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The Alexis Parker Series Box Set: Likely Suspects, The Warhol Incident, and Mimicry of Banshees

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She is a tough young lady and has no hesitation when it comes physical confrontation or drawing her 9mm. Interesting story lines, believable events, good characters. I will no doubt read a few more reports of her activities. Jul 17, kim caldwell rated it really liked it. Great second book I like the fact that Alex and Martin haven't jumped into bed together Instead there are serious criminal pursuits, detective reasoning and painful battles with the bad guys.

Still enjoying this series!

The Warhol Incident (Alexis Parker #2) by G.K. Parks

Agents at Work The plot keeps twisting and turning throughout the book! Some of these are expected while others are so not anticipated. Inter agency cooperation was complicated and at times not working at all. Parker is a great character and a tough , intuitive agent! Good Book I do not usually read a group of books with the same characters. However in this group I Am on the 3rd book. Some one has got take care of Martin and I guess it is me. This book was great.

I got it free from Amazon and it turned into a really great read! The characters were engaging and the plot line was enticing. The book is about a ex-federal agent Alexis Parker and her life now that she isn't an agent. She gets mixed up in a sadistic murderers plan when she is enlisted to escort a painting from France.

Her love interest, who also happens to be the CEO of the company she is consulting on securities with is also ever present. The book is long, I will say that b This book was great. The book is long, I will say that but every page has a new twist with an engaging plotline.

There are awesome scenes filled with terror and suspense and I was literally trembling at the thought of Alex's fate. It helps that there is this forbidden romance that courses through the book and adds to the suspense of the book. Parks does a great job of making the characters likeable and not going over the top with the plot lines.

There is a lot going on in the book but I find when a book has too many lines running all at the same time that I lose interest quickly. That was not the case with this book. Parks writes the suspense scenes wonderfully, with just the write amount of detail that you can picture the horrific scenes perfectly. For a free book on Amazon, I have to say this one rates on my top twenty! I would definitely recommend and of course, since its a series I have already bought the second book and cant wait to crack it open!!

I received this book through the Goodreads Firstreads program and was pleasantly surprised. Even though I had not read yet the first book in this series I was instantly engaged in the story and sufficient background was provided that I never felt at a loss. The story follows the personal mission of the main character Alex Parker, to discover who killed her friend when a job she was working on doesn't go according to plan.

However, her budding romantic relationship with a previous client seemed I received this book through the Goodreads Firstreads program and was pleasantly surprised. However, her budding romantic relationship with a previous client seemed stuck in repeat and I was a bit disappointed that it never developed further. I suppose I will just have to wait until the next book to figure out what happens. Although this book is the second in the Alexis Parker series, I would argue it is a standalone novel. No previous knowledge of the characters is necessary since this is a completely different mystery.

This one focuses on a crime ring in Paris, and I was surprised by what happened. I really didn't see it coming.

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Although it was a great read, it does have some darker tones that are balanced by a bit more romance. The characters are portrayed realistically, especially the interactions between Alex Although this book is the second in the Alexis Parker series, I would argue it is a standalone novel. The characters are portrayed realistically, especially the interactions between Alex and Martin, but the ending left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Can't wait to see if things get resolved with the third novel.

Thoroughly enjoyable The writing is first rate Alex is one gutsy woman. I read it in one day! Very well written. I didn't know this book was part of a series till I read the end notes. The Warhol Incident stood well on its own. I'm looking forward to reading more of the series.. Great mystery Loved the book. The story was exciting and suspenseful to the end. The characters were very realistic and the writing drew you into the story. Going back and reading everything this author has written.

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First of all, thank you Goodreads! While I found the story interesting for the most part and there were some surprises along the way, in the end I came away somewhat unsatisfied. Not a bad read, just not a great read. I'm really enjoying this series. The writing is good, the story is interesting, and the characters are likeable. I like Parker and Martin even more and the peripheral characters are still just as good. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Good the story that this woman who had been a federal agent and decided to be come a private investigator.

Too violent for my taste. Also, some events seemed contrived. Good story Alexis gets a job transporting a valuable painting. The next thing she finds herself involved with Interpol and the French police. Decent enough. Some unexpected turns. I love Alexis and Martin but it was a very slow read for me. The ending just didn't payoff. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About G. After spending some time in law school, G. Now, that education is being put to use, creating a fictional world based upon years of study and research.

Find me o G. Other books in the series. Alexis Parker 1 - 10 of 12 books. Books by G. Trivia About The Warhol Incide No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back.

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