Fruit of the Spirit: Christian Works

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Galatians If you have been a Christian for any amount of time these verses will be very familiar to you. And if you are like me, it is easy to fall into this mindset that the fruit of the Spirit is some Christian check list of virtues that I have to work on in order be more acceptable as a Christian. This is actually a wrong way of looking at these verses. The virtues that are listed are virtues that we already possess. The fruit of the Spirit is manifested in the life of every believer to some degree. Sure they may seem a bit weak at times, but if you have the Spirit dwelling in you then you also have the fruit of the Spirit as well.

If we were perfect, these fruit would be perfectly displayed in our lives. But we are not perfect. Not yet. And so these virtues are also not perfect in us. But there is a way for us to grow and to mature as a Christian and when we do, the fruit of Spirit shine brighter and are more visible in our lives. It all begins with a vine. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine; you are the branches. The quality of our fruit is directly connected to how closely we are connected to Jesus, the vine.

If we are barely hanging on, if our connection to Jesus is weak, if we are not feeding on the word of God and having communion with Jesus through prayer, then our fruit will be small. I know that there are days when we feel that the fruit of the Spirit is barely visible.

Fruits Of The Spirit

We feel weak or unproductive and believe that we will never change or grow. Our old self — our sinful nature — has been put to death. We have been made new!

And while sin still clings to us, it no longer has power over us. We are overcomers because of the death of Christ and we can grow in the fruit of the Spirit because the resurrecting power of Jesus works mightily in those who cling to him. Stay tuned for our the revealing of our NEXT study!!!!! We have one more week in Galatians!

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Thank you so much for pointing that out! This post hit me as well today. What freedom we have in Christ and wow to think about what we actually have in Christ. Am I living by his Spirit, or by the flesh? A caution: The enemy and the flesh appeal to our performance-driven mentality.

The Fruit of the Spirit or the Flesh?

The gospel stands in the face of our works-based pursuit for security and reminds us we can never have love, joy, peace, patience, or any fruit apart from his Spirit at work in us. But both flesh and Spirit are at work in us, and we can choose which one is stronger. So what are you feeding more, the flesh or the Spirit?

If there are two tigers, but you only feed one, which will be stronger? So we must feed the Spirit and starve the flesh. How do we do that?

By setting our gaze on something Someone outside ourselves. God has given us his very best: Jesus Christ. In Christ, we have been given everything we need to thrive and flourish in the gospel and bear fruit for the exaltation of the Vinedresser John Defining ourselves by sin has devastating results. First, it can allow us to excuse that sin instead of working to kill it. Monica Hall. We join God in his tending to the soil of our souls. We work and participate with him in the weeding and feeding of our orchards. We operate by the Spirit, not resisting, and not simply tolerating sanctification, but joyfully embracing whatever will make us most like Christ.

This looks less like trying to build a garden in our souls and more like allowing him to produce shoots of vegetation out of the soil of regenerated hearts. While that might be true, remember that applying compost to a garden is what magnifies and intensifies the nutrients. Compost is never applied out of hatred for the soil but in order to yield the most bountiful and rich harvest possible.

If you did, you're wrong because there is only ONE fruit of the Spirit, that's right, just one. In Greek the word for "fruit" is "karpos" and it is in the singular. So, to translate this a little loosely, it could read like this. Now, this little tidbit of information is important.

What Are the Fruits of the Spirit?

First of all, notice that the fruit of the Spirit is just that, of the Spirit. It is not your fruit, but the fruit of the Spirit of God. This is because God is love 1 John and He lives in the believer John This means that it is the work of God the Holy Spirit in you to bear this fruit. Of course, you cooperate with God in bearing this fruit and you absolutely need to seek to develop it, but it is God who is " Of course, we know that it is God's good pleasure that you love and bear the fruit of love. Second, if it is all one fruit, then all the nine things listed there are already yours in the Spirit of God.

In other words, all nine things are really one thing that you have because the Holy Spirit indwells you -- if you are a Christian, that is.

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You see, if you are loving, then will you not have joy? If you are loving, will you not also have peace? If you are loving, will you not also be patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled?