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She looked into his beautiful soul.

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Amazingly in love with you. After another heated session of making love, they came up for air again. So rest up, big boy. Laughing, he kissed her tenderly on her swollen lips. Within minutes, they were in a deep, well-deserved sleep. Craig received yet another message from Melanie while he was in his meeting. She was starting to get on his nerves. He told her when he left the States that he would call her if he got a chance. She was a wonderful attorney with a great future.

Would you pl-e-e-ASE call that woman back! Craig wrinkled his forehead. Do me a favor. Also tell her I received her messages and emails and when I get a chance, I will contact her.

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  5. Once inside, he called and ordered a dozen peach roses for Virginia as a token of appreciation. Melanie was a beautiful, sexy woman, but she was just a companion for him. Unfortunately, she wanted more than he could offer her. She wanted love and commitment…the fairy tale. He only wanted sexual gratification from her. Love would have to sneak up on him and knock him senseless.

    Those kinds of emotions were too hard on the heart.

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    He shook his head, gathered some blueprints for his next meeting, and exited his office. Back in Philly, Brandon did not want to get out of the pool, even though he had been swimming most of the day. Venice taught him to swim in one of those baby classes when he was only months old. It was time for dinner and he needed to get his bath.

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    Venice glanced over at Jarvis who was relaxing in the chaise lounge reading the paper. He stared back, giving her a wink and a smile. Wrapping Brandon in a towel, she said, Come on, Little Man, so you can get your bath. Daddy has cooked a delicious dinner for us. After dinner and a bedtime story beside the pool, Brandon was finally asleep. Jarvis carried his son to his room to tuck him in.

    After they entered the house, Venice stood up to admire the beautiful view from the hill on which their home sat. The tri-level home had six spacious bedrooms and four full bathrooms. The family room they spent most of their time in was warm and cozy with a large marble fireplace. The dining room they entertained guests in had a twelve-seat cherry table with the matching china cabinet and accessories. This was the room in the house where he relaxed with his friends and teammates.

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    He decorated himself by installing a large screen television, video games, bar and pool table. It allowed him to chill with the boys after a hard day at practice. He knew she loved to read and no expense was spared. He wanted to make the room as comfortable and quiet as possible for her.

    While not overdoing it, they made sure his room had everything a little boy should have. An adjoining room was considered his playroom where all the toys and train sets were kept. Collecting trains was something Jarvis started when he was a baby. She had decided that when Jarvis returned, she would tell him she wanted to take some time off.

    Returning to the deck, he hugged Venice from behind, kissing her shoulder. Pulling her over to the lounging chair, he picked up the blanket to cover them from the cool night air. Nuzzling her face into his neck, she took a deep breath. I want to take a leave of absence from work so I can spend more time with you guys. Is that all? I thought something was wrong. I would love for you to be here. I know your career is just as important to you as mine is to me, but I wanted you to take a break when you were ready for one, not because anyone asked you to. Thanks, Baby.

    I want to be the one cooking for my two men, not Ms. I want us to be able to travel with you to some of the out-of-town games. Kissing her forehead, he said, Well, consider it done. You and Brandon will be with me as much as possible. Holding her in his arms never felt better.

    Sometime later around midnight, he decided to call it a night, carried Venice inside and put her in bed. After a quick shower, he joined her, pulling her securely into his arms. Brandon was proudly in kindergarten and loving it. Being at home had been the most relaxing time in her life. One particular morning, after taking Brandon to school, Jarvis walked into the kitchen calmly. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later.

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    Been There, Done That: A Novel

    Strebor Books International www. Your love and encouragement is invaluable. I love you! As always, I give thanks to God whom has bestowed some wonderful blessings upon me. A voice came over his intercom. Your Philadelphia office is on line one. Thanks, Virginia. Only five more months and I will be in kindergarten! Wake up! You get it from your momma.


    Where are you? Good morning, Venice. Good morning, Ms. Good morning, sleepyhead. Will you fix me some blueberry pancakes like you did yesterday? Only if you help me. Venice, lie down and get some rest. Venice hugged her. Thank you. Now go to bed. Smiling, Venice watched her close the door and listened as their voices faded in the distance. Yes, Mrs. I love you. I love you, too, Niecy. Always and forever. Cupping his face with her hands, she whispered, Always and forever, Babe. He smiled. She kissed him on the cheek.

    You give me too much credit, Babe. Venice reached into the night stand and pulled out a velvet case, then handed it to him. Smiling, she anxiously waited for him to open it. Jarvis pulled the necklace out of the case. Baby, this is da bomb! Where did you find it? She took the necklace and placed it around his neck. In the Big Apple. I knew it was the one as soon as I saw it. Now come back over here and thank me properly. Virginia pointed her finger at him. You owe me big time! I know and I apologize for her. He smiled as he entered his office. Come on out of the pool, Sweetie.

    Just a little while longer. A husky voice followed with, Brandon! Yes, Sir? Okay, Daddy. I know, Brandon. Not really. Just thinking. Now how about a real kiss. Six Months Later Brandon was proudly in kindergarten and loving it. Niecy, are you ready to have another baby? Walking across the room, he embraced her. I want another baby. Are you ready? Tears fell from her eyes as she tiptoed to kiss him. You bet! Their kiss was sensual and tender. Sitting behind his desk staring at his computer, Craig Bennett was engrossed in his work as usual. It only took him five years to build Bennett and Fletcher into the success it was today.

    He had wealth and success, but he still felt empty. Traveling between his Philadelphia and Japan offices left him little time for a serious relationship, not that he was looking for one anyway. It had been seven long years. However, he still felt the sting of losing the only woman he would ever love to another man. The name fell from his lips for the first time in almost seven years: "Venice. He tried his best to forget her by dating other women, but was unsuccessful.

    She had chosen Jarvis, her childhood sweetheart whom she had married once due to an unplanned pregnancy. They lost their baby during the pregnancy so their parents pressured them into a divorce. Their love was still strong when they left for separate colleges. That''s when Craig met her. She was the sister of his best friend and they unexpectedly fell madly in love. Needless to say, after a few stressful months, their relationship came to a sad end. Venice remarried her childhood sweetheart for the only reason it should ever be Witnessing her wedding was pure hell and he made a vow to remove himself completely from her life.

    He could never be just a friend like she wanted. Especially after their passionate but brief love affair in college. Since then, Craig tried not to let bitterness enter his heart, but it had. Not directly at her, but at love period. Hell, it was overrated anyway. Angry with himself for thinking about her, he pounded his fist on the desk and put his hands over his face. A voice came over his intercom. Her job as team doctor for the Michigan State University football team only left her with a few hours of quality time with Jarvis and their five-year-old son, Brandon. Being a good mother and wife had always been important to her and she hated the fact that she had lost control of her life.

    It wasn''t the money, because the success of Jarvis in the NFL had made them very wealthy. The fact was she had become burnt out. By both of them being on the road so much, it kept them away from Brandon and she was fed up and needed a break. They had been married since the tender age of nineteen and were blessed with Brandon two years later.

    After getting drafted into the NFL, Jarvis was able to fulfill one of his dreams. The other was marrying Venice, his childhood sweetheart. On this spring morning, Venice and Jarvis were awakened by the pouncing of Brandon on their king-sized sleigh bed. Only five more months and I will be in kindergarten! Wake up! I''m hungry!

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    You get it from your momma. Within seconds the room erupted in a full-blown pillow fight, until they heard the sound of Brandon''s sitter calling for him. Camille had been a godsend and was recommended by the minister of their church. She was approximately sixty and lived alone -- except for the times she spent the night to care for Brandon. She was widowed years earlier and never had children of her own. The children she cared for always became her babies. Where are you? Camille at the bedroom door.

    It was only six-thirty on a Saturday morning and the first day in a long time that Jarvis and Venice didn''t have to work. Camille took Brandon by the hand. Let your momma and daddy sleep in this morning. Will you fix me some blueberry pancakes like you did yesterday? Venice, lie down and get some rest. I''ll take care of Brandon. I''ll be up in a couple of hours. We''ll be just fine.