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Aristarchus' measurement was probably off because first, it is hard to determine the exact centers of the Sun and the Moon and second, it is hard to know exactly when the Moon is half full. On the other hand, his estimate showed that the Sun is much further away from us than the Moon is. Aristarchus also figured out how to measure the size of the Moon. During a lunar eclipse, he measured the duration of time between the moment when the edge of the Moon first entered the umbra and the moment when the Moon was first totally obscured. He also measured the duration of totality.

Because he found the two times to be the same, he concluded that the width of the Earth's shadow at the distance where the Moon crosses it must be twice the diameter of the Moon Therefore, the Moon must be about half as big as the Earth.

Note that he already knew the approximate size of the Earth. Aristarchus also reasoned that since the Sun and the Moon have the same angular size, but the Sun is 19 times further or so he thought , then the Sun must be 19 times bigger than the Moon. While his measurements were not very precise, they nonetheless demonstrate a simple understanding of the sizes and distances of the Earth, Moon and Sun.

He is also famed for his pioneering attempt to determine the sizes and distances of the sun and moon.

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Aristarchus was a student of Strato of Lampsacus, who was head of Aristotle's Lyceum. However, it is not thought that Aristarchus studied with Strato in Athens but rather that he studied with him in Alexandria. Strato became head of the Lyceum at Alexandria in BC and it is thought that Aristarchus studied with him there starting his studies shortly after that date. Of course there is the immediate question of what Aristarchus invented, and Vitruvius explains that he invented a sundial in the shape of a hemispherical bowl with a pointer to cast shadows placed in the middle of the bowl.

Seattle Seahawks Chess: K Aristarchus:ngulo up :setting up the chessmen : The acquaintances she had already formed were unworthy of her [ Canis Major Jane Austen] upholster. God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. ArabicThevocative case is indicated in Arabic by the particle ya Arabic: placed before a noun.

In English translations, this is often translated literally as O instead of being omitted. Roughing It. It smells like our domestic sage, and "sage-tea" made from it taste like the sage-tea which all boys are so well acquainted with. The sage-brush is a singularly hardy plant, and grows right in the midst of deep sand, and among barren rocks, where nothing else in the vegetable world would try to grow, except "bunch-grass.

There is not a tree of any kind in the deserts, for hundreds of miles--there is no vegetation at all in a regular desert, except the sage-brush and its cousin the "greasewood," which is so much like the sage-brush that the difference amounts to little. Camp-fires and hot suppers in the deserts would be impossible but for the friendly sagebrush.

Its trunk is as large as a boy's wrist and from that up to a man's arm , and its crooked branches are half as large as its trunk--all good, sound, hard wood, very like oak. There is one mind common to all individual men. Every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same. He that is once admitted to the right of reason is made a freeman of the whole estate. What Plato has thought, he may think; what a saint has felt, he may feel; what at any time has befallen any man, he can understand. Who hath access to this universal mind is a party to all that is or can be done, for this is the only and sovereign agent.

Of the works of this mind history is the record. Its genius is illustrated by the entire series of days.

Man is explicable by nothing less than all his history. Without hurry, without rest, the human spirit goes forth from the beginning to embody every faculty, every thought, every emotion, which belongs to it in appropriate events. But the thought is always prior to the fact; all the facts of history preexist in the mind as laws.

The most pronounced hepatoprotective effect of concurrent administration of L-Carnitine and Corvitin may be due to synergic action of these drugs and such regime can be recommended for correction of liver function during Reye syndrome. Still Shopping for a Sport Some kids haven't found the right sport.

Reading and teaching " Don Quijote" present multiple challenges to twenty-first century students and instructors who are culturally and historically distanced from the seventeenth century.


With "Las Meninas" serving as a visual lexicon for cuing correlative themes and events in " Don Quijote", the instructor, through an ekphrastic, interdisciplinary…. Fungal flora and deoxynivalenol DON level in wheat from Jeddah This study aimed to explore the fungal flora along with the DON concentration in the collected wheat samples from Jeddah market to correlate between this flora and the detected DON.

Whole grain wheat samples were collected from Jeddah market and this represents imported and locally produced wheat. The results Don Quixote og romangenren. Moreover, it has played a major part in the development and theoretisation of one of the modern world's most central artistic forms: the novel. The project was carried out at the "Cristo Rey " Geriatric Center, with which we wanted to help improve the stability of the elderly through a dan Full Text Available Melastoma affine D.

Don had some activities such as anthelmintic, antibacteria, antiinfiammation, antifungal, and antitumor. The aims of this research was determine antibacteria activity of ethanolic extract of Melastoma affine D. The compounds in Melastoma affine D. Don was analyzed by tube test method and Thin Layer Chromatography TLC with chloroform : methanol : formic acid 8,,,5 as mobile phase and silica gel GF as stationary phase.

The result showed ethanolic extract of Melastoma affine D. Don contains alkaloid, polyphenol, fiavonoid, saponin, and essential oil. Keywords: Melastoma affine D. Don , Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli. It combines a geographical analysis of the two main areas in which it spread, and a chronological analysis, which includes the dates of implementation of the system. Bioavailability of dissolved organic nitrogen DON in wastewaters from animal feedlots and storage lagoons. Dissolved organic nitrogen DON transport from animal agriculture to surface waters can lead to eutrophication and dissolved oxygen depletion.

This stu It draws on the author's direct involvement with that effort as well as personal interviews and media evidence to consider the contributions of the Obama Administration, members of Congress, the media, and individuals and pressure groups in the repeal process. It argues that repeal succeeded not because of the effective implementation of a White House plan but because the pressure of LGBT advocates ultimately shattered several key obstacles including inadequate messaging and dysfunction and inertia among both politicians and interest groups in Washington.

The article offers insight into the role of public pressure in forwarding social change. DON -induced changes in bone homeostasis in mink dams. Full Text Available Introduction: The aim of the study was to investigate the mechanical and geometric properties as well as bone tissue and mineral density of long bones in mink dams exposed to deoxynivalenol DON since one day after mating, throughout gestation ca. Material and Methods: Thirty clinically healthy multiparous minks Neovison vison of the standard dark brown type were used.

After the mating, the minks were randomly assigned into two equal groups: nontreated control group and DON group fed wheat contaminated naturally with DON at a concentration of 1. Results: The final body weight and weight and length of the femur did not differ between the groups.

However, DON contamination decreased mechanical endurance of the femur. Furthermore, DON reduced the mean relative wall thickness and vertical wall thickness of the femur, while vertical cortical index, midshaft volume, and cross-sectional moment of inertia increased. Finally, DON contamination did not alter bone tissue density, bone mineral density, or bone mineral content, but decreased the values of all investigated structural and material properties.

Conclusion: DON at applied concentration probably intensified the process of endosteal resorption, which was the main reason for bone wall thinning and the weakening of the whole bone. Deciphering the diagenetic alteration degree in thrombolites across the Permian-Triassic boundary and the evaluation of REY as a proxy of palaeoseawater.

The thrombolites from Cili section, digitate in mesoscopic morphology, are latest Permian in age. In contrast, most of the thrombolites in Taiping section are mottled and formed in the earliest Triassic. The variation in thrombolite morphology across the PTB is probably related to increasing amount of metazoan and increasing intensity of bioturbation after the end-Permian mass extinction. The REY concentrations are higher in the thrombolites from Taiping section ppm, average 48 ppm than in the thrombolites from Cili section ppm, average 25 ppm.

The preserved seawater like REY distribution pattern indicates that diagenesis did not alter the REY distribution patterns. The thrombolite samples from Cili section, compared to the counterparts from Taiping, have less positive La anomaly and less negative Ce anomaly. For the thrombolites from Cili section, a positive correlation exists between Ce anomaly and siliciclastic. Rey : a computer code for the determination of the radionuclides activities from the gamma-ray spectrum data.

The Code searches the full energy peaks in the spectra background as the base line under the peak and calculates the energy of the statistically significant peaks. Also the Code assigns each peak to the most probable isotope and makes a selection of all the possible radioisotopes of the spectra, according the relative intensities of all the peaks in the whole spectra. Finally, it obtains the activities, in microcuries of each isotope, according the geometry used in the measurement.

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Although the Code is a general purpose one, their actual library of nuclear data is adapted for the analysis of liquid effluents from nuclear power plants. A computer with a 16 core memory and a hard disk are sufficient for this code. In a retrospective study of patients with mild-to-moderate dementia, 14 patients 4.

VC was evident at the story recall test in VC and GC were homogeneously distributed among the different types of dementia. VC has been proposed to originate from complex interactions of amnesia, motivational deficit and dysfunction of monitoring systems. On the contrary, GC seems to be the result of a deficit in visual memory replaced by the semantic translation of isolated parts of the ROCF along with a source monitoring deficit. Some new archaeological materials related with the history of the monumentalization process of this ancient ciuitas are also presented: specially an spectacular funerary osteotheca made of stone with glass case, an unicum in the archeology of the death in the North-East part of the Iberian Peninsula.

X-ray CT scan revealed marked hemispheric brain edema in the acute stage and moderate ventricular dilatation with diffuse low density area and cortical atrophy in the chronic stage. MRI performed in the chronic stage showed marked progressive changes. Linear high intensity areas were demonstrated on T 2 weighted MRI performed 21 days after the onset. These high intensity areas increased gradually and 60 days after the onset these high intensity areas spread to the grey matter.

These high intensity changes seemed to be correspond to cortical necrosis, and those in the white matter to gliosis or degeneration of myelin. This retrospective study analyzes the performance of 4 groups on the new index: clinically referred patients with suspected dementia, forensic patients identified as not exhibiting adequate effort on other measures of response bias, students who simulated poor effort, and a large normative sample collected in the Gulf State of Oman. Using sensitivity and specificity analyses, the study shows that much like the California Verbal Learning Test-Second Edition FCR index, the RAVLT FCR index misses a proportion of individuals with inadequate effort low sensitivity , but those who fail this measure are highly likely to be exhibiting poor effort high specificity.

Don quijote, Christelike geloof en natuurwetenskap 1. Full Text Available The story about Don Qulchote and the windmills is used in this article as an analogy to typify the debates that have taken place in history between natural science and representatives of Christian religion. The analogy is tested on debates that took place around Galileo. Darwin, Newton, Cuvier and the Big Bang theory. The analogy matches these debates quite well and this Is explained by the view that scientific claims to knowledge, and claims to knowledge based on Christian faith, belong to different categories and are thus not concurrents for the same truth.

Gilbert Ryle's criticism on Descartes' mind-body dualism is used here to strengthen this argument.


The article is concluded by pointing out in what ways one can engage in a meaningful debate on the nature of the relationship between science and Christian religion. We don 't need another hero. Everybody loves the stories of heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. But the heroic model of moral leadership usually doesn't work in the corporate world. Modesty and restraint are largely responsible for the achievements of the most effective moral leaders in business.

The author, a specialist in business ethics, says the quiet leaders he has studied follow four basic rules in meeting ethical challenges and making decisions. The rules constitute an important resource for executives who want to encourage the development of such leaders among their middle managers. The first rule is "Put things off till tomorrow. The fourth rule, "Find a compromise," reflects the author's finding that quiet leaders try not to see situations as polarized tests of ethical principles.

These individuals work hard to craft compromises that are "good enough"--responsible and workable enough--to satisfy themselves, their companies, and their customers. The vast majority of difficult problems are solved through the consistent striving of people working far from the limelight. Their quiet approach to leadership doesn't inspire, thrill, or provide story lines for uplifting TV shows. But the unglamorous efforts of quiet leaders make a tremendous difference every day in the corporate world.

Don 't Panic! Will Don Quixote escape from the Solar System? The aim of this study is to investigate the possibility of Don Quixote to be ejected from the Solar System. This paper presents an orbital evolution of hypothetical asteroids generated by cloning Don Quixote. Investigation of its orbital evolution is conducted by using the SWIFT subroutine package, where the gravitational perturbations of eight major planets in the Solar System are considered.

Tanto juveniles como adultos de las dos especies fueron encontrados en las playas, especialmente en Rio Grande do Sul, sur de Brasil. Full Text Available Deoxynivalenol DON is a protein synthesis inhibitor produced by the Fusarium species, which frequently contaminates grains used for human or animal consumption. This study highlights significant differences in the metabolization of DON and its acetylated derivatives. Full Text Available The present study aimed to assess the performance of healthy Brazilian adults on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test RAVLT, a test devised for assessing memory, and to investigate the influence of the variables age, sex and education on the performance obtained, and finally to suggest scores which may be adopted for assessing memory with this instrument.

The performance of individuals, subdivided into groups according to age and education, was assessed. Overall performance decreased with age. Schooling presented a strong and positive relationship with scores on all subitems analyzed except learning, for which no influence was found. Mean scores of subitems analyzed did not differ significantly between men and women, except for the delayed recall subitem. O desempenho geral no teste diminuiu com o aumento da idade.

Don Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada. El Fundador. Las gentes lo miraban pasar con una mezcla de respeto y de piedad. Viendo los jardines de la Alhambra, el Generalife y al fondo el blanco perpetuo de la Sierra Nevada. Full Text Available Frailty is an ontological part of human experience and characterizes our times.

Instability, insecurity, addictions, loneliness, difficulty in finding meaning and perspectives, desire to escape and nostalgia for an unknown and unreal past are predominant in the life of many young people and teenagers. In this context it is possible to consider the global success of the singer Lana Del Rey and of her melancholy and languid lyrics, but also of her videos and photographs, that are expression and celebration of an alleged existential frailty that allows her supporters, especially if adolescents or young women, to identify with her.

This is one of the tasks of pedagogy. Teatro, poder y fiesta en la ciudad colonial de Cartago, Provincia de Costa Rica Un Aporte Documental. While most 5-year-olds used a local approach when copying the Rey -Osterrieth Complex Figure ROCF , 7-year-olds increasingly adopted a global approach. RCF-OSS performance correlated significantly, but moderately with measures of ROCF accuracy, executive functioning fluency, working memory, reasoning , and non-executive functioning visual-motor integration, visual attention, processing speed, numeracy. These findings seem to indicate that RCF-OSS performance reflects a range of cognitive skills at 5 to 7 years of age, including aspects of executive and non-executive functioning.

There is consensus about its psychometric robustessness and that its various scores provide relevant information about different aspects of memory and learning. However, there are only a few studies in Brazil employing this paradigm and none of them with children. The correlations between scores showed the internal consistency of this version.

Also, the pattern of results observed was very similar to that observed in foreign studies with adults and children. There was correlation between age in months and recall scores, showing that age affects the rhythm of learning. These results were discussed based on the information processing theory.

He was an invincible warrior, wise ruler, god, general and medicine man. All these aspects of Hellenistic kingship are well known, however there is one subject that has not been studied by scholars, namely the capacity of Hellenistic kings to scare their enemies with their mere presence.

The aegis is studied as the mythical justification of the invincibility and terribleness of the kings.

livros gratuits11

Furthermore, we consider the possibility that this phenomenon was associated with the Macedonian kings prior to Alexander. Fue un guerrero invencible, un gobernante sabio, dios, general y curador. High rates of energy expenditure and water flux in free-ranging Point Reyes mountain beavers Aplodontia rufa phaea. We measured water flux and energy expenditure in free-ranging Point Reyes mountain beavers Aplodontia rufa phaea by using the doubly labeled water method.

Previous laboratory investigations have suggested weak urinary concentrating ability, high rates of water flux, and low basal metabolic rates in this species. However, free-ranging measurements from hygric mammals are rare, and it is not known how these features interact in the environment. Rates of water flux ?? Mountain beavers can likely meet their water needs through metabolic water production and preformed water in food and thus remain in water balance without access to free water. Arginine-vasopressin levels were strongly correlated with rates of water flux and plasma urea : creatinine ratios, suggesting an important role for this hormone in regulating urinary water loss in mountain beavers.

High field metabolic rates may result from cool burrow temperatures that are well below lower critical temperatures measured in previous laboratory studies and suggest that thermoregulation costs may strongly influence field energetics and water flux in semifossorial mammals. All rights reserved. Each subject was administered the ROCF as part of a larger neuropsychological battery. A standardized five-step statistical procedure was used to generate the norms.

Although t-tests showed significant differences between men and women on ROCF copy and immediate recall scores, none of the countries had an effect size larger than 0. As a result, gender-adjusted norms were not generated. As a result, this study will have important implications for the formation and practice of neuropsychology in this region. The compounds have been studied by powder X-ray diffraction; additionally the structure of Y 3 Pt 4 Ge 6 has been refined from single-crystal X-ray diffractometer data.

Alfonso Reyes en dos tiempos. Entre el arielismo y la doble experiencia literaria: "La venganza creadora" y "La cena". Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra published his immortal work Don Quixote of La Mancha in a time of crisis and decadence in Spain that occurred during the transition between the 16th and 17th centuries. In we commemorate the fourth centenary of the death of our distinguished man of letters, and thus in this article we analyse the status of Hispanic neuroscience, both in the Quixote itself and in other works by the most significant contemporary writers of that time.

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Despite the adverse historical circumstances, the shift from the Renaissance to the Baroque periods, in the Crown of Castile, was a flourishing period for literature Spanish Golden Age and other Hispanic arts painting, sculpture, architecture and music , as well as bearing witness to a prodigious creativity in the field of neuroscience, including the field of natural philosophy.

In his book Antoniana Margarita the physician Gomez Pereira laid the foundations for brain mechanism and the concept of conditioned reflexes several decades ahead of his time. The apothecary Miguel Sabuco also anticipated the concept of neurotransmission centuries ahead of his time in his New Philosophy. The physician Juan Huarte de San Juan was the founder of neuropsychology and experimental psychology, and his Examination of Men's Wits has been one of the most influential and widely translated scientific texts of all times. Its concepts are clearly reflected in Cervantes' Quixote.

This analysis of Cervantes' work within the cultural setting of the book is intended as a homage to the immortal figure of our 'Prince of Wits' in the fourth centenary of his death. Full Text Available Don Quixote has ridden with us for a long time now, and as if his fight against windmills were not enough, Don Quixote still has many more difficult situations to combat in the present times.

Will the Knight of the Sad Figure accomplish this new deed? It is our challenge to find an answer to this inquiry. The author transforms the values, costumes and points of view of the times of the literary piece and establishes a series of relationships between the literary text, the main character and several current daily life situations. Don Quixote will certainly continue his fight against all the conditions we encounter nowadays.

There is no doubt, then, that this knight still lives among us. Leveraging the display capabilities inherent in modern gaming technology, DON places users in a fully navigable 3-D environment containing graphical models and allows the users to observe how those models evolve and interact over time in a given scenario.

Each scenario is driven with data that has been generated by authoritative NASA simulation tools and exported in accordance with a published data interface specification.

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This decoupling of the data from the source tool enables DON to faithfully display a simulator's results and ensure that every simulation stakeholder will view the exact same information every time. Science and Fiction. It is shown that the novel contains a subtle critique of science, based on an epistemological skepticism with regard to the arbitrariness of our world concepts. Cervantes thus would consider science to be fiction, a very modern point of view. Pia Petersen sous le signe de don Quichotte. Fuel elements assembling for the DON project exponential experience.

It is described the fuel unit used in the DON exponential experience, the manufacturing installments and tools as well as the stages in the fabrication. These 74 elements contain each 19 cartridges loaded with synterized urania, uranium carbide and indium, gold, and manganese probes. They were arranged in calandria-like tubes and the process-tube.

This last one containing a cooling liquid simulating the reactor organic. Author 6 refs. The study analyzes contemporary literature and film based on two of the most universal characters in Spanish literature, Don Juan and Don Quixote, in both Spain and Hispanic America. Although both characters have undergone re-visioning from work to work through the centuries, it is the aim of this work to present the most salient characteristics of both archetypes in modern times only.

The focus of this study is on works by well-known writers from Hispanic America and contemporary writers in Full Text Available The Catholic Kings protected several hospitals in different cities of the peninsula but promoted two directly: one in Santiago and one more in Granada, that present in its idea matrix the architectural corpus of the container well defined and isolated in that are included multitude of functions and of assistances.

They are not simply hospitals, his representative function like Real building for public interest is so much important that the sanitary, it is not casual that are built in two cities in the that the Kings needed to have more presence. The grain attainment of the Crown was not so it awards his factories a decoration determined, else that they inserted in the space urban like symbolic monument of the new image of power. The analyses drawing corresponding show us a well tied building, in the that checks that Egas based in the true measures, the principle of the small whole numbers and the scale system, to apply the Arts Quadrivium to the Real Hospital and like this dignify, and the architectural discipline achieve the status of Greater Art.

Age and education adjusted normative data and discriminative validity for Rey 's Auditory Verbal Learning Test in the elderly Greek population. In the present study we sought to establish normative and discriminative validity data for the RAVLT in the elderly population using previously adapted learning lists for the Greek adult population.

We administered the test to cognitively healthy elderly participants, aged years, and two patient groups with amnestic mild cognitive impairment, aMCI, and 65 with Alzheimer's disease, AD. From the statistical analyses, we found that age and education contributed significantly to most trials of the RAVLT, whereas the influence of gender was not significant. Younger elderly participants with higher education outperformed the older elderly with lower education levels. Moreover, both clinical groups performed significantly worse on most RAVLT trials and composite measures than matched cognitively healthy controls.

We also provide cutoff scores in discriminating cognitively healthy controls from aMCI and AD patients, based on the sensitivity and specificity of the prescribed scores. Moreover, we present age- and education-specific normative data for individual and composite scores for the Greek adapted RAVLT in elderly subjects aged between 60 and 89 years for use in clinical and research settings.

Full Text Available The aims of this study were to investigate visual-construction and organizational strategy among individuals with severe obesity, as measured by the Rey Complex Figure Test RCFT, and to examine the validity of the Q-score as a measure for the quality of performance on the RCFT. Their performance was calculated by applying the standard scoring criteria. The quality of the copying process was evaluated per the directions of the Q-score scoring system.

Differences on the Unit score and the Q-score were slightly reduced when adjusting for gender, age, and education. This study presents evidence supporting the presence of inefficiency in visuospatial constructional ability among MO patients. We believe we have found an indication that the Q-score captures a wider range of cognitive processes that are not described by traditional scoring methods.

Rather than considering accuracy and placement of the different elements only, the Q-score focuses more on how the subject has approached the task. M1 de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Full Text Available The analysis of the ornamental masorah of folio a of Manuscript M1 allows the author to correct and improve the description made by Ch. Ginsburg in his introduction to the Bible. The author indeed agrees on the identification of the text as a masoretic appendix to the books of Kings.

However, the beginning and the contents of the manuscript must be revised. Ginsburg describes only one of the four lists of the appendix, namely the one dealing with the differences between Eastern and Western recensions; the other three lists are the following: sedarim, peseqim , and words vocalized with patah , which are exceptional because they are pausal forms. Fallugia paradoxa D. Don Endl. The genus Fallugia contains a single species - Apache-plume, F. It occurs mostly on coarse soils on benches and especially along washes and canyons in both warm and cool desert shrub communities and up into the pinyon-juniper vegetation type.

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It is a sprawling, much Describes an idea for teaching language through content-based instruction in which a high school Spanish class studying a shortened abridged version of Cervantes'" Don Quixote" and an English class reading Shakespeare's "Hamlet," did a simple comparative analysis of the two texts. Discusses the adoption of computer technology at universities and examines reasons why some professors don 't use computers.

Topics discussed include computer applications, including artificial intelligence, social science research, statistical analysis, and cooperative research; appropriateness of the technology for the task; the Computer Aptitude…. Experiments in rooting bishop pine Pinus muricata D. Don cuttings. Presented here are results of rooting studies using hedges established from juvenile seedlings of "blue" and "green" foliaged bishop pine Pinus muricata D.

Don from Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, California. Project No. Date filed: May 30, Applicant: Don W Applicant Contact: Don W. Gilbert and DeAnn G. Somonich, Don W. Gilbert Hydro As a prominent intellectual figure in the complex political arena of England, during the transition from Tudor to Stuart dinasties, Francis Bacon assumes the medieval King's two bodies theory in his political and juridical writings.

His use of this theory is extremely linked to central concepts of his natural philosphy, which testifies to the deep connection that Bacon finds between politics and nature. This paper addresses Bacon's use of the King's two bodies theory and its link to the rest of the Baconian philosophy. The focus of this study will be his discourse on the naturalization of Scots born after James I assumption of power, where Bacon deals more deeply with the King's two bodies theory.

La determina Manuel Nava 5, Zona Universitaria, C. Learn how health care systems can work with patients to make taking medicines easier. Una propuesta para el turismo en el destino Jardines del Rey - Cuba. The paper exposes a review of the archeological and epigraphical material from the site, proposes an urban condition for it and raises some hypothesis on its identification with one of the cities that ancient sources tribued to Vascones. It is characteized by two areas, one of them would be a offering place containing vessels, limestone sculptures, iron ex votes and some personal ornaments.

Full Text Available In , Spanish press take up part of its pages with a relevant international issue: the Dreyfus affair. The case was widely covered by Spanish newspapers, in special by Don Quijote, a Madrilenian satiric press, whose Director promoted a campaign in favour of Zola collecting signatures in order to the French litterateur was aware that Spain was close to him.

This initiative is completed with a call to Spanish young people who is illustrated with a quixotic caricature. Cervantine character personifies the idea of justice getting to transmit during the Spanish crisis at the end of the nineteenth century the image of the nobleman forged by Spanish stereotypical, like a crusader fighting for a noble cause, thus turning Don Quixote into another dreyfussard. Don Quixote an Celia: the desire to live other lives. Both novels, of dialogical nature, share an episodic structure articulated by a weak storyline.

Its protagonists are animated by the desire to live the lives of the characters of their favorite readings. They confuse fantasy and reality causing situations whose results are almost always adverse. If Don Quixote dies back to the reason, so will Celia, the girl, with her entry into adulthood by resigning her fantasies, which will be taken up by new generations of children. The workshop of Don Carlos lasts twenty years, from to , when Verdi reopens and closes several other workshops Simon Boccanegra, La forza del destino, Aida, Requiem, Otello, creating a porous work in progress, whose analysis keeps giving us surprises.

Full Text Available This article brings to light a group of Cervantine English literary works hitherto unknown to present-day Cervantes studies: seven theatrical adaptations of Don Quixote two anonymous ones in addition to those by Charles Dibdin, Joseph Moser, G. Macfarren, C. Maltby and P. Three of these plays, had been noted by Leopoldo Rius in Moser, Macfarren, Maltby; the other four are presented for the first time here.

In order to chart a fuller and more complete history of Don Quixote on the English stage, this article provides relevant information on those seven plays. An examination of these works reinforces the previous theses that underscore the essentially comical nature of Quixotic plays in nineteenth-century England, a fact of relevance in the study of the English reception of Don Quixote in the course of that century. Mineral characterisation of Don Pao rare earth deposit in Vietnam. Geological work was conducted between , resulting in 60 ore bodies of various sizes being identified. The ore bodies are irregularly shaped nests, lenses and veins hosted in the shear zone, at the margin of a Paeleogene aged syenite massif.

The mineral composition of Don Pao Deposit is very complex, consisting of more than 50 minerals. Among them, basnaesite, parisite, fluorite and barite are the main constituent minerals of the ore. All the minerals were identified by the modern methods of mineralogical studies. Based on the constituent mineral ratios, four ore types have been distinguished in the deposit: 1.

Rare earth ore containing over 5 percent of RE 2 O 3. Rare Earth-Barite ore containing 0. According to the benefication test, the ores in Don Pao can be enriched to a concentrate of 60 percent of RE 2 O 3 with a recover of 75 percent. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual service members can serve openly in the military with the repeal of the Don 't Ask, Don 't Tell policy. The fate of transgender service members remains uncertain as the policy preventing them from serving in the military remains under review.

The health care needs of these populations remain for the most part unknown, with total acceptance and integration in the military yet to be achieved. In this paper, we review the literature on the health care needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT service members, relying heavily on what is known about LGBT civilian and veteran populations. Significant research gaps about the health care needs of LGBT service members are identified, along with recommendations for closing those gaps. In addition, recommendations for improving LGBT acceptance and integration within the military are provided.

The myth of the warrior: martial masculinity and the end of Don 't Ask, Don 't Tell. The image of the male warrior still dominates military culture, to the exclusion of women and homosexuals. Complicating the picture is a technological revolution that promises to widen the current gap between the myth and reality of the modern warrior even further. Nonetheless, despite long arguing that homosexuals were a direct threat to military culture and effectiveness, the Pentagon has largely treated the end of Don 't Ask, Don 't Tell as a policy matter.

The difficulties still experienced by women in the armed services 40 years after they were first incorporated in significant numbers indicates that this response will be insufficient to address the deeper cultural issues. Gender issues implicate deeply held beliefs and values that persist even in the face of years of official admonishment and denial. Unless the military begins to transparently bridge the gap between the myth and reality of the modern warrior, military service without discrimination based on sexual orientation will remain an unachieved goal.

The formation of Don Quixote Pond in the North Fork of Wright Valley, Antarctica, is a model for unique terrestrial calcium, chlorine, and sulfate weathering, accumulation, and distribution processes. Our study intends to understand the formation of Don Quixote Pond as unique terrestrial processes and as a model for Ca, C1, and S weathering and distribution on Mars.

Don Quichotte, un don quichotte? La negativa de ver a don Quijote como un mero estereotipo del caballero andante loco se pone particularmente de manifiesto en la serie de aventuras que transcurren en el palacio de los duques. Como resultado, se desencadena una serie de reacciones programadas con las que pretenden divertirse. Full Text Available This article studies the role of the nobility in the XV century military expansion of the Crown of Aragon, through the particular case of the valencian nobility and the Alphonse V the Magnanimous's war cycle betwen the years and If s first analyzed the development of the royal campaigns.

Then, the Valencian lineages are identified, also precising their particular degree of involvement in the royal wars. The study is based upon the registers of the Royal Treasury and Cancillery, supplemented by notarial and judicial records, and the chronicles. The militarization of the nobility was unequal. This is a complete, uncensored version: no scenes have been cut. Mais livros de Emma Green Ver tudo. Cem facetas do Sr.

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