At the House of the Magician

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This Pyramid is also called the Pyramid of the Sorcerer or Pyramid of the Dwarf, all of them from the legend that they told an American researcher when he visited Uxmal. The legend tells the story of a dwarf who was the son of a sorceress and who had been born from an egg. This character, with the intention of becoming governor of the city, bet with the governor of the time that he was able to build a pyramid in a single night.

In the House of the Magician

The pyramid was built, and the dwarf proclaimed himself governor of the three-times built city of Uxmal. This is the largest monument in Uxmal that consists of five differentiated structures from different periods.

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The first and older ones are buried by the newer ones and became accessible until archeologists created their own entrances. The Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal began to be built in the sixth century and the last level dates from the tenth century. The existing hieroglyphs have helped the dating of each of the construction periods. Its decoration is based on columns and Chac masks, with two of them standing above the entrance stand out. In this temple, the sculpture called the Queen of Uxmal was found, which is a serpent head with an open mouth, from which a human being emerges.

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To access it, an opening was made from where the columns that support the roof can be seen. It has a chamber on the eastern part of the pyramid in the form of a mask of Chac with its mouth as the entrance.

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  • It has a very ornate decoration, outside of the usual Puuc style. The decoration of the facades is completely Puuc, smooth low walls, on which a largely decorated frieze is placed, in this case with intertwined snakes and a roof hut.

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    The pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal was made in such a way that the western staircase faces the sun on the summer solstice sunset. It measures around 35 meters in height and has an elliptical plan of To date, five construction phases have been detected at different times and with different architectural styles.

    Who built it, why it was located away from water or any of those natural advantages which have determined the sites of cities whose histories are known, what led to its abandonment and destruction, no man can tell. If it is true that man invents gods in his own image, it is also true that he sees his own image in the images that the sky and the earth offer him. Man makes human history of the inhuman landscape; nature turns history into cosmogony, the dance of the stars. These are important astronomical dates on the Mayan calendar for tracking the sun's zenith.

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    Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal

    The Most Famous Cities of the Maya. Tags: Pyramid of the Magician , Pyramids , Uxmal. Elongated Skulls: Did In Mythical Helen Of Troy The Untold Story Of The References: Ancient Pages Harasta J.

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