a child to learn and the role of technology in education. Two viral videos: Sugata Mitra Read more. David Brooks Says "Superior" Chinese Mom is "Coddling" her Children "Practicing a piece of music for four hours requires focused attention, but it is nowhere near as cognitively demanding as a sleepover with year-old girls. Westerberg Read more. Who gave these intruders the stage? Don't "turn over the tables in the temple" in education!

The Teacher Model in Singapore: What Matters Most "Numerous research studies point to why developing good teachers should be our priority, how effective teachers improve student learning, and the devastating effect that ineffective teachers have on students many a parent can relate to this. How NJ Gov. This will require a new culture of teaching and learning that engages students as contributors.

A School Leader Chooses Student Potential Over Test Scores "Ensuring that every young person learns means constant reassessment of the curriculum, multiple measures of student achievement, and support systems throughout the school. Dealing with Parents of a Cyber-bully Parents who present the other parents with a printout of their child's most repugnant moments should be prepared for minimization, even denial.

Why schools must be involved. Disney's Schools In China " Disney's focus groups find that for Chinese parents, 'education means everything'. English, in particular, is viewed as a ticket to the wider world Anderson Cooper Gives Rep. Michele Bachmann a History Lesson Another "group" not treated equally, upon arrival to this country, that was not mentioned by Cooper. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking in Symphony of Science Hope schools and parents take advantage of the surreal Symphony of Science website which has the most amazing videos. So you want to get a Ph. The three steps to remember Read more.

Pushing back on mediocre professors Seth Godin: "The vast majority of email I get from college students is filled with disgust, disdain and frustration at how backwards the system is.

Are we so stuck on managing classroom competition that we can't let students explore libraries, or the Internet, and make connections between the textbook and the real world? Howard Hill writes from the guardian. Education of a President "Change is hard," Obama says. Video below Full 30 minute interview is featured below. Beginning with several sobering statistics, the President and Lauer discussed Or, Too Young for School?

Very cool representation of the process and end result of obtaining a Ph. Very clever conclusion - check it out with link below:"Imagine a circle that contains all of human knowledge. Brilliant TED talk by Chris Lehmann, principal of Science Leadership Academy -- a featured school in "Apple in Education" series takes on technology to meta-cognition to empowering students to the role of education.

Check it out. Teachers Can't Do It Alone A powerful and well-done video presentation about the teaching profession - the churn, the upcoming demand, and most glaringly, the lack of collaboration. Times teacher "Outing" story Read more. Our Razzle Dazzle Culture "A society that is concerned about the strength and wisdom of its culture pays careful attention to its adolescents.

Are We Wrong About Motivation? Daniel Pink thinks so. Oh, Joy. Not exactly the kind of "tech advances in education" one wants to brag about. Education Arms Race Outnumbered? Yet are we dumping valuable assets? Teachers As "Underground Freedom Fighters" ". I asked him how he selects the one student he will observe. He told me that he listens carefully to what students are saying to themselves and chooses a student who is 'thinking out loud. College Grads: Diploma First. Passport Next. I don't care whether your grades were good or bad.

You have to leave the country. In abundance, it's very easy to lose focus. But in adversity, one must have extreme focus. This is the largest study ever to confirm that hitting the books could help you fight the symptoms of dementia in later life. Small Schools. Big Results? Since we are teaching, learning, and presenting in classrooms using PowerPoint, we think the presentation.

A New Way To Look At Teacher Credentials "Always Learning" We are really impressed with the teachers who are actively initiating and engaged in their own development -- and who are not solely relying on the school for this area of professionalism, or the next formal degree or a development course every five years to "do the job" for them. Can't You See It? Teachers For Technology. Now, Not Tomorrow. Lip Service or The Real Deal? Quid pro quo, baby - let's check your standards and performance to see how you measure up. But now that Silicon Valley firms have started aggressively hiring, and the general economy is improving, competition is stiffening.

Marijuana For A. Instead Of Adderall? Just keep working hard and you can be anything you want to be. Great job! Part 2. One caveat: Dual Skill Set Required. Will a degree be enough to land a job? Think again. Part 1. Check out the Top Ten. Yes, We Can. Hell No, You Can't. Check It Out. See 45 sec. We Must "Radically Transform" Schools. Juggle Deadly Chemicals and Electricity? My interest was piqued as I presumed I was about to enter the fray debating whether sociopathic, liberal high schools should be allowed to breed their own stem cells, only to find that STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math.

Al Sharpton shook up the education world during a recent segment of "Morning Joe", where they had a very direct exchange and agreed on key points in education reform. The chess pieces are starting to line up for the passing of a new education law which is morphing from the old No Child Left Behind into what is now called ESEA. Link here to overview from The New York Michelle Obama: "We're In Charge" - Obesity Not Kids' Fault - Global Issue Newsweek breaks this week with terrific multi-article coverage of First Lady Michelle Obama's take-no-prisoners campaign to help bring our child obesity epidemic and our super-size-it mentality to a tipping point.

Link to articles here. An excerpt of her much-needed "tough You could sense the restraint used by everyone at the When was the last time you invited a student to a faculty meeting?

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