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Anyone who has ever bought dog treats knows that they can be expensive. The least expensive dog treats that my family buys are little tiny baked bones that we can buy in bulk at our local pet store. So, to find these treats, specialty ones no less, for three dollars a tub—um, yeah I bought the two they had left.

I had never been so excited to purchase turnovers not made for human consumption in my whole life. Before I get to far gone in fantasies of saving money on dog treats I should say that these treats were on sale. Normally, a tub costs about six dollars, so when I bought them they were half off. Still, six dollars for a tub seems like a steal to me.

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I say: sweet deal. Sweet indeed! These turnovers sure have been a hit with Simon and Rosee. Am I the only one who can see the drool?


Lately however, I have discovered that any celebration is infinitely more exciting with dogs. In fact, Simon and Rosee especially are quite good at opening the plastic eggs and fishing out the treat inside. I particularly like to take the dogs on an egg hunt because it allows them to use their sniffers. It was a cold day in November.

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Early too. Really early. Earlier than I had been up in a good, long while. It was early and I was awake, anticipating one of the greatest moments of my life.

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What was that magical moment you ask? It was Black Friday at PetSmart. Now, Black Friday is well known as that short day after Thanksgiving where most major retail stores have deep discounts on big ticket items. Usually a day where people are up and out at all times of night and day, Black Friday is very much its own national holiday at this point in American society. So, with little sleep yet a renewed sense of vigor my family and I set out to be some of the firsts in line when PetSmart finally opened its doors Friday morning.

Why work so hard to be one of the first to enter the store? Because you get free stuff, obviously!

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As you can tell read , I was excited. After grabbing my free stocking, along with the other members of my family, I headed out to grab a whole list of items. First on the list was dog food. My family loaded up two carts with four thirty-five pounds bags of deeply discounted dog food. Somehow, picking out a new litterbox turned into also needing to grab a new cat tree, and since the cat trees were right next to the dog treat aisle it only made sense that two boxes of MILK-BONE made their way into our carts as well. After successfully stuffing our two carts and having to carefully maneuver around the store and the hundreds of people currently inhabiting it, my group made our way to the cash registers and finally left the store.

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When we finally arrived home I had time to investigate our score and low and behold the stockings were full of treat bags. However, who can argue with free treats? So, I decided to try them out and see if Simon or Rosee liked them. Boy did they ever!

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The one downside is that these particular treats have a really strong smell. The minute you open the package you get this robust beef-flavored whiff stuck in your nose, surely strong enough to entice any dog with a nose. While Simon and Rosee certainly loved the smell, I did not. However, these treats are a little rich, so best given in moderation and therefore not useful for training when treats need to be doled out in abundance. So, while these treats are good and enticing I would caution anyone against handing out too many without expecting a different kind of smell to leak out of your dog.

Everything in moderation. Given the fact that the chicken treat bag looks exactly like the beef one I have, I am left to assume the size and price for the beef treats correspond accordingly. Hopefully, chicken treats will be easier on the stomach, even if not on the nose. Happy treating! Rosee hurt her left rear leg a couple months ago. At first no one noticed anything different in her, except sometimes when drinking water from her bowl she would lift her leg up and down, not resting much weight on it.

Pretty soon her lifting turned into holding her leg up all the time and hopping around the house. She never cried when someone touched her leg or her hip, she never whimpered in her sleep because of discomfort, and she never acted unlike her normal self, except for holding her leg up. It became clear after a few weeks of cutting down on walks and rambunctious playing that home remedies were not going to get her leg back to normal, so off to the vet she went. After a quick examination by the vet and a trip to the scale, it was determined that Rosee had probably sprained a muscle in her leg.

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Here, MacVean provides a glimpse into his experience with such relationships, always looking for the humor and light of every situation. With never a dull moment, his dedication to the animals of this earth and compassion for their human caretakers drives MacVean onward, from house to house, from patient to patient. This heartwarming collection of stories brings readers along for the ride, getting to know the curious creatures he treats and their perhaps sometimes even more curious humans.

My Patients Like Treats is the perfect book for animal lovers or those who simply appreciate a good story. Have questions about this item, or would like to inquire about a custom or bulk order? If you have any questions about this product by Brilliance Audio, contact us by completing and submitting the form below. If you are looking for a specif part number, please include it with your message. Diaries Letters Stories. Brand: Brilliance Audio.

View More In Veterinary Medicine. First Name:. Send Message. George Stubbs — , an English artist famous for his portraits of thoroughbred race horses and for other animal paintings, was also the author of the illustrations and text of The Anatomy of the Horse, one of the truly remarkable anatomical Memoirs of a Cotswold Vet.

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This heart-warming account of veterinary life traces Ivor Smith's early days as a student at university through to setting up his own practice in the Costwolds, recounting almost 40 memorable years in the profession If you've ever wondered how to clean a ferrets' GI tract or remove corneal ulcers from a pot-bellied pig, you'll soon learn much more than that. admin