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I am much more angelic in nature than some Guardian Angels as you call us. We have remained pure in spirit so to speak. Is a Guardian Angel a piece of a soul like me or a whole soul like Gaia, the soul of the earth? I am a whole soul like Gaia. I have chosen to assist your soul fragments as you call them. It is my work and I greatly enjoy it you see.

Besides my line of lives are you the Guardian Angel for other lines of lives too? Yes of course. It is easy to multi- task as it is called these days. I am able to handle overseeing the lives of a number of other soul fragments. No there is no shortage, but those of us who volunteered for this job in the beginning are allowed to oversee as many individual lives as we wish.

What is the difference between the two of you? There is a great difference. Your soul is involved with thousands if not millions of lives at one time across the universe. Earth is an exceptional place in comparison to any of these other worlds because it is free choice. It was felt that each individual on earth needs individual attention because of the great challenges you have here in comparison to these other worlds.

Therefore they asked for volunteers on a soul or spirit level and I was one of those souls that volunteered to assist you and many other people in many different lives. Your soul is just much too busy to do what we do on a daily basis. They volunteered, as I did, and were chosen for their skills depending upon what you needed at that moment in time. Tell me more about my guides and tell them I appreciate their assistance. Now you have been guided here, when you are ready to understand it.

Talk to your guides. Call in the guides of the highest truth and compassion and you can fully trust that it will be a beautiful experience. This is the topic of my Miracle Membership this month, which includes a guided meditation for connecting with your spirit guides. If you want to try the Membership and this meditation, check it out here. How do you clear your mind so that you are not automatically putting a name there for yourself? Yes, it is the first name that popped into my head, but I am afraid I am forcing it. Any thoughts or suggestions? I am so thankful for what you have shared about talking to our spiritual guide.

Although being a little bit afraid, but I believed in having our guide or an angel. I can feel them around me, most especially when I needed them most, really! I like what you said about hearing guides and how not hearing them is a reflection of disbelief and the active not allowing that blocks the connection. I have a hard time connecting to my spirit guides so this article was very useful. Hi Gabby! I am new to all of this. I believe I connected with my spirit guide yesterday for the first time. It was a unique experience and I felt so comforted and not scared at all.. A name popped up when I was talking to my guide, it was Oliver.

I was wondering if that could possibly be its name haha.. I look forward to watching more of your inspirational videos! What a beautiful experience, thank you for sharing. Oliver has your back! I know I have an Angel. Just not sure how to open up. I found your site by pure luck. I was actually watching a star trek show and they were talking about our guides. I grabbed my phone and typed in what they said and here I am. It is a beginning, a chance, a belief that we all have helpers in our lives. I have always known that when I had troubles I had someone helping me through the hard times. The one thing I always did was say thank you.

That is important. Not sure the name but the first one that came to mind was Jen. For now that is what I am going with. I now look forward to talking to my Angel or guide. Trust that you were guided here for a reason. Continue opening up to talking with your guides — I will be publishing another blog on this topic in the coming months. Thank you for your article. I do agree with some of your points, but I have a different approach to things. Yes, we are surrounded by angels for our own protection if we are righteous people, and with demons if we are evil beings.

With that being said, about a year ago I connected with my guides after years of feeling protected, guided and beyond. But I choose to thank god first for he is the creator of me and all creation, hence my guides too. I do thank my guides for answers and protection, but I do not forget to thank the source and the facilitator of these magnificent experiences.

Thanks for the help, Gabby! I never knew that I have more than 1 spirit guide, until I meditated and dreamed about them. The first guide that I met in that dream is the one closest to me, I have probably seen her once when I was 8 or 7 years old. In front of me is a tombstone, and the moment I touched it, the next thing I knew is that I summoned a house which I knew now is the place where my guides stay. I have forgotten her name but it turns out that she can morph into the opposite gender and back and vice versa, and also controls wind.

She has white hair, the same complexion as I do, yellow eyes, and a green dress. And she also is my subconscious. And now, I have discovered the others and when I found your website, I have instantly built a family relationship and a very strong connection with them after reading this, since I have already a connection between the two earlier guides and it took almost a year to connect stably to both of them, but for the others it took me a week just to have a connection with them.

Thanks a lot, dear. I closed the pathway, a long time ago. I feel like this. I need to work on finding the courage to open the connection again. Thanks for being so open and making discussing topics like this…a safe topic to discuss! Much love. Yes, your spirit guide will try to get your attention if they want to share a message! That is divine guidance. Listen and trust. Hi Gabby, I have been Trying to figure out the synchronicities with me finding dimes and I have read all over the internet its a loved one that has passed that is watching over you and I never felt that was it for me.

Oftentimes these signs are just a simple reminder that we are on the right track. A deep sense of intuitive knowing is itself a sign, a form of divine guidance. We receive guidance in ways that resonate with us. Hi gabby! I recently have become more interested in my spiritual side. For the past month,, I have been doing tons and tons of research on where to even begin. I actually had another empath come to me out of the blue and she told me her spirit guides told her to tell me that I was an empath and to begin looking for direction.

So here I am on your site and all these strange intuitive moments must be my own spirit guides communicating with me. I am so excited to be on this journey and to have these gifts. Lots of turmoil and upheaval. What a beautiful gift. Connect, invite in the highest wisdom and love, and listen to the guidance you receive. You can serve the world in a big way. I truly want to understand where to begin? The real way to meditate. And if me everyday meditating will i actually get in touch with my spirit guides because i need it! I really hope I can! I admire your work!

Gabby, This video brought me to tears. When I was younger I was involved in two car accidents. In the other I was hurt, but not seriously. One is Gabriel and the other is Raphael. They will always keep you safe. As they are archangels, the ones closest to God. When I closed my eyes and asked for their names, those are the names that cane to me. Thank you for helping me reconnect with that beautiful memory and wisdom. With time, as I got older, I have not thought of my spirit guides. Now I know they are there.

The last couple days I have spent a lot of time in much negativity. This morning I felt so unmotivated to do anything and felt very disconnected from the Universe. I finally went to my loft to meditate in the afternoon.

I looked for a guided meditation from you, but instead found your video about talking with your spirit guides. I listened to it thank you so much for this! Next, I looked for a meditation on an app that I have. The first guided meditation was called Find Your Spirit Animal! Talk about love, synchronicity, and miracles! I, of course, meditated to this guided meditation and saw my dragonfly! Thanks, Gabby, for shining your light so bright! I love this! I am so glad this video served you and helped you reconnect to your faith and realign with love.

I'm making meditation super easy for you.

Expect miracles…. Thank you, Gabby, for this very clear explanation of how to connect with our spirit guides and the possible somatic experience that may occur when we are connected. My spirit guide is Marc and you remind me that I need to connect with him more often because it is such a supportive and loving experience when I do. When i was 2 years old i had an experience and i have been wondering if it was a spirit guide and how i would be able to know.

I do remember this event. My mom woke up and asked me who i was talking to. She then asked why he left and i told her it was because she woke up. I actually think about this experience a lot and have been wondering since i do want to meet my spirit guides if maybe i did meet one during that experience? Thank you, thank you, thank you! I absolutely love your guidance! And congratulations on your anniversary! There is one thing I have wondered though, are you absolutely sober today or do you enjoy a glass of wine at dinner? I feel that merely one glass of wine disturbs my spiritual connection.

I love this. Gabby, I went to see you in Sweden just last weekend and it was life changing for me, thank you so much! So I chose a frangipani. Anyway, after your workshop ended, my friend and I went to the spa at the hotel where the event was. A picture of a frangipani! I honestly could not believe it. I was blown away. So despite all my questioning about everything lately, I know I am on the right path. I also have a very interesting thing that happened to me when i was going through a horrible heartbreak.

I was devastated and could not stop crying. I was lying in my bed, and suddenly I felt something that I can only describe as a love bubble. I love this story so much. I became familiar with my guide several years ago. While in deep meditation when I was in the beginning stages of connecting with my guide I began to feel very strong tingles up and down both of my lower legs. I knew she was with me at that moment. I asked her name several times and could not get a clear answer.

Several days maybe even a few weeks later I began to write and I called upon her to reveal herself to me. Immediately the name Clara was scribbled across the paper by me. I then knew her name was Clara. My relationship with Clara is so strong that she even wakes me with the tingles when there is something I have been wondering about and have asked her assistance with.

It is so amazing and gives such a peace and reassurance when doubt is strong within me. How amazed I was in that very moment. Since that day I have not gone a day without connecting with her or depending on her guidance. Every single thing that I have received from her has been exact! During a writing I asked several questions to her and received answers I never expected. The writing on the paper which was done by me but the handwriting was apparently not my usual neat and large writing, but instead small, messy and with a shaky hand.

She once revealed to me that my father who passed away in February was near me and is usually never far from me. I never feel alone!! Thank you so much for your reassurance. It is a generous amd treasured gift. I wish you all the best. Thank you so much for your reassurance Gabrielle. I consider it a treasured and generous gift. Knowing that the reason this song gave me the same feeling you get, when someone who cares puts an arm around you to offer loving compassion and encouragement, was because of my angels like I suspected brings joy to my heart.

It brings hope and comfort too. I wish you all the best and take care. Hi Gabby, I was led to your video on how to talk to your spirit guides.. I knew I had to do this writing and so I took it as a sign and did exactly as you say. These words are so philosophical and Angelic and someone more experienced like yourself would understand them better. It is actually signed, so help me God always and forever your love. Can I somehow have you read this? I feel like I really need to hear your thoughts on this one. You can send it to my support team.

They will know how to get it to me. Hello Gabrielle. I also recently started using your journaling practice to communicate with angels. I have a question concerning spirit guides and music. Do you believe that sometimes when people react to a song by crying, and suddenly reflecting on their life, it could also involve spirit guides and angels with the brain?

I only saw a little of it in elementary school. The words and melody caused the floodgates tear ducts to open wide. I cried a waterfall. I gradually started to realize important things I needed to realize, and I feel that my angels Rosalea and Andrew probably drew me to the song for that purpose. That is a very clear sign. Listen to your instinct — your angels are guiding you and communicating with you.

First of all a Huge Thank You!!! This is the first time I am sharing comments — have been following lot of spiritual teachers but I am inspired today… I was practicing connect to the guide teaching and had asked to show a sign of miracle or connected ness and YEAH!! Lucy is my spirit guide. After reading this I asked her to present herself to me. The next night I had a dream that I was writing on scrap paper and all of a sudden my handwriting changed. I asked aloud if this was my guide and what her name was.

After I was done writing she asked me to lay down on the sofa behind me and asked me if I trusted her. My husband being the other person in the room kept trying to pull me down, to ground me but struggled until finally I fell gracefully to the ground. Since this dream, she has been communicating with me constantly through my dreams and numerical sequences.

Thank you Gabby for this post and helping me connect with my Lucy! Drum roll please…. The other night I wanted to check in if they were there. So I asked them if they were there……The bedside light glowed brighter than usual and the fan made a roaring sound. It was over quickly but there was no doubt for me. Thought this may be a good place to share it….. Had a lovely experience with this. Anyway, today I asked for the name of my guide who is most in charge of protecting my highest good, truth, etc but also clarified that I wanted to know the name only of my guide who was sent to protect me by God.

Afterwards I decided to look up the meaning of the word Dominique. Hello Gabby; I purchased the audible version of your book in January Listened to the entire book and was led to purchase hard copies which I rarely do anymore of your May Cause Miracles book on day 24 today and The Universe Has Your Back.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and providing tools that are guiding me with internal healing and relearning of trust and love in life. My husband passed away unexpectedly after a short, but painful bout with cancer just three months ago. He has visited me in several dreams, however I have struggled to feel him and connect. After viewing your video Connecting with Spirit Guides two days ago, I began to write after meditations. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this powerful exchange.

Each time I re-read the three entries thus far I am brought to tears. I am loved. I am reassured. I am assured that my husband is with me protecting and guiding me as I walk this earth without his physical presence. The Universe gently guides and I am so grateful that someone recommended your book. Thank you so much for your contribution to the betterment of the world. Hi Gabby, I am in the process of learning about angels and my guides. I feel a constant tingling in my arms and legs.

I am not sure what all this means and off late, a lot of electric currents seem to run through my fingers and the center of my palms. I also get more vibrations as I am reading about angels and more so, as I am reading your blog. There is a spiritual being I communicate with telepathically and it is amazing. When this being gets closer to me, the vibrations go crazy! HI, Thankyou for this lovely video. Just recently it was a hot night summer in Australia and I couldnt sleep so decided to watch this video.

Afterward i finally asleep. It was a very beautiful experience as i have wanted to connect with my guides for a long time and havent been able to well not that I have been aware of so i was very happy. Hello and Good Morning! Thank you for everything you do and continue to do!

Me and my daughters are reading your book The Universe has your back! I thank the universe for bringing you into our lives. On another note, I have 3 so far that is constantly with me Saharah, White Hawk, and and ancient master Monk with me. I am a life coach, energy healer, spiritual advisor, and massage therapist. I am so hungry to learn more and looking forward to a deeper and higher spiritual journey this year! I had never even considered this before, but as you were speaking, I started to realize how much sense it made.

When you began speaking about names, the name Amanda came in clear, as if she was just waiting this whole time for me to know she existed! Acknowledgement and free will exactly. Excited to connect with her more!


Hello Gabby, Thank you so much for the valuable information you willingly divulged to us. I am so grateful. I have been wanting to connect to my guides but I did not know how. They usually send me a lot of information but I did not know how to respond. Recently, I was asked to channel one of them. I said yes, but I do not know what next. Synchronicities are happening steadily in my life and I am so grateful but now I know how to speak with them, we will have conversations. I have been following you for a while now.

I have asked for signs. I got lots and lots of signs to the questions I asked over and over. So I was confident that what I asked for was eventually going to happen. A week ago, I learned that an event happened which is totally against all the signs I got. Any direction to give me?

How can I trust the signs if nothing happens? I practiced this today and it felt like my guides where so happy that I was tuning in to them. It seemed like they had so much to show me. I felt a sense of relief wash over me…. Thank you Gabby. This video was so serendipitous, Gabby. I have had Spirit Guides and Angels on my mind and in my heart in a big way for the past month or so. Now, I just need to call them in. As you were speaking and you mentioned that the first name that came to us is the name of our guide. After the video, I looked up the word, and it is indeed a name. I am quite sure I have never heard this name.

Is that possible?! Gabby, Thank you for this post. I have been asking for peace and you appear with some tools I can use to find exactly that. I have been wanting to develop more channelled writing and in a physic reading I was told you need to ask for help. My first experience with help from a guide came in the form of a crisis. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the medical treatment did not worked chemo. I thought I was going crazy. I ignored it then got another message and oped for the surgery as I was being wheeled into the operating room same voice ignored it.

More recently in my morning journaling I wrote to call a women I had seen as a practitioner to have lunch with her there was a business opportunity. I called there just happened to be an opening in her practice and I now practice out of her office as Health Coach. I am going to ask the name of my guide and ask for help. Thank you for sharing Gabby. I have come to realize lately that I need to open up more to the Universe, as I have been blocking it for a long time, scared of the power I knew it held, and yet, somehow I still believed in a higher power.

I never talked to anyone about this, thinking they would think I was crazy. I put it out there to the Universe, asking for that sign if I was on the right track. To me that was a double sign! I never look at license plates, but that one jumped out at me. He loved my idea, we booked an appointment and I then explained it to my daughter, and she agreed to see him to get help moving forward in her life. So thankful that through a series of events, and connections in recent months, I have opened up to guidance from the Universe, as well as been directed to your book, which is so very helpful.

I was definately led to this video by my guides! Forgot about it. Then earlier today a strong scent reminded me of my grandmothers house when I was a child. Then your FB live popped-up. So thankful! Love, love, love this blog!! Thank you so much, Gabby! I receive numerical signs from my guides often, but using this practice brought my connection to another level!

I also used the journaling free-write which was very effective! I do not often hear auditory feedback in meditation, but have found the free write technique very powerful. Love you! See you in L. You talked about using mediums and psychics in this video about connecting with your Spirit Guides. I just had this experience thanks to you Gabby! Love from Germany! Thank you so much Gabby, for guiding me to find out! Thank you for this teaching today. Do you have recommendations for psychics to see in South Florida?

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Thank you for these beautiful words. Hi Gabby, Thank you so much for this video! What was really interesting for me in your video was you talking about the blue and white lights. I have recently started to see blue and violet light wherever I go. I have been recently made the decision to heal past wounds and as soon as I did this the lights showed up. Are these Angels? I have been trying to figure it out! Thanks again! I so believe in my angels. It was amazing to get all the signs. Like they were throwing us together.

We had a lot of obstacles to overcome to be together. We had a great summer together, were planning our future. All of a sudden he started backing off. He went from literally going up to strangers telling them how much he loves me and our love story, to he dosnt know what he wants. I know the whole when one door closes another opens, but I am sooo heartbroken, and kind of mad at my angels. Why would they bring us together like that only to what feels like being ripped apart. I never leave comments on blogs, but I feel compelled today because this particular blog post really resonated with me.

So listening to people like you, Marianne Williamson, and Marie Forleo has led me down a divine path to that truth. I applaud you and it has inspired me to walk in my truth. Thank you for showing us how to talk to our angels, how to recognize their presence and simply acknowledging that they are real.

Your work is appreciated! Hi, This message is actually a answer to many of my meditations. The other day I spoke with a clairvoyant who informed me I am a light worker and my spirit guide was named LoRi. Its amazing. So I will use your techniques to re-connect, thank you, this has come at the perfect time for me. Sat nam. I love this and really needed to watch it. I did the prayer last night and asked for my sign today and low and behold my red robin flew in front of me and lighted up my day. Great question! So I have been doubtful and constantly asking for clues and sign, whether to even think about taking it or just drop it and close the chapter for me.

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So I know that for me to pass it I need to get score of and I thought of asking my angels to show me number … since then I have been witnessing this number everywhere. Even the plane where I normally study outlooks this yard that has address numbered Please tell me this not my imagination…. Gabby, I love this blog post very much. Your book came to me at the perfect time. Divine Timing, I must say. I surrender to angels, archangels and spirit guides. And since then I am receiving the perfect gifts to move forward into releasing all that I am still holding.

And your book came at the perfect time. Thank you for this. I am moving past my blocks to recognize spirit guides. Her name is Helen. Her birthday is January 18th and as I rode down a busy street that day or maybe the day after I mentioned to a friend it had been her birthday.

At that moment a song she liked was blaring from the car next to me as I pulled up to it and we sat at a traffic light together briefly. It felt like an affirmative lift to my day. Thank you to this video. I had let that moment slip away and sharing with you sifted it ou. Hi; I love this Gabby. Your theory is really interesting and I believe we are being taken care of but did not know by who. I have escaped car accidents and the 1st thing I did was say thank you to God and started crying.

Thank you so much for these tips I will definitely get into action on this and will get back to your book The Universe Has Your Back. Hi everyone! My friend Dave has been guiding me for about 10 years now, and my attention and focus on spiritual guidance has ebbed and flowed during this time. In the last couple of weeks he has made his presence strongly known to me, he always plays Michael Jackson songs when he wants to let me know he is there and I am ok.

But yesterday, Man in the Mirror came on the radio at work and I knew he was right with me. What a miracle!! Thanks Dave xx. I feel sooooo connected to the Universe now! Thank you!!! I know I have many spirit guides in my life. Thanks for the inspiration Gabby! My guides have been reaching out for several weeks and I almost scheduled time with a medium, but then fear overcame me. Then today, this blog shows up … time to show up for them. After I watched the video I asked my guides for a sign. I asked for an owl because I have only seen 3 in my 48 years.

Do you hear that? Loved this video. I had two experiences of hearing a voice give me brief advice around a surgery I had to have. The voice stopped me in my tracks and was so peaceful and all knowing that a peacefulness came over me. I sailed through the surgery and the surgeon was amazed at the outcome. Every page is so profound!! Thanks so much for all you do. You are definitely on the right track girl. What you say resonates so clearly with me. The other day I was driving down the road alone and I started thanking my angels out loud for everything that they had done for me!

I went on and on and on not thinking about what to say, but it all came out so eloquently that I know that it was exactly what I needed to say to them at the time, it was frickin amazing. Love and peace to you. Last summer I called on my guides to help guide me in a major way.

They guided me right into SJMC without having an idea of who you were or the work you do. I did the course boot camp style as it was spot on for me and where I was in my life. I saw a white light out on your balcony towards the end of the video moving slightly, did anyone else see this? Wow, amazing!! I knew when I watched this video this afternoon that it was going to work for me when I got home because as soon as I thought about my Spirit Guides my body got all warm and tingly the way it does when I am in deep meditation.

I had no idea however how clear the conversation was going to be or how moving, I was actually brought to tears. Thank you and so much love to you!! How are you? Sometimes I wish that I had clearer signs from my guides that I am on the right path…. I lost my stepmom to cancer in November and lately have been struggling with the thought of knowing if she is still with me and guiding me in life. This morning I was having a hard time and your email popped into my inbox with this video.

I just watched this video and wow what timing!! It reinforces something as this past Thursday I asked for guidance on a certain topic and asked to see butterflies as a sign now I must clarify I live in a very cold wintry climate, so thought the odds of seeing a butterfly in winter pretty slim. I started seeing 1 here or 1 there for a couple of days in objects, but then watched the movie Lion beautiful film and in the opening and ending of the movie it shows the young boy in a field surrounded by hundreds of butterflies…I must admit that was so comforting and confirmed my belief!!

Thank you for all you do…. I have felt guidance from angles or spirit guides since I was a teen , they way I felt the presence was guidance of support and knowing that I need to move though a difficult time. It seem now that the more I honor myself with proper self care and living a life that is authentic and really being honest with my self and not looking back at my past as my current reality ,I see the sparks of light more often now. I more often then not ask for guidance and protection.

I have always felt it so comforting to ask for guidance and give my heart felt thank you while in the shower. Thank you for sharing this video and for your wonderful books , it feels so awesome to know that I am supported by a crew that thinks in a heart filled space like me. Love and Light to you all. Just completed reading your book and it is amazing absolutely loved it. I know I am claristient I tend to feel energy sometimes unexplained. It has been some time now I have not been able to connect or feel angels etc…I had invested in a woman to try and help strengthen my connection and for whatever reason it seems as though I may have a blockage.

Do you recommend a particular meditation that you offer? Thank you so very much! This topic has been something I want to delve into as much as I can. My husband was a spiritualist and brought the topic of spirit guides to my life a long time ago. Explaining that it is not weird or strange. A big thank you from me to you. I will be meditating more, reading your book more and talking more to my guides s.

Sending you light and love always Thank you, thank you. And just what I needed today to go deeper into my spiritual practice. Thank you both! Hi Gabby. Thank you for sharing your light. Thank you for showing up in my life right on time. Lois is my Maternal grandmother and she crossed over when I was just 11 43 years ago I did not know that deceased loved ones could be our guides? Would you share a bit about this sometime. LOVE this so much. Whenever the topic of personal spirit guides comes up, I always feel warm and fuzzy.

Needed this right now. There are no coincidences. Thank you for this inspiration. I connected with a spirit guide that I met my senior year of high school which was many years ago when I was going through a particularly difficult time. I was alone on the beach and desperately crying and he comforted me and convinced me not to despair or give up.

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The only physical characteristic I could remember was a very nice pair of loafers. I remember thinking that they were way too fancy for a rainy beach day. Flash forward to the present and I have just recently emerged from a difficult time and wanted to see if I could reconnect with him. He came to me through my writing, as you suggested. Thank you for inspiring me to get connected with my spirit guide and his very unbeachy loafers.

Gabby — the orb of light at the window starts to shrink and grow when you talk about seeing your guides through light. Right around Love this topic and I talk with my guides frequently. I just finished listening to your video blog and then checked the time. A little affirmation goes a long ways. Gabby, My hands are shaking as I write this. I asked to see a cardinal. About 10 minutes later I went to the kitchen to get a snack. I walked over to the kitchen sink and looked out the window; my mouth fell open. There on a the bush in front of the window was a big beautiful cardinal. I just stared in amazement and gratitude.

It turned its head and stared right at me for a good minutes. I kept saying thank you and then it flew away. The Universe truly has my back. Thank you so much Gabby!! XO Traci. I sat down to relax and was going to ask my guides name. Before I could finish asking in my mind , the name George popped up. I find this topic very interesting. I like meditation and the idea of connecting to the universe.

I like the idea of having guides and spirits but feel nervous at the same time. I have been on a spiritual path for my life and I am grateful for a new exercise to explore my relationship with the guides around me. I have begun the book and since then, getting to hear you speak, finding out that you too are in a 12 step program, has been a beautiful little miracle.

Here is to growing and raising vibes. Thanks for your video Gabby. It just so happens yesterday I did a guided meditation to help you reveal and connect with your spirit guides, and then this video shows up in my email. I love it!! Sat Nam Traci. Thanks Gabby!

I believe they are here to help and guide me, but my head gets in the way and I start doubting my abilities to connect. I had never thought about asking for a name, but when you were talking about it the name Mary came up loud and clear. Thanks again for all you do and I love your new book!!

This is straight up crazy stuff. Today I am on Day 37 of May Cause Miracles and it is all about listening to your ING and welcoming them to show you where to go, what to do, and what to say. I felt such an overwhelming feeling of relief as I read this, it truly felt like someone had gone and changed the words of the chapter to exactly reflect what I needed to hear today.

I know it seems crazy but after what happened in my personal life last night, it fit to a T. This is all so miraculous. Ah, I am so in love with this blog post! I have been so curious about my guides lately as I have been having dreams about my Grandfather and Great Aunt! I was speaking with my Aunt regarding this strong desire to communicate with my Grandfather and that all I want is for him to meet my daughters.

That night I had a dream and my grandfather met my oldest daughter. I know my Grandfather is always around me and I often smell sun lotion randomly notorious for sun bathing and a Dominican loving man. Side note: come back to Toronto soon! My friend and I would love to meet you! Thank you so much for this Gabby. I just had one of the most powerful meditations I have ever had but truly tapping into my angels and guides. This was the most powerful meditation I have done on my own.

When I have come to your events especially SJMC level 1 and recently level 2, I had amazing meditations but today was the most incredible. I have felt shifts coming but today was amazing. I am tapping into my psychic connections, feels my ability to channel and wow so powerful…. So grateful. I loved your book! I just recently have had such an Awakening within.

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I started having conversations with my guides when I am running and actually just recently started being able run in the last 6 months. I constently see the numbers , , and as well as Like daily! I recently ask the name of my guide and what I heard was the name of a fallen angel which has made me curious as to whether I overthought it or not.

Hey Gabby, Thank you for sharing your beautiful message. I will work with my guides and meditation to sit quietly enough to hear their names. I hear so much, it has been annoying me that I had not heard their names. It is, now that you mention it, possible that I heard and disbelieved. I will do work with him and myself to hear the names of others.

Thanks again. Have a glorious day. XO Amy. Thank you, thank you! I am totally blissed out receiving this today. It was just what I needed to make a decision today and how to respond to a text I received this morning. I know that it is no coincidence that I received the text and your email both today. It is a confirmation that my guides are providing what I need, and now I want to use the tools you suggest to get to know them better.

You are such a blessing in my life! Our guides are always giving us clues! I used to second guess when my own guides were around until one day, probably a few months ago, when I heard a voice tell me to change something in one of my social media platforms. Specifically, something in my profile and I ignored it, thinking that no one really paid attention to that kind of stuff.