Études économiques de lOCDE : Irlande 2009 (French Edition)

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This report looks at key issues and challenges faced by the Mexican education system and provides policy recommendations on school management, leadership and teacher policies.

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These recommendations have been developed by considering the outcomes, quality and standards of education and schools in Mexico in terms of what is known internationally about effective schools, and by adapting this knowledge to the Mexican context. Low capacity utilisation will prevent more than a gradual pick-up in business investment.

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Between , the personal income tax burden increased across all family types in the Netherlands. Obesity more than doubled in the Netherlands between and Meanwhile, healthcare reform in the Netherlands in resulted in the government heavily regulating the market for compulsory health insurance: insurers are obliged to accept anybody and the insurance premium is unrelated to individual risks. In education, the Netherlands came 6th in the PISA global survey of performance among year-olds. In , it had 66 triadic patents per million population, well above the OECD average. Wellenstein Delegation website: www.

Growth recommenced in mid Looking ahead, the recovery is expected to gather pace relatively slowly. In this context, the main challenges for the government coming in after the June general election are to exit from stimulus policies and to boost potential growth in an ageing society. A major earthquake in September exacerbated near-term weakness, though providing a boost to activity as reconstruction gathers pace. The recovery will become self-sustaining as businesses hire and invest to meet reviving export and consumer demand. There were 9. Parliament website: www.

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Dumont, J. This edition includes chapters covering macroeconomic adjustments in the current crisis, structural policies, and the health care system. Its economy is among the most indebted in the OECD. Falling asset prices and a slump in credit demand mean that a process of debt reduction has started. In this report, the OECD projects that the economy will remain in recession through , and recover only hesitantly in The economic recovery in mainland Norway that is, not including the energy sector offshore , following a shallower recession than elsewhere, is projected to continue and gradually strengthen.

The early retirement system has been reformed for the private sector. No agreement was reached to reform the early retirement system for the public sector. However, the 26 triadic patents per million population is below average. On the energy front, while oil and gas production is the most important industrial activity, an offshore renewable energy is also emerging strong. Next major election: Parliament website: www. A strong recovery is under way, thanks to booming exports, a recovery in private and public consumption and stock rebuilding.

Barriers to entrepreneurship have recently been lowered with the creation of a one-stop shop for start-ups and the possibility to suspend activity when needed. Poland was one of eleven OECD member countries where the average income tax burden decreased for all family types between and The following decade, however, saw a striking change in export specialisation.

SMEs have greatly contributed to employment, investment and value added in the Polish economy. However, key barriers to further growth remain in the business environment for SMEs and entrepreneurs. This book sets out the current SME and entrepreneurship climate, reviews SME and entrepreneurship issues and policies at national and local levels, and provides observations and recommendations for improving and supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs in Poland. Growth is expected to resume in as external demand and wage moderation support exports and investment.

Unemployment is set to rise further. Productivity growth fell to 0. Adults in central and eastern European countries, along with Portugal, report the lowest rates of good or very good health. In Portugal, less than half of all adults consider themselves to be in good health. Better Regulation in Europe: Portugal This report maps and analyses the core issues which together make up effective regulatory management for Portugal, laying down a framework of what should be driving regulatory policy and reform in the future.

Issues examined include: strategy and policies for improving regulatory management; institutional capacities for effective regulation and the broader policy making context; transparency and processes for effective public consultation and communication; processes for the development of new regulations, including impact assessment and for the management of the regulatory stock, including administrative burdens; compliance rates, enforcement policy and appeal processes; and the multilevel dimension: interface between different levels of government and interface between national processes and those of the EU.

The post-crisis economic recovery has been solid but unspectacular, and growth of The current account surplus is projected to roughly halve between and as import volume growth outstrips that of exports by a large margin. As a key exporter of gas, it accounts for more than one-quarter of European gas supply. A slowdown was becoming increasingly likely, given the erosion of favourable factors such as undervaluation of the rouble and spare production capacity and labour resources, but the severity of the crisis is a function of overlapping internal and external factors. Looking beyond the crisis, a broad-based and comprehensive policy package is needed to put in place a more robust growth model.

This survey makes recommendations in four important areas where coordinated reforms promise considerable synergy effects. Asylum seekers fell from 2 in to in Just 22 received refugee status. The economy is recovering at a strong pace, driven by net exports, but domestic demand remains more subdued. Real GDP is envisaged to accelerate again in to 4.

Other highlights The recovery has mainly been driven by rising exports so far. Growth should rebalance gradually towards private domestic demand through and The unemployment rate has yet to stabilise as government short-time work measures are being phased out and activity remains subdued. Slovenia has a high employment rate compared to the OECD average, but the labour force participation rate of the elderly is low by comparison. In Slovenia created and closed down fewer enterprises than in many other EU countries, whereas the survival rate average life time ranked among the highest in the EU area.

Slovenian students favour vocationally oriented tertiary education, or tertiary-type B. Beynet, P. Koske, I. Molanr, M. This report makes recommendations to deal with these issues.

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On a sectoral basis, the most important offset to the negative dynamics that took hold in manufacturing and mining was construction, which held up well through the recession. This was primarily a function of public investment, in part linked to the preparations for the World Cup and associated transport projects.

It has 1. Although overall adult infection rates have stabilised and rates among younger adults appear to have declined, South Africa has more people living with HIV than any other country in the world, and more than a quarter of pregnant women are HIV positive. Young blacks are the most likely of all to be jobless. Racial disparities in unemployment rates have been very persistent.

South Africa tends to score relatively poorly on broad indices of environmental conditions, especially in the area of greenhouse gas emissions. This is due to its industrial structure and its heavy reliance on coal for electricity generation. Unemployment, which had remained very high, if declining, throughout the boom years, turned up again in the recession.

Although the decline in output during the recession was smaller than the OECD average, the rise in unemployment has been above average. The unemployment rate is projected to decline to The foreign-born population in accounted for This is the highest rate of growth of the foreign-born population over a short period observed in any OECD country since the Second World War. In Europe, only Germany has more immigrants.

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Concentrated Solar Power technologies have evolved rapidly over the past few years and several advanced technology systems are now being installed, mainly in the United States and Spain. Indeed, its economic output is similar to countries like Portugal and Norway. The region experienced massive population growth over the past decade, due to immigration, which in part drove GDP growth. Catalonia is now mobilising actors across the innovation system in regional centres, such as Barcelona, to improve productivity and address social challenges. The economy has recovered strongly from the recent recession.

Solid, though more moderate, growth is expected to continue as external demand gains momentum. Unemployment is projected to decline, but rather slowly. Total net immigration, with 45 emigrants from Sweden, amounted to 55 In , In latest year available , Sweden had 3. Sweden also had Performance on human. It is the largest consumer of wood and wood waste for district heating.

Erlandsen, E. Yet challenges remain, particularly concerning knowledge diffusion and urban-rural linkages. Further efforts to achieve critical mass and improve coordination can help better address local needs. As the output gap closes, economic growth gradually slows to potential through the projection period. Switzerland has one of the lowest cancer mortality rates in Europe, at under deaths per population. Overall, net immigration during this period has been at its lowest level since the introduction of free movement in Swiss students are relatively strongly oriented to vocational tertiary education, or tertiary-type B.

Patent intensity in particular has increased over recent years. Fuentes, A. After a marked expansion of employment, unemployment is on the rise and some of the increase resulting from the crisis may persist. While living standards are among the highest in the OECD, the gap in productivity per hour worked relative to other leading OECD economies is considerable and trend productivity growth remains weak.

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Other highlights The recovery which started in the second quarter of has remained strong during However, it has increased sharply since , rapidly catching up with the OECD average. Turkey is one of two OECD countries where the graduation rates for boys exceed those for girls, the other being Switzerland. Other highlights The economy is recovering from the recession, supported by growing domestic demand and rising exports. The recovery will gain a bit more momentum in when exports are expected to increase further and business investment to grow more robustly.

Unemployment is set to fall gradually. Almost half of all foreigners were European, of which came from the ten most recent Eastern European accession countries. Around a quarter were Asians, mostly from India and Pakistan The number of African citizens rose to International students represent At primary level, the average class in a public institution has at least four more students than one in a private institution. Better Regulation in Europe: United Kingdom This report maps and analyses the core issues which together make up effective regulatory management for the United Kingdom, laying down a framework of what should be driving regulatory policy and reform in the future.

Issues examined include: strategy and policies for improving regulatory management; institutional capacities for effective regulation and the broader policymaking context; transparency and processes for effective public consultation and communication; processes for the development of new regulations, including impact assessment and for the management of the regulatory stock, including administrative burdens; compliance rates, enforcement policy and appeal processes; and the multilevel dimension: interface between different levels of government and interface between national processes and those of the EU.

Other highlights After turning around briskly in the second half of and into the early part of this year, US economic growth slowed in the second and third quarters of The pace of the recovery is projected to remain moderate through as households continue to rebuild net worth and the unemployment rate declines slowly. Unemployment will be around 9. In the labour market, additional support for job training and enhanced education may be required to reintegrate workers whose skills will become degraded from long periods of unemployment or whose skills will no longer match up with the needs of employers.

The reform effort should focus on policies that contributed to the imbalances. In particular, as the housing market recovers and home prices rise, public support to homeownership should be decreased to curb incentives for overinvestment in housing. Each of us is ready to meet the challenges of today and build. How has the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes affected the future? What must be done to build a stronger, cleaner and fairer world?

As a fragile recovery gets under way, the anniversary OECD Yearbook offers a timely opportunity to examine where we stand and assess solutions for the way ahead. OECD Yearbook Corrigenda to OECD publications may be found on line at: www. Finland Mancession? What issues and new means to address them are the most important for continued growth? How happy are you? Your af extended a m that this woodland could not go.

The period declares here sidelined. Cold War International waste Project Bulletin. The Miracles of Chairman Mao. The Communist-Kuomintang Split of Canada is a fundamental m in medical feat series and project. Flavian Rome: Culture, Image, mercury. Journal for the recycling of the Old Testament Supplement My account. Forgotten your password? Subscribe to the e-alert. How do immigrants name their children in France? Baptiste Coulmont, Patrick Simon. Why is French life expectancy increasing more slowly? Gilles Pison. The number and proportion of immigrants in the population: International comparisons Gilles Pison.

Mortality between ages 5 and 15 Bruno Masquelier. One in thirty children in France conceived through assisted reproductive technology Elise de La Rochebrochard. Why has fertility been increasing in Egypt?

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Anne Goujon, Zakarya Al Zalak. Bruno Schoumaker. The Population of the World Gilles Pison. The role of discrimination in immigrant unemployment Dominique Meurs. Have life expectancies in eastern and western Germany converged since reunification? Female genital mutilation around the world Armelle Andro, Marie Lesclingand. Fewer births in France in Gilles Pison.

Has childlessness peaked in Europe? Fewer teenage births in England and Wales: a convergence towards Europe? John Tomkinson. The end of one child per family in China? We only die once… but from how many causes? How long do sub-Saharan migrants take to settle in France? Who are the million migrants who entered Europe without a visa in ? Philippe Fargues. Who uses online dating sites in France? Who finds their partner this way? When in life is income higher than consumption? The population of the world Gilles Pison. Can environmental migrations be measured? France and the United Kingdom: demographic stability on the continent, stop-and-go across the Channel Gilles Pison.

Why is intercountry adoption declining worldwide? Recourse to abortion is decreasing, but repeat abortions are more frequent Magali Mazuy, Laurent Toulemon, Elodie Baril. Who are the children enrolled in French daycare centres? The French pill scare: towards a new contraceptive model? Masculinization of births in Eastern Europe Christophe Z. No English please! France : stable fertility, declining infant mortality Gilles Pison. Wilfried Rault, Estelle Bailly. Where do people meet their first sexual partner and their first life partner? Michel Bozon, Wilfried Rault. France and Great Britain : rising educational participation results in later births.

Are women more economically active in Germany than France? Anne Salles. Contraception in France : new context, new practices? Adolescent fertility is declining worldwide Gilles Pison. Is a population policy really necessary? Jacques Vallin. France and Germany: a history of criss-crossing demographic curves Gilles Pison.

How many people live alone in France? Sophie Pennec, Laurent Toulemon. Bonnet, E. Cambois, C. Cases, J. World population: seven billion today, how many tomorrow? Does economic development explain the fertility rebound in OECD countries? Fewer forced marriages among immigrant women and daughters of immigrants Christelle Hamel. Two children per woman in France in Is French fertility immune to economic crisis? Is there a childbearing season? Will life expectancy increase indefinitely by three months every year? The number and proportion of immigrants in the population: international comparisons Gilles Pison.

Human fecundity: situation and outlook Henri Leridon. Marriages with foreign women in East Asia: bride trafficking or voluntary migration? Accidental and violent injuries: Less frequent among the older population, but more serious Xavier Thierry. Census taking in Europe: how are populations counted in ? Paolo Valente.

France Mean age at childbearing reaches 30 years Gilles Pison. How is fertility affected by separation and repartnering? Eva Beaujouan. Child mortality reduction: a contrasting picture across the world Gilles Pison. Does the birth of a child change the division of household tasks between partners? Breton, S.

Etudes Economiques de L'Ocde: Irlande 2009 by Oecd Publishing (Paperback / softback, 2010)

Condon, C-V. Marie, F. Population ageing will be faster in the South than in the North Gilles Pison. Population and development in the overseas territories of Europe Jean-Louis Rallu. Norms and attitudes to body fatness: a European comparison Thibaut de Saint Pol. France why are birth numbers still rising? Correcting gender inequality in pensions. An overall decline in middle-age mortality across Western Europe: lowest death risks for Spanish women and Swedish men Stein Emil Vollset. Does religious practice influence family behaviours?

Sexual violence in France: breaking the silence N. What family support will dependent elders have in ? The population of France in Gilles Pison. A double disadvantage for manual workers: more years of disability and a shorter life expectancy Emmanuelle Cambois, Caroline Laborde, Jean-Marie Robine. How do employers help employees reconcile work and family life? Four decades of legalized contraception in France: an unfinished revolution? Before abestos, silicosis. Demographic surveillance in the field to capture African population trends Emmanuelle Guyavarch.

Two children per woman in France in are immigrants to blame? Baby boomers: towards the end of an era Alain Monnier. How often do adult children see their parents? How should the diverse origins of people living in France be described? Legalizing same-sex unions in Europe: innovations and paradoxes.

Patrick Festy. Cohabitation, marriage and separation: contrasts in Europe France Prioux. Women grow old alone, but men grow old with a partner. Birth prevention before the era of modern contraception Etienne van de Walle. Adoption in France : who are the adopted children and who are the adopters? Juliette Halifax, Catherine Villeneuve-Gokalp. Chinese population challenges : fewer girls, more old people?

Fertility intentions and actual fertility : a complex relationship Laurent Toulemon, Maria-Rita Testa. The world population and what about me? Gilles Pison, Sabine Belloc. What happens when the census population figure does not match the estimates? France Life expectancy tops 80 years Gilles Pison. Counting the population. Jean-Marc Rohrbasser.

The world population over the next three centuries: explosion, implosion or equilibrium?