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According to the wetted perimeter near Roma Vecchia, where the ancient Anio Novus aqueduct and travertine are well preserved, the aqueduct was almost always full of water. Still, their estimate is significantly lower than previous estimates, which did not account for the travertine.

They found that even a small amount of travertine deposit served to significantly reduce the water flow by 25 percent. Former estimates have tried to reconcile flow rates recorded in AD 97 by Rome's water commissioner Sextus Julius Frontinus in his classic text entitled De Aquis.

Aqua Anio Novus

Other recent estimates have used an average velocity. In turn, this would dramatically change estimates of the volume of water being transported. Materials provided by Carl R.

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Original written by Claire Sturgeon. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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Science News. Story Source: Materials provided by Carl R. Garcia, Bruce W. Travertine-based estimates of the amount of water supplied by ancient Rome's Anio Novus aqueduct.

Atlas of Ancient Rome

ScienceDaily, 10 June Carl R. Ancient Roman aqueduct supply revealed. Vis Sabinorum ingens prope ad moenia urbis infesta populatione venit; foedati agri, terror iniectus urbi est. Tum plebs benigne arma cepit; reclamantibus frustra tribunis magni duo exercitus. To this camp came Quintus Fabius, Publius Volumnius, and Aulus Postumius, envoys from Rome, to complain of the wrongs done and demand restitution, as provided in the treaty. The Aequian general bade them recite the message of the Roman senate to the oak, saying that he would meantime attend to other matters.

The oak, a mighty tree, overhung head-quarters and with its dense shade afforded a cool resting-place.

The tribunes sought in their usual fashion to prevent the levy, and might perhaps have held out against it to the end; but suddenly a fresh alarm supervened. A great body of Sabines made a hostile incursion almost to the walls of Rome, wasting the fields and terrifying the citizens.

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Thereupon the plebeians willingly enlisted, and despite the unavailing protests of the tribunes, two large armies were. More Contact Us How to Subscribe. Search Publications Pages Publications Pages. Advanced Search Help.

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