Orthodox Prayers and Name Day Celebrations

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During his life, he was known for his strong defense of the Christian faith. He was a bishop of the early church and was a participant at the Council of Nicaea.

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He was a shepherd and he eventually married and had a child. His wife died and this left him and his daughter alone. Upon her death, they both entered into a monastic life together. Over time, he became a priest and eventually a bishop. While at the Council of Nicaea, it is said that he met and formed a friendship with Saint Nicholas.

He also defended the faith against Arianism and defended the Holy Trinity.

Celebrating Our Patron Saint's Day - Theology - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

He explained the trinity by holding up a brick and when he did so, the brick was said to have burst into flames. There are some hymns that can be found in the Orthodox Christian church service that celebrate Saint Spyridon. Here are the details:. Saint Spyridon feast day is celebrated each year on December 12th.

Orthodox Church in America.

For now I have included them in this directory and if there are any 'questionable' Saints among them, that is a task for Holy Synods to examine and exclude. Does every Christian have a Nameday? C hristian Society has countless Saints with many sharing the same name.

What is NAME DAY? What does NAME DAY mean? NAME DAY meaning, definition & explanation

The Saints were people just like us, but they chose to live their lives according to the commandments and will of God even to the point of accepting martyrdom for His name sake. We Christians who bear their names are called to imitate their life and in so doing our names will also be added to the Ranks of the Saints. God Himself commands us to be like Him 'Be ye holy; for I am holy.

Of the countless Saints unknown to us it is possible that a Saint with your name is among them. It is thus possible for Christians, who cannot find the Saint with their name, to celebrate on the Sunday of All Saints, when the Church celebrates all the Saints known and unknown. Another way to find your Saint is to check whether your name is a derivative of another name. Yet another way is to find the meaning of your name and then if possible find what the Greek of Latin equivalent is.

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There is a St. Charis that celebrates on 28th January and two St. Charitys' to choose from.

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Not everyone will be successful in finding a Saint with their name. In recent years there has been a trend by parents to find or make up the most original name for their child just to be different. Orthodox children see their Nameday as their own special day similar to their birthday. It is a day for presents and special attention from their Parents, Godparents, Grandparent, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, teachers and classmates.

But how does one celebrate a Nameday?

St. Spyridon Orthodox Saint History and Name Day Information

A Nameday or Feastday, begins with the celebration of Vespers and the Divine Liturgy in honour of the Saint whose name we bear. If we cannot attend Church, because of other obligations, then during a previous attendance, or by phone, we ask that our name be mentioned during the special prayers offered for those celebrating the Feast.

We also give presents to our loved ones on their Nameday just as we do on their birthday. Children usually take chocolates to school and give to their teachers and classmates.

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  6. In the evening, their homes will be open to all who wish to stop by and offer their wishes and again the recipient will have drinks, savouries and cakes to offer the guests. Many go the whole way and have extravagant dinner parties to celebrate their Nameday, but however one celebrates one should not forget that first and foremost one's Nameday is a Religiuos Festival and should be celebrated with reverence and decency and not an excuse to have a rave-up party.

    T he Translation of Greek names into English is a problem. I have followed the traditional Latin spelling, but this does not mean that someone cannot spell their name with a particular form that has found a more general and favourable acceptance. If in doubt of how Greek names are translated check the table below. Another problem is a precise translation of Epithets of Titles. It is a title given to Saints who were monks [nuns] or hermits. For the English titles I have used the word Ascetic.