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If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. It includes "fax" machines that allow the transportation and duplication of objects including people.

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There were several people who had multiple "copies" in these books, including the antagonist as well as a tortured version of the protagonist a brilliant scientist who created some of the technology in use. Two of the major "sciences" in the books is Wellstone basically a mutable form of matter and "Collapsium" ultradense matter.

Tachyon gateways were moved into place at slower-than-light speeds, and then you could beam an exact copy of yourself to the remote gateway. The original stayed behind. More duplicates could be created at the far end as needed, exact copies of the version that originally passed through the gateway..

The rest of the plot you describe is totally different, though.

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I'm officially betting Glasshouse , by Charles Stross. The mention of the vivisected adversary was the clincher for me, combined with this being a relatively recent book and there was an sfbc edition. I could call out a few other points from the description but they would be spoilers so I'd rather not. The OP can probably find a blurb or quote somewhere to check; I'd lend my copy, but We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context. Don't just give a one-line answer; explain why your answer is right, ideally with citations.

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Answers that don't include explanations may be removed. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Need book ID help - long distance travel by cloning [duplicate] Ask Question. This question already has an answer here: Sci-fi novel involving living forever through teleporter copies 1 answer. John Rennie Silver Silver 46 3 3 bronze badges. Oct 13 '16 at This question has been asked before and already has an answer. Was the main character a famous physicist who'd invented the portal technology who was trying to create a similar creation through which he could observe the end of the universe?

I remember a book where the cloning part was illegal or accidental. The police checks if somebody was cloned by comparing the energy that enters and leaves the system. They can only die in battle or in deep sickness. They also have a close relationship with the Mulawins since the time of Cassiopea.

Lireo is considered the most progressive among the kingdoms. Their kingdom is obviously powered by a large windmill.

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They have the tallest towers and also seem to have cable cars in the palace. Their armies are the only ones who have Sasakyang Panghimpapawid Airships. Their most powerful weapon of war is the Katapulto fire catapult. Lirean culture is matriarchal. Women enjoy equal if not higher status as that of men. This is evident in the fact that only female Sang'gres may ascend the throne and that the Ynang Reyna is forbidden from any sort of romantic attachment.

Lireo does not have a definite caste system; however, it is known that Sang'gres are the highest among them. Damas are diwatas that serve the Sanggres. A special class is the warrior class, trained in the arts of war and collectively known as the Lirean Guard. This order serves as the military power of Lireo. Lireo's architecture is unique. Distinct pointed edifices tower to the sky, interconnected of what seem to be bridges. These towers are located in the central part of Lireo, where the Sang'gres reside.

In the rural side of Lireo, small houses dot the landscape. These one-storey abodes to the common folk are often surrounded by gardens where people grow crops. Lireo is the kingdom that pioneered the manufacture of airships " Sasakyang Panghimpapawid ". The date when these airships were created is not known. It can only be speculated that it was created in the later rule of Cassiopiea or in the rule of Mine-a. Lireo is the also the only kingdom that makes use of windmills.

These windmills are the structures that power Lireo. In wartime, Lireo makes use of catapults as their most powerful siege weapons. Lireo is a kingdom that worships Emre, better known as Bathala, their supreme deity. Statues made in his likeness stand in the rooms, halls, and corridors of Lireo.

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  • Diwatas in prayer present various offerings before the said statues. Lireo, however, does not resort to human sacrifice for the pleasing of Bathala. Lireo's literary works are not known. But like the rest of the literate populace of Encantadia, they make use of a writing system named Nchan or Enchan, whose figures are reminsicent of the ancient Baybayin writing system of the Philippines.

    A library is situated in the palace of the Sanggres. Lirean Law, including the rest of its rules, policies, history and other forms of literature are stored here.

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    Not much is known about the many laws that pervade throughout the kingdom, but the following are known laws:. Lireo is a kingdom that is on friendly terms with Sapiro and Adamya. Lireo's archenemy is the kingdom of Hathoria. Lireo does not quickly retaliate to hostile attacks. They will only fight back if necessary.

    Lireo's warriors are not as strong as those of Sapiro and Hathoria. Its greatest strength are the Sang'gres, the royal family.

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    These Sang'gres are very powerful, matching the masters of Hathoria and Sapiro in the skill of war, and extremely adept at manipulating the elements for their own benefit. The monetary units in Lireo are gold, silver and other metals. Gold has the highest value among them. They have trade relationships with Sapiro. Their economy depends on agriculture like most kingdoms in Encantadia. The diwatas and encantados that live in the rural part of Lireo maintain farms for their livelihood.

    Lireo is the kingdom of the race of Diwatas.

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    The Diwatas have a long history in the annals of Encantadia. The fairest beings in the land, their beauty does not fade with time; it only grows. They do not age physically, only in spirit.

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    They can only be afflicted with the strongest of pestilences and physical danger, which can lead to their death. Their conception of children also only lasts for one full day from the point of mating, making them fairly prolific.

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