Outsourcing to Multiply Your Profits

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Rather than focusing on U. And having manufacturing plants in China is beneficial to companies looking to expand into the Chinese market. In this UNF example , the cost to outsource outweighs the expenses of internal manufacturing. There are however, more qualitative issues that could affect your profit just as much as incremental costs. For example, the quality of the outsourced product, the timeliness of delivery, and affects on internal employees. Made in the U.

A: Is Outsourcing Dead?

You can’t live the internet lifestyle if you don’t leave your swivel chair

Benefits of Outsourcing Although re-shoring has made a comeback in previous years, outsourcing is still viable for many companies. Ashtyn Douglas. See Ashtyn Douglas's Profile. Her favorite B2B topics include social media, mobile marketing, sales optimization techniques, and content creation. Ashtyn studied Business and Psychology at the University of California, San Diego developing her passions for research and writing. You will need to hunt for passionate developers who will charge you a decent amount but will take your project as a challenge and execute it in the finest manner.

You will surely experience the best output. Your Outsourcing options. Outsourcing has different levels. It can be a minimal task of an hour or it can be done for yearly contracts. It depends on what level you want to take it to.

Following are some of the types of outsourcing: 1 Outsourcing an entire department: It is also called as outsourcing a process to third party. They will analyze, research on better ideas, develop it, test it, validate it from you and then publish it for you. You can outsource various projects to companies on contract basis, once the project contract gets over, you may not need to get in touch with the other party. As it does not need any intervention from your company, you can focus towards business growth. There are many companies in market who offer virtual assistance services so that you can assign your extra tasks or assignments to them.

There are minimal charges for outsourcing these tasks, so you can either opt in for hourly packages or can hire their resources for an entire month for couple of hours as per your requirements. They vary as per the different industry sectors. Question to identify your Outsourcing needs. It is quite obvious for every person to think why should I outsource, do I really need outsourcing or an in-house resources would be just find for me? The solution is to think over some doubts for some time and find out the answer.

How to manage risks?

Nothing is possible in any business without taking a risk. The only way out is to find and follow a risk management plan. Before stepping into any new venture, you should make sure you have a plan to overcome the risks. Following are some factors that can help you manage the risks which Outsourcing your web development projects: 1 Design a risk alleviation plan: To avoid business risks through your outsourcing partners, always make sure to check the background of them and design a strategy to avoid a few risky situations.

They may include a sudden breakdown of the outsourcing company, extremely poor service delivery, change in management etc. Find out if the company has enough capital to continue offering quality services atleast for 1 year even in worst conditions and go ahead. When you ask them to check in the issue, they refuse to check or ask for extra money.

To avoid this situation, always verify if the company offers a post delivery support and a good testing service. It is always good if you pay according to project phases. It is, in no manner, an acceptable fact. To avoid it, you should always sign a contract against stealing of intellectual property.

How To Automate & Outsource: 6 Processes To Multiply Your Profit & Free Time. Part Two: Outsourcing

With this, the other party would have no right to reuse the codes and sell your project to any other party. So always keep your codes and intellectual property which is with the other party completely secure.

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Also verify if the server on which the codes are hosted are completely secured and encrypted. This will protect your codes safely. You get to check the quality of every phase and only then you can release the payment of the project. You will always be on a safer side and the money spent would be worth to the results. To be a world class innovative and progressive IT company having branches across the globe by Honesty, Commitment and Co-operation are core values of eLuminous Technologies and we are living upto these core values since the inception of the Company.

Our Developers not only execute every project with a finest quality on the given time, but they try to become a part of your business success. We offer the following services for Outsourcing: Web Development Services: 1. WordPress Development Services 2. Magento Web Development Services 3. Joomla Development services 4. Drupal Web development 5. Responsive web designing services 6. Web designing services 7. Custom project development 9. Mobile website development Social Networking website development. Services offered Mobile Apps Development 1. Search engine optimization services 2.

Social media marketing 3. Mobile website marketing 4. Mobile apps marketing 5. Virtual assistance services. Our Process Client sends us his requirements. Requirement analysis and consulting. By outsourcing, I mean paying someone else from outside of your business to complete a task or project. It is usually done to:. Then, with your new systems in place, you generate more and more business — happy clients help you along by referring more prospects to you. The secret to this — the secret to outsourcing for big profits — is leverage.

Leveraging is what makes millionaires. You know the impact of effective systems on increasing the effectiveness of your business. Systems that enable you to contact prospects a week instead of ten. Systems that enable you to meet 20 prospects instead of five. Systems that enable you to complete 10 projects per week instead of one. With ten quality contractors, you can get ten times the work done of one. With your minimizing the risk through good management, you reap the profits of ten jobs being completed.

Access wider skills and services. The ability to access skills and services not available internally is a huge advantage. You make great-looking web sites that your clients love. Your happy client asks you what they should do about getting effective copy on the web site to help increase the conversion rate. So that leaves you with the outsourcing option. The client is thrilled.

Improve the quality of what your business provides. As a web developer, you need to be trying to provide the absolute best solution for your client. Problem is, the site only gets ten visitors a day. Increase the amount of work completed by your business. Increasing the amount of work your business can take on means more money coming in. In a nutshell, this is the main benefit of outsourcing.

Many hands make light work — and many hands also means more work can be done. With increased hours of work or projects being performed, obviously your income will grow. Cut costs dramatically, allowing greater profit. Then they need a computer, and software, and an ergonomic chair, and a staff room with a coffee machine in it.

You get the picture — the costs go on and on, long after you pay their salary. Employing a full-time worker is expensive. However, if you only draw upon those skills at the time you need them, you can cut your costs. The competition amongst web designers for contract work means you can cut those costs sometimes by a very, very significant margin. Of course, as great as the benefits of outsourcing are, there are some disadvantages — otherwise everybody would be doing it.

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Laws differ from country to country and state to state , so you need to make yourself aware of the relevant laws in the area in which you are operating in addition to the laws that affect the contractor you are engaging. Be aware of the difficulties involved in commencing legal action against another person or company in a foreign country.

Another constant legal concern we battle against with our web designs is copyright infringement. It is very difficult in many instances to verify copyright ownership, and we rely to a large degree on the honesty of the designer. With the benefit of this expensive experience, we now insist that the designer undertake to guarantee that images used are copyright free, and to be liable for payment of any images found to be otherwise now or in the future.

Automate & Outsource: Multiply Your Profit & Free Time-Part 3

The question is: can you trust them with that information? Is the contractor trustworthy? As the web developer engaged to provide the service to your client, you are responsible for all aspects, and that includes the actions of any contractors you engage. Their goals and your goals will be different — and because of that you lose a fair bit of control over quality and project completion time frames. A client came to my business for a new web site. It was a busy time of year, and we were flat to the boards just keeping up with demand. We provided a quote, entered a design contest brief on a SitePoint contest where designers quickly design web sites in an effort to win the competition you have set up , and within days we had four great designs for the client to review.

Also, very importantly, we gained a new designer whom we could trust and use on subsequent projects. Example Losing Control A client approached us needing a project completed quickly. We fully briefed our contractor; he accepted the job knowing the urgency, and agreed to the time frames. We assured our client the job would be done. Now, take your pick from this list of excuses:.

Outsourcing to multiply profits

But like I said earlier, the right sort of management can help you to avoid those problems, and provide you with an alternative way to generate greater income than what you could do alone. I know it sounds a bit obvious, but get your head around charging a lot more than your contractors charge to do the actual work. By a lot more, I mean five to seven times more, sometimes even more than that. These people equate higher prices with ethically wrong practices. Our expertise ensures the client gains an excellent solution to their problem. That is, we ensure a design that is well suited to their market, we write content that converts the visitors to customers, and the content is optimized for search engines, which means more visitors.

This includes aspects such as legal liability should anything go wrong, damage to my reputation if anything does go wrong, not getting paid, and much more.

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