Mountains Painted with Turmeric

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Patriarchal representation in Lil Bahadur Chhetri's mountain's painted with turmeric

Engels Druk: illustrated edition november Hardcover pagina's Alle productspecificaties. Productbeschrijving Since its publication in the late s, Mountains Painted with Turmeric has struck a chord in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Nepali readers. Set in the hills of far eastern Nepal, the novel offers readers a window into the lives of the people by depicting in subtle detail the stark realities of village life. Carefully translated from the original text, Mountains Painted with Turmeric tells the story of a peasant farmer named Dhane which means, ironically, wealthy one who is struggling to provide for his wife and son and arrange the marriage of his beautiful younger sister.

Unable to keep up with the financial demands of the big men who control his village, Dhane and his family suffer one calamity after another, and a series of quarrels with fellow villagers forces them into exile.

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In haunting prose, Lil Bahadur Chettri portrays the dukha, or suffering and sorrow, endured by ordinary peasants; the exploitation of the poor by the rich and powerful; and the social conservatism that twists a community into punishing a woman for being the victim of a crime. Chettri describes the impoverishment, dispossession, and banishment of Dhane's family to expose profound divisions between those who prosper and those who are slowly stripped of their meager possessions.

Yet he also conveys the warmth and intimacy of village society, from which Dhane and his family are ultimately excluded. Toon meer Toon minder. Hutt's elegant translation lends a timeless, fable-like tone with a gorgeous rendering of the natural scenery.

Making watercolor paint out of natural pigment, tutorial.

Publishers Weekly A moving novel of social realism. Kirkus Reviews A simple yet thought-provoking tale His sister Jhuma falls for the lies told by a soldier Rikute who, attracted by her youthfulness and beauty, makes the false promise of marrying her only to have momentary pleasure while he is in village. As a result of their affair, she becomes pregnant, however, the soldier, as expected, runs away leaving her all alone to face the sarcasm of the society to the point of suicide.

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However, she is saved by Mote Karki who always had feelings for her. Dhane and his sister Jhuma are portrayed to be the direct victioms of the feudal practice and social, economic and cultural exploitation, both being exploited by the people powerful than them.

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Most of the characters are submissive towards the destiny, accepting all kids of sorrows, injustice and exploitation. Although the author might seem to believe more in fate, Lil Bahadur Chettri has done justice in describing the state of the people and the society during the time in his novel Basain. Shey Phokshundo Nepal. Ever heard of a trans-himalayan national park?

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