Leaping Ahead: Advances in Prosimian Biology (Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects)

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Kosslyn, eds. Plos ONE 9:e Risky business: Sex ratio, mortality, and group transfer in Propithecus edwardsi in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. Behavioral Ecology doi: Variable energetic strategies in disturbed and undisturbed rain forest habitats: fecal cortisol levels in southeastern Madagascar. Masters, M. Gamba, F. Tuttle, eds. New York: Springer. Reproductive strategies in Malagasy strepsirhines. Tecot, S and Romine, N. Female leadership of group movements in a pair-living, co-dominant, monomorphic primate species. American Journal of Primatology.

Infant parking and nesting, not allomaternal care, influence Malagasy primate life histories. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. Lemur habitat and dental senescence in Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar. Long-term research in Primates. Dordrecht: Springer. Morphometrics and pattern of growth in wild sifakas Propithecus edwardsi at Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar.

The role of lemurs in maintaining Madagascar ecosystems: Implications for forest composition. Rakotonirina, L. Lemur News. Tecot, S and Wright, PC. Yearbook of Science and Technology. McGraw Hill: New York. Evolutionary Anthropology. Overdorff, DJ and Tecot, S.

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Social pair-bonding and resource defense in wild red-bellied lemurs Eulemur rubriventer. In: Lemurs: Ecology and Adaptation. Gould, L. Springer: New York. Primate behavioral ecology, socioendocrinology, cooperation and bonding, allomaternal infant care and pair-bonding, reproductive endocrinology, conservation, life history, gut microbiome.

Collaborative Research: The function and mechanism of male intrasexual relationships in a variable system: resistance, tolerance, or bonding, and the role of females R.

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Lewis, Co-PI. Profiling caregivers: The hormonal correlates of allomaternal care in red-bellied lemurs A. Baden, Co-PI.

Leaping Ahead - Advances in Prosimian Biology | Judith Masters | Springer

Making an alpha male: Socioendocrinology of dominance in male white-faced capuchin monkeys Cebus capucinus K. Population genetics, parasitism and long-term population dynamics of Microcebus murinus in littoral forest fragments of south-eastern Madagascar. Range shifts of mouse lemurs in south-eastern Madagascar: evidence from mitochondrial genetic data. Forest fragmentation imperils red slender lorises Loris tardigradus tardigradus in south-western Sri Lanka. Head posture and visual orientation in Loris tardigradus during locomotion on oblique supports.

Predation on two lemur species in Sahamalaza Peninsula, north-western Madagascar. Behavioral ecology. Preliminary results on the behavioral ecology of the hairy-eared dwarf lemur Allocebus trichotis in Andasibe, eastern Madagascar. Venus in fur: female power in mouse lemurs Microcebus murinus and M. Group size, composition and stability in a wild population of blue-eyed black lemurs Eulemur flavifrons at Ankarafa, Sahamalaza National Park. Eviction and troop reconstruction in a single matriline of ring-tailed lemurs Lemur catta : what happened when "Grandmother" died?.

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Dietary ecology. Coprolites associated with Archaeolemur remains in north-western Madagascar suggest dietary diversity and cave use in a subfossil prosimian. The dental ecology of ring-tailed lemurs. Exudates and animal prey characterize slow loris Nycticebus pygmaeus, N. Isotopic variability and lemur diet in a dry Madagascan forest: a cautionary tale. Physiological ecology. Variable energetic strategies in disturbed and undisturbed rain forests: Eulemur rubriventer fecal cortisol levels in south-eastern Madagascar. Photoperiod-related changes of thermoregulatory capacities in adult mouse lemurs Microcebus murinus.

Spoilt for choice: selection of hibernacula by Cheirogaleus medius. Seasonality and energy strategies in co-existing mouse lemurs Microcebus berthae and M. Sensory ecology, communication and cognition.

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The ecology of touch: are prosimians special?. The importance of olfaction for predator detection in spectral tarsiers. Ecological factors in the size of olfactory structure in perinatal strepsirrhines. The sensory ecology of foraging for animal prey. Evolution of auditory sensitivity among strepsirhine primates. Variation in prosimian infant isolation calls and its evolutionary implications. Primate serenades: call variation, species diversity and adaptation in nocturnal strepsirhines.

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  • Noises in the dark: vocal communication in nocturnal pair-living primates. The use of Artificial Neural Networks in studying lemur vocal communication. A quantitative description of the vocal types emitted in the indri's song. What can virtual vocal tracts tell us about lemur communication?. Cognitive capacities of captive gray mouse lemurs as evidenced by object manipulation. Conservation of prosimian. Sex differences for coat condition were only observed in January, when males had superior coat scores.

    Body condition did not vary by month or sex except in February, when males were larger than females. Females that birthed infants were of lower body size than individuals who did not for November and from January to March. Our results indicate visual methods effectively detect variability in coat and body condition related to seasonality and reproductive status. Such methods present a noninvasive means for assessing the impact of seasonal resource availability, stresses of infant care and reproductive state on ring-tailed lemurs, and may be useful for assessing the impacts of these factors on general health status.

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