The Pope and the Council

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The Vatican provided no explanation for the removal of the cardinals and no mention was made of the sexual abuse allegations. The recently retired year-old archbishop of Kinshasa, Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, also departed from the Council, although he had not been implicated in any scandal.

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For the moment, the pope has not named new cardinals in their place," said Vatican spokesman Greg Burke. Pope Francis established the Council of Cardinals in to help with reforms he wanted implemented in the various Vatican departments. That work of the council is close to completion.

First Vatican Council

Additionally, Church authorities are working on a new document that outlines the work and mission of the various congregations within the government of the Church. The document is expected to be ready soon.

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Bahasa Indonesia voaindonesia. This situation arose from the conflict between the Papacy and Philip IV of France , who tried to put the French clergy under his direct control.

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When Clement V , a Frenchman , was elected Pope in , Clement declined to move to Rome , remaining in France , and in moved his entire court to the papal enclave at Avignon , where it remained for the next 67 years. The Avignon Papacy had developed a reputation for corruption that estranged major parts of Western Christendom. This started a second line of Avignon popes , now regarded as illegitimate and known as antipopes. Following five years of siege by the French, he fled in to Perpignan.

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Driven by politics rather than any theological disagreement , the schism was ended by the Council of Constance in , after only two popes had reigned in opposition to the Papacy in Rome. In , a church council was held at Pisa under the auspices of the cardinals trying to solve the split, but it added to the problem by electing another incumbent, Alexander V , who only reigned briefly and was succeeded by John XXIII.

The Council then elected Pope Martin V , essentially ending the schism. Another goal of the council was to continue the reforms begun at the Council of Pisa that were largely directed against English Scholastic philosopher and theologian John Wycliffe and Czech priest and Christian reformer Jan Hus , as well as their followers. A convert to the Catholic Church in , Likoudis has since devoted a great deal of his efforts to foster the reunion of the Eastern Orthodox churches with the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis and his Council of Cardinals

Likoudis is president-emeritus of Catholics United for the Faith. Kenneth D.


Whitehead is a former career diplomat who served in Rome and the Middle East and as the chief of the Arabic Service of the Voice of America. For eight years he served as executive vice president of Catholics United for the Faith. He is the author of dozens of articles on political, moral, social, and theological issues, and has written a number of books. Educated at the University of Utah and the University of Paris, Whitehead holds an honorary doctorate in Christian letters from the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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