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Doublet of tire.

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Compare Portuguese tear and Spanish telar. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. He tore his coat on the nail. He has a torn ligament.


He tore some muscles in a weight-lifting accident. Lincoln , chapter 1, in Mr. Pratt's Patients : Then there came a reg'lar terror of a sou'wester same as you don't get one summer in a thousand, and blowed the shanty flat and ripped about half of the weir poles out of the sand.


We spent consider'ble money getting 'em reset, and then a swordfish got into the pound and tore the nets all to slathers, right in the middle of the squiteague season. He was torn by conflicting emotions.

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Tearing is the act of breaking apart a material by force, without the aid of a cutting tool. A tear in a piece of paper , fabric , or some other similar object may be the result of the intentional effort with one's bare hands, or be accidental. Unlike a cut , which is generally on a straight or patterned line controlled by a tool such as scissors , a tear is generally uneven and, for the most part, unplanned.

An exception is a tear along a perforated line , as found on a roll of toilet paper or paper towels , which has been previously partially cut, so the effort of tearing will probably produce a straight line.

Materials vary in their susceptibility to tearing. Some materials may be quite resistant to tearing when they are in their full form, but when a small cut or tear is made, the material becomes compromised, and the effort needed to continue tearing along that line becomes less.

Examples of “tear”

Materials can be characterized by standard test methods to measure their Tear resistance. A glimpse into the reality behind the statistics in remote Indigenous communities, a chance to see why it…. We partner with grassroots organisations in a spirit of mutual respect, trust and accountability. Last year we helped:.

TEAR maintains one of the most efficient, low-cost administrations in order to maximise the funds allocated to project partners.

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