Air Gunner: The Men who Manned the Turrets

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Future Gun Turrets on Military Vehicles and Tanks?

Paul download regards that our drink includes developed in the address of integrated side. When the war broke out, in , only a few Ilya Muromets copies were built, but increasing numbers were required because of the war effort. After having entered the mass-production phase and having seen combat all along the first year of war against the fighter planes of the German Empire , a rear-defending position appeared to the Imperial Russian Air Service to be more and more vital to protect both the plane and its crewmen.

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This aircraft was the first in history to include on its ending tail area a gunner position. After that, during the s and 30s, a few more military aircraft designs came with a gunner position on their tails, like the s British Vickers Virginia on service as of or the s Japanese flying boat Kawanishi H3K on service as of One of the first aircraft to operate a fully enclosed tail gun turret was the British Armstrong Whitworth Whitley.

AIR GUNNER. The Men Who Manned the Turrets.

In the overall history of its use in combat, the tail gunner was most commonly used during that conflict, World War II, and in almost every aircraft model in which it was fitted, the tail gun position was constituted of an enclosed compartment inhabited by the gunner. During World War II, this extreme tail compartment could consist, generally:.

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In the last years of the war, the American B bombers were equipped with a tail gun position in which the gunner still had a direct view on his target while operating his synchronized weapons, but some other gun positions of this particular model of Boeing bomber were, for the first time in an aircraft, operated from other parts of the plane, each one spotting the target by means of a periscopic viewing system.

In the years that followed the war, more and more subsequent tail gun positions in aircraft inherited this viewing and sight method, ending afterwards with added radar sights and radar targeting systems, which had been early tested during the World War II period like in the radar-aimed FN turret fitted to some Lancaster and Halifax bombers in , see above.

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The tail gunner was mainly last used in combat during the Vietnam War , on large bombers. At this point, the position has become largely obsolete due to advancements in long-range air combat weapons such as air-to-air missiles as well as modern detection and countermeasures against such armaments.

Turner, shot down a MiG interceptor, becoming the first tail gunner to shoot down an enemy aircraft since the Korean War. The last combat usage of tail gunners by the United States was in , during the Gulf War.

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During the war, a missile struck a B by locking onto the tail gunner's radar. It is disputed whether or not it was friendly fire by an F-4 Phantom [10] or an enemy missile fired from a MiG From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Flight crew responsible for operating defensive armament located at the tail of the aircraft. For the song of this name, see No Prayer for the Dying.

For the arcade game, see Tail Gunner.

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