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However, visitors are also a great pleasure-- they come from all over the world, they keep the restaurants and shops open and lively, and sometimes even good friendships arise. But when you live in the village even if just for a week , you come to feel a bit like a host, proud to be living there, enjoying the wonder in people's eyes, yet also having your mornings and evenings all to yourself and your friends, old and new.

And whether in April or August, July or October, you can hike the hills, bike along the river, or just wander the valley, still marveling at what a relatively undiscovered region of France this is! Our family has spent the most time there in August, and we loved it, the weather, the liveliness, the sunsets, the beach more on that below. Temperatures are rarely too cold or too hot during most of the 7 month season-- naturally brisker in April and October we've spent lovely weeks during those months too , always a good time for a walk, or to bicycle, or to catch a sunset with a glass of wine.

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You can get rainy days in the spring that's what makes the valley green and you can get chilly nights in October that's why there's a great stone fireplace , but the beauty and excitement are constant. See bottom of page for a glimpse of the village in April and October. What's it like for just two people? As you can imagine, the village can be friendly, intimate, and romantic-- great for families and friends, but great for lovers too. The house has a similar vibe. You won't feel like you're in a cathedral or servant-run chateau.

It's your house, a roomy but cozy light-filled place for two.

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Then up one flight and the entire floor consists of the master bedroom with a vintage tub for two , a full bathroom, and a lounge for early morning reading, or watching a movie at night , room for privacy and togetherness, all yours. Fair, decent, and affordable wage increases and raises for the employees here at this particular agency in Hartford are a dead last priority, if you really want the brutally honest truth. Answered April 22, Asked March 8, Answered June 16, The answer applying to Village in Hartford - state of Connecticut.

You will take about 4 to 6 months to get hired. The human resources department recieve many applications. By the time they finally call me back after submitting my application I found another job and had to tell them no it's too late. They wanted me to do background check and DCF careline checks even before my first interview which was a little strange.

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Usually all of its after you receive the offer - not before your first interview. The hiring process for this organization take too long and probably why they lose good prospective talent to work for them. Answered June 20, Village for Families and Children in Hartford Connecticut is headed in the wrong direction. They have turned into big business and lost all traces of the human connections and social relationships that are needed for a successful non-profit. The agency has become more and more like some of the ruthless and cut-throat for-profit corporations which I had worked for previously out in the business world.

This agency from my viewpoint has done irreparable harm and damage to its public reputation. All of their reviews aren't very good and I don't see anything improving anytime soon with the current leadership in place who isn't very ethical or competent.

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Answered June 13, The Village Hartford CT needs new leadership who is culturally competent and supportive. The current administration at this particular agency is awful. They have forgotten or just simply don't care what it's like to be on the front lines day in and day out working with an extremely tough and violent population. Some of the administration here is also very vindictive in my opinion. Human Resources for The Village Connecticut location should be entirely replaced in order to weed out a lot of the incompetence and "look the other way on unethical behavior" that seems to define the current agency culture.

Answered September 2, Asked June 2, All you really do here in The Village is glamorized babysitting. I don't know about these others cities. The Village in Hartford CT however doesn't develop their staff. You basically get stuck in a room babysitting disrespectful and dangerous youth for several hours at a time while management hides in pointless meetings all day.

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What you really have to do as part of the Youth Worker job description here is a far cry from the false promise of career development and upward mobility which The Village Hartford basically tries to 'sell' you in the interview. None of those promises ever come true. Answered November 18, To find an answer, select a parent category and then child categories until the answer appears below. In case you can't find the answer you need on your own you'll get a chance to contact us at the end.

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Can I move to a different village? Yes, you are able to choose a village to your liking. There are different ways to do it, so you can choose the way you like best. Also, there are some restrictions:. If you're searching for information about moving to a different space within your village , please read the matching answers entry: -please click-.

Where do I find the Move Village option? You can find the Move Village option in your Profile menu. At the far left of your bottom tool bar there is your profile head. Open the profile menu with a click on your profile head or the white area around it - be careful not to click the circles at the back of the head or the filling bar to its right. How to move into a special village. If you already know the name of the village you want to move into, then there are four steps to moving:.

Other details of the Move Village menu see above.

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