Lost & Found in the Mississippi Sound

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Forgot account? It is the house built in that area in the ten years since the devastating storm. Previous volunteers from around the country left message of hope and love, left, on an interior wall. Zachary Fillhart, center, who lives in the home built in the Bay St. Fillhart lives in the home, back center, next to the house, left, being built in time for the Hurricane Katrina ten-year anniversary.

Effects of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi - Wikipedia

Louis, Mississippi area. She was photographed on Thursday, August 13, on the inside steps that separate several of the individual retailers who sell antiques and art along with her. A motorcycle cruises down N. New restaurants, shops, and an improved and reinforced harbor, left, along N. Before Hurricane Katrina storm protection for businesses and homes along the water in Bay St.

Louis, Mississippi didn't amount to much. In the ten years since the devastating storm, a giant wall with cement steps has been built as a barricade. BAY ST. It was nearly 7 p. Louis' Old Town district. Or maybe because it's August. No, the stalls inside her historic building on Second Street weren't brimming with shoppers on this Saturday evening. Perhaps the significance of this Second Saturday was lost on many in the crowd that strolled, drinks in hand, past the storefronts, shopping at the galleries and enjoying the acoustic bands that seemed to pop up every block or so.

It was a milestone, she said, for Bay St. Louis, and Waveland, and Biloxi, and the communities in between. It's easy to rely on cliches to describe Hurricane Katrina. But some of those cliches fit: It did roar ashore. It did howl and moan. It did kill. It did lay waste. It did ruin lives.

Lost & Found in the Mississippi Sound

And the western Mississippi Gulf Coast, particularly the area near Waveland, was ground zero. One man was so weak when we got to him he couldn't even speak.

Road Trip Photos Gulf Coast Mississippi to New Orleans 9th Ward

Didn't have the strength. The skin was stripped from his hands. Yarborough had been a county supervisor roughly the equivalent of a parish council member for only a couple of years when Katrina made its way into the Gulf of Mexico and quickly blew up to Category 5 strength before losing some of that power as it approached the coastline. And when its eye made landfall at the Mississippi-Louisiana state line around 11 a.

He had sent his wife and family away, out of the danger zone. Good thing: "The water went slap over my house,'' he said. And the storm seemed to linger for years as Yarborough joined countless others in trying to rebuild their homes, their towns, their lives. But it made me stronger," he said. Up and down coastal Mississippi the picture was much the same: Residents returned to unspeakable devastation. They mourned the loss of friends and family - Katrina killed people in Mississippi, the National Hurricane Center says - then rolled up their sleeves and began digging out.

Lost and Found in the Mississippi Sound

And from Waveland to Pascagoula the recovery has been impressive. There is still work to be done, but many people say the coast is on its way to coming back even stronger than before the hurricane. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame said. We had a raw canvas and we decided to make it better. To the east, in Biloxi, where the casinos are flourishing and the shine of the city's new minor league baseball stadium is still bright, Mayor Andrew "FoFo'' Gilich agreed. This is where Katrina's brute force was its strongest.

While New Orleans was filling with water after a series of disastrous levee failures, Mississippi was dealing with 25 feet or more of storm surge in some places and winds of mph. Property damage amounts in Mississippi were less than in Louisiana, but mind-blowing all the same. More than , homes were damaged or destroyed. And the scope of that damage - from one end of the coast to the other -- made cleanup and recovery especially treacherous.

In Hancock and Harrison counties, nearly three-quarters of the households were below the U. And, it said, 90 percent of the homes in Harrison County didn't have flood insurance. Fillingame said he understands why New Orleans was the center of media coverage in the weeks and months after the hurricane. He harbors no grudge - a major American city was drowning, after all. What he does remember is the outpouring of assistance that came to the coast, and to his city: The federal money that repaired and replaced public buildings, schools, roadways and vital bridges, and paved the way for a new marina.

The volunteers who arrived by the busload to gut houses, prepare hot meals and give hope. How do you thank America? We could have never done it on our own. Louis has strong ties to New Orleans, an hour or so to its west. For centuries the town, and the region surrounding it, have beckoned to New Orleanians seeking to escape the city for weekends or long stretches of summer.

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Decades ago, vistors would arrive at the town's train station the real-life set for the Natalie Wood-Robert Redford movie "This Property is Condemned'' and fan across the region to summer homes, hotels and guest houses. Louis and Covington. Because of its charm - the art galleries, cafes, white picket fences and access to nearby Bay of St. Louis - downtown property never really experienced a post-Katrina nosedive, Crawford said.

Buoyed by the infrastructure work, businesses and homes began coming back. Well-known Beach Boulevard restaurants such as Trapani's and North Beach with its "Hurricane Hunters Bar'' reopened, joining those other businesses and homeowners who had begun repopulating the old town. Nikki Moon rebuilt her Bay Town Inn bed and breakfast overlooking the marina. And more recently The Blind Tiger restaurant and bar became the first waterside business to open on Beach Boulevard after the hurricane. It sits roughly in the location of the old Dock of the Bay, long a favorite for many New Orleanians making weekend forays to the coast.

When Alicein Schwabacher opened the Mockingird Cafe in a pre-Civil War building one year after Katrina, the town was in the midst of a boom, as an army of recovery workers and money flooded in. When the volunteers left and the recovery money stopped flowing so freely, business slowed to a crawl. Just hammering it,'' Moon, sitting in the kitchen of her bed and breakfast, said recently. Moon and two friends - Doug Vicki Niolet's husband , and Kevin Guillory -- rode out Katrina in her old bed and breakfast, which also faced the bay.

After the storm surge washed away the building, the three clung to a nearby oak tree for hours, lashed by the wind and rain, Moon also furiously gripping her dog, a Scottie named Maddy. The house behind it?

Sunken Nazi Boat Found Near Gulf Coast

The house behind that one? Everything on the beach?

Moon decided shortly after the storm to rebuild. The process was trying; it was tough finding a loan and there was a lot of red tape. But she reopened in The oak tree didn't survive the storm, but rather than have it cut up and hauled away, Moon commissioned an artist to carve two angels into its branches and then had the tree moved across Beach Boulevard to a stretch of land she owns.

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