Stupid Ideas Change The World And Will Make You Rich

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Never try to be the smartest or luckiest person; just make sure you outwork everyone because being poor makes no sense. I have been poor and it sucks. Eliminate any and all ideas that being poor is somehow ok. The old saying is people lie, emotions deceive, but numbers always tell the truth. Math is a universal language and necessary for you to get where you are going.

When it comes to money you have to quit giving everyone else money and only paying yourself what is left over. Pay yourself first. Before you make the house payment, utilities, phone bill, the nanny—fund your savings and emergency accounts. I know business owners that pay themselves last. Why would you start a business and pay yourself last? Almost everyone makes this mistake. If you can figure out how to pay Netflix then simply add yourself to the list and pay yourself like you do others but pay yourself first.

Send yourself an invoice each month until you get in the habit of paying yourself first.

18 Random Inventions that Made Millions

I talk more about this concept in this video I recently did with my staff. I hope these tips and videos have been helpful to you. I believe you can get there faster than it took me to get there because I never had someone showing me how to become a millionaire. If you found this blog useful, subscribe to my newsletter! Years ago, I had a good friend who became a millionaire making documentaries. He told me the same thing that you stated in this post. Schools teach you all kinds of crap and do little to really prepare you for the real world.

Thank God for the Internet and guys like you that teach hard truths about how to handle money, otherwise most of us would be clueless. Grant, Thanks again for this e mail and video! At almost 54 years old, i am behind where i should be. Im just trading hours for money. This was very informative and motivating! Great post!

The secret to getting rich and changing the world is to have a stupid idea

I totally follow whats said here, I agree. However, I always wind up in the same spot. I know my potential is so much higher, my ambition is there, I see my goals so I step back and Im ready to go, Ive done the math, Ive made the decision, Ive set the target, I confront the situation and then the reality hits me of how the heck to really accomplish this??

Cad Crowd’s Freelance Professionals Can Help with Your Next Million-dollar Idea

I mean, apparently millionaires are made all the time but how do I, regular dude, get there? Your there all the time already. Oh and lets say your not even the owner but an employee, yikes! So do you get out of the copy business? I dont own or work at a copy shop BTW just an example haha. Then you go out and package, sell, promote your copy services to get more clients and customers for profitable copy jobs.

Target businesses that need BIG copy jobs, regularly, and ask them what they are looking for, or what they value in a copy service. Then sell that service. Aim high, sell, profit. Then you upgrade your business by learning or partnering with someone who provides graphic design and advertising services. Maybe web design, other promotions or advertising. Then do the same things as above. Boss makes more money, you get a nice cut of the action, customers get a good service, everyone happy.

That was massive information overload… I loved it! I have already taken the first step towards investing in many doors. I am a LP in a 48 units apartment syndication. GC you are really the best! You always get me really motivated with awesome data! Thanks a lot! I will accomplish this. Thanks for the great blog post and videos. I have only been following you for a few days and I have learned so much already. I am excited to see what I learn next. You are my new number 1 mentor. I like you no BS straightshooting style.

Share your thoughts and debate the big issues

I am super stoked and motivated. I have already made my first million and now realize I have to set the bar alot higher. My new goal is to pass you one day. How does that sound? Anyway thanks again and I look forward to meeting you, to thankyou in person when I hit 10 million.. Man my dream is to be a owner of a company and make millions i will strive to achieve that goal i am 20 years old so i know i have the time to do it.

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Im glad i found your videos you will definitely be my mentor!!! Thanks alot for the valuable information. Time is running out on that. It HAS to happen. It has to happen. Loved the article. Thank you very much for all the information. I read 10X book but i feel like I need to reread to make sure I keep pushing myself to be greater. I appreciate all the tips, especially the breakdown using math to show us what it takes to get to our goals. Manifesto: I am turning 32 this year, and I will make my first million by age of 35, and 10 millions by age of We have always been told since childhood that we should save money because it guarantees you financially stable life and helps us in rainy days.

We all have been hearing those Money Savings Tips while growing up. Saving was a good idea at least half a century ago but not today. Here is why;. If you have any thought that getting rich is unnecessary, that you just want to […].

10 Inventions That Made Normal People RICH!

What's the biggest mistake you've made with money?. You've received bad financial advice from others your entire life!. I kept storing excess cash into I had enough to invest in real estate. How to Become a Millionaire. By Abel Valdivia. Abel Valdivia July 27, This content is amazing! Mark Elmo Ellis July 28, Cardone, Thanks again for a great post. Once again, an amazing post, Mr. Kevin Garrett July 30, Anis Yusuf July 30, Thanks mr cardone it is nice studying for me…. J July 30, J September 7, Emanuel July 31, Alexander Hodgkinson July 31, Scott July 31, Rob August 1, Thank you.

Lori Groenvold August 1, Tibor August 4, In , he then decided to close his consulting business to launch the Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. In just a matter of two years, the company was able to generate almost one million in sales through its distributors in over 40 states all over the nation. They wanted to open their own novelty store, so they decided to buy the exclusive rights to those yellow smiley faces that you see almost everywhere today.

They even purchased the Have a Nice Day tagline to come with it. You probably loved these when you were still a kid. In fact, many children had five or more of these, some even slapping all of them on at the same time. Slap bracelets are the creation of Stuart Andrews, which helped him hit the jackpot. Before his invention, Andrews was just a simple and ordinary high school shop teacher.

The bracelets made him between six to eight million in alone. The story behind the Million-Dollar Home Page is so out of this world that you might not even believe it. To accompany his creation, he even reached out to the heart of the public with his goal of using the homepage to pay for his college studies. The real reason behind the success of the Snuggie was its advertising campaign. The Snuggie, an invention of Scott Boilen from Allstar Products, was advertised in ridiculous infomercials that featured families who wore the Snuggie as they roasted marshmallows and attended sports events.

Boilen said that he took this kind of approach because the product was already ridiculous and advertising it in an equally ridiculous way made perfect sense. Every single year, millions and millions of kids all over the world wrote letters to Santa, hoping that he would send them back a response. Byron Reese saw the potential in this market.

This is why he decided to launch Santa Mail in This service lets kids send their letters to the North Pole. In , Santa Mail was able to send responses to around , kids. Do the math! The article generated buzz about the product and helped it become one of the best marketing fads of all time.

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  • The 90s was made more exciting by the Tamagotchi, a pet simulation device that kids and adults alike fell in love with. After all, this creation by the Japanese toy-maker Bandai was a great alternative to owning and looking after a real pet. Over 70 million Tamagotchis were sold — at its peak, one Tamagotchi was being sold every second. Gary Dahl is the person behind this creation.

    The concept of selling a rock may be ridiculous. However, Gary Dahl figured out how to sell them and made millions in just several months. Every sale earned him about three dollars. Dahl sold rocks as hassle-free pets, which came with a cardboard box and pet training manual. These rocks became an instant hit and are one of the most successful fads of all time. This app was invented by Joel Comm — he was channeling his inner middle school boy when he created iFart. This app basically makes your phone into a Whoopee Cushion. You or your parents probably had one of these on your car at some point.

    These yellow, ubiquitous smiley-faced balls are perched atop antennas in parking lots, which made Jason Wall a rich man. These antenna balls were inspired by a commercial for Jack in the Box, a fast food chain in Wall made some designs of antenna balls and started selling them locally through car stores in California in In a year, he earned more than one million in sales and won some major accounts to sell his own product through national chains like Walmart. Inventor Scott Stillinger wanted to create a ball that his kids could catch more easily and did so by tying some rubber bands together around a rubber core.

    Book Review: Will This Guy Really Teach You to be Rich?

    The Koosh was born and sold millions. Who would have thought a plastic fish that sings would be worth so much? It was a prime gag gift and stores report selling hundreds per hour during the peak singing-fish era of the early aughts. There were over one million sold in , making a tiny Texas novelty toy company that created it rich. Can you really shake your way to weight loss and a more toned body?

    Most trainers say no, and considering how inappropriately suggestive this device is, it's surprising that anyone under 18 is allowed to buy one. Everyone had a Chia Pet in the '80s and '90s and the original ram is still available today. Surprisingly, it's the gag gift that will never die and continues to rake in millions for the company. It's ridiculous, easy, and very cost effective to manufacture.

    In other words, it's the perfect invention to keep on giving. admin