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What a disappointment to see it fall apart in its resolution. Jan 13, Tiffeny rated it liked it. I started off planning to give this book a five. By the time I got to the end though, I couldn't bring myself to give it more than a 3, but it would probably be a 3. I have a couple of comments so I'm going to break them into bullets.

Then he kind of got stupid. Maybe being accused of murder makes you irrational, but I thought he did and said some really stupid things I started off planning to give this book a five. Maybe being accused of murder makes you irrational, but I thought he did and said some really stupid things.

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I really really liked that. But alas, one hit on Disc 5.

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It's like Steven Hamilton was writing and as he approached the end of the book he said, "Oh, shoot. I haven't added any F-Words yet. I better get that done. There were 4 total in the book. While I would have preferred none, 4 isn't bad for a book like this and I actually gave him that extra half star because of that. It's probably because I now have a vested interested, but I don't like it when stories portray law enforcement like that. Possible Spoiler Alert, but not Really --The Conclusion: While there was an unexpected twist I didn't have it figured out at all , the conclusion went on forever.

Like for 2 whole disc, and by the end, I was like "enough already". Overall,I liked the book and will probably try this author again. Dec 07, Dana rated it really liked it. Joe claimed he didn't kill the women despite the evidence that mounted against him. Of course, the false accusations set Joe on a mission to find the real killer, and drew him into a web of mystery. Joe was a good main character because he displayed a range of emotions and was likeable.

I sympathized with him when he tried to explain himself to the detectives, but felt they didn't listen. The writing was direct and moved quickly. The conversations were good and the cop talk wasn't the boring dialogue so common in police investigation mysteries. I loved that it was obvious that the real killer was one of the characters in the book, but there weren't many clues about who it was until the end of the story. The final twists were pretty sick and mental! The book was a combination of mystery, thriller, and detective investigation all together.

I liked everything about this story! I already looked up other books by Steve Hamilton and am anxious to try them. If you like mysteries with a little humor, then you must try this one. Joe Trumbell works in upstate New York as a probation officer. When the book opens he is about to go on a blind date: his first since his fiancee Laurel was murdered two years ago.

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The date with Marlene goes very well - but shortly afterwards her dead body is found. Despite assertations to the contrary, it is clear that Trumbull is the police's best suspect. As the evidence against him mounts, he becomes determined to find the killer and to clear his name before it's too late. The storyline is a Joe Trumbell works in upstate New York as a probation officer. The storyline is a familiar one, but Hamilton has an enjoyable writing style and injects enough twists and surprises to hold the reader's interest.

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I was trying to make sense of the clues along the way but didn't guess what the final outcome would be. After a slightly slow start, the book picks up momentum and makes for a fast read to the end.

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Yes the eventual conclusion is pretty silly, but no worse than most books in this genre. I enjoyed this book. Steve Hamilton is the author of a great series about a retired cop living in Paradise, Michigan. If you haven't read any of them, start with A Cold Day in Paradise. Night Work is a one-off standalone novel, although on his website he suggests that there will be future books about Joe Trumbull.

May 04, Ed rated it liked it Shelves: law-enforcement , crime. Finalist Gold Dagger Award. Here is a case where I don't agree with the award. After 7 entries in the award winning Alex McKnight series about an ex-cop in northern MI, author Hamilton has produced this unsatisfying stand-alone about a probation officer in upstate NY.

Kingston detective Howie is on Joe's side but State Investigators suspect him. Atmosphere and characterization of Trumbell is good but plot is weak and wrap-up is terrible. Oct 29, Joanne rated it liked it. Steve Hamilton usually places his action in Michigan. This one is the only book he has written that takes place in New York state.

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I'd gone to a talk he gave in which he mentioned this book, noting that no one ever asks him to write another book about this character. Hmmm, I thought I'd read all his books. Missed this one, I thought. But I didn't, I had just lost it from my memory. If you like Steve Hamilton's writing, go for it. If you have never heard of Steve Hamilton, this is not a book to s Steve Hamilton usually places his action in Michigan. If you have never heard of Steve Hamilton, this is not a book to start to read his fiction.

Joe Trumbull is a probation officer who has the worst luck with women imaginable. The woman he was going to marry was killed the night of his bachelor party two years ago. Now every woman he talks to winds up dead. Story is interesting but the title makes no sense. The killer doesn't always operate at night and a probation officer doesn't do his job at night.

Feb 04, Chris rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this one, kept me engaged to the end. May 13, Nike Chillemi rated it really liked it Shelves: detective-lawenforcement. Joe Trumble, a juvenile probation officer, finally decides he's ready to accept a blind date two years after his fiance Laurel's brutal murder. At first he gets cold feet and almost stands his date up, but then thinks better of it and is surprised at how well the evening goes.

Then he learns the next day the woman was strangled to death. Liked this hero. Nov 21, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: good-book , gr8. A must Read if you enjoy Hamilton. Awesome book! Apr 02, Michael T Bradley rated it it was amazing. Still, that's how I roll.

This book starts out a bit slow, but I was intrigued by the character. Somewhere around chapter four or five, though, it kicks into high gear and really doesn't let up. Basically you've got a main character who's kindasorta a boxer, trying to get over the grief of his dead fiancee or possibly newlywed; I forgot to write this review for a while from two years ago - case still unsolved.

He goes on a date. It actually goes pretty well. Then, 24 hours later, everything begins a very quick spiral into chaos. At times as a reader I found myself worrying that our protagonist might be an unreliable narrator. I won't tell you whether he is or not, but I'll say that I was satisfied with the conclusion of the novel.

Some people have issues with the ending - some reviews are so critical, I was expecting UFO's to appear or something. While it certainly is Was it perfect? You can agree with your employer to change the night time period. If you do, then it must be at least seven hours long and include the time between midnight to 5.

You are a night worker if you regularly work for at least three hours during the night time period either:. As a night worker, you should not work more than an average of eight hours in each hour period. This average is usually calculated over a week period. This includes regular overtime, but not occasional overtime. You cannot opt out of this night working limit.

Convention C - Night Work of Young Persons (Industry) Convention, (No. 6)

If your night work involves special hazards or heavy physical or mental strain, you can't be made to work more than eight hours in any hour period. This is an absolute limit rather than an average limit and includes daytime overtime. With absolute limits you cannot work over eight hours in any hour period.

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Average limits allow you to average the hours you work over a set period. For example, one night you work nine hours, the next night you work seven, averaging out at eight hours. Your employer should identify any hazards in your work, assess how harmful they could be and take steps to reduce any risks. If you are a night worker in any of these situations, the reference period to calculate your weekly working time limit is extended from 17 to 26 weeks. You also have the right to take compensatory rest breaks to make up for your extra time at work.

If you are under 18 but over school leaving age, you are classed as a young worker. You are under school leaving age until the end of summer term of the school year in which you turn Young workers have different restrictions on night work than adult workers. The National Minimum Wage applies to night workers but there is not a higher night working rate. Workers who are expected to work for most of a sleep-in shift for example, a care worker will usually get the National Minimum Wage for the whole shift.

Workers who are expected to sleep for most of a sleep-in shift will get the National Minimum Wage only when they are woken up to perform tasks. They must be given somewhere suitable to sleep.

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Additional rules apply to night workers on top of the rules on maximum weekly working hours and rest breaks. The average is usually calculated over 17 weeks, but it can be over a longer period of up to 52 weeks if the workers and the employer agree - for example, by collective agreement. They usually cannot work between 10pm and 6am this can be changed to not working between 11pm and 7am, by contract but there are exceptions if they work in:.

Night workers who deal with special hazards or whose work involves mental or physical strain cannot work longer than 8 hours in any hour period.

C090 - Night Work of Young Persons (Industry) Convention (Revised), 1948 (No. 90)

A risk assessment must be carried out to identify special hazards and work involving mental or physical strain. You cannot discriminate against a worker if they do not want to work nights. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content. UK uses cookies to make the site simpler.