The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (Tom Gates series Book 1)

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OK, there are similarities here: two boys of about the same age, boys who have siblings who torment t Cute start to a series about Tom Gates, a fifth year student who loves to draw, has a crush on one of his classmates, and is perpetually late to school and always blames his older sister, Delia, for his tardiness.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

OK, there are similarities here: two boys of about the same age, boys who have siblings who torment them in some way Greg's brother goes for the physical, while Delia torments Tom with her mere existence , and yes, there are pictures and doodles in each series that look as if they were drawn by a young boy. But those similarities are just that - superficial similarities. When you dig deeper, you see the love in Tom's family. Tom's teacher, Mr. Fullerman, turns out to be a pretty cool dude.

The biggest difference? Tom Gates isn't a jerk. Yep, I said it. I stopped after reading the second Wimpy Kid book because I thought Greg Heffley was one of the meanest, nastiest kids I'd ever read about. He's cruel to his best friend, not to mention his family personally, I thought he tormented his brother rather than the other way around.

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I just could not like Greg, and had a hard time figuring out why the kids love that series so much. I'm hoping that I can steer some of my young library patrons to this series.

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I thought the writing was just as good as Wimpy Kid, and I think the overall story is much better. Only time will tell if Tom stays the course, or if he walks down the Wimpy Kid road to cruelty. PS - while British, it's not so heavily written that way that kids won't figure it out. Plus there's a nice glossary in the back that explains a few of the words.

View 2 comments. Feb 17, Elsie rated it liked it. If you are a dairy of a wimpy kid fan this is for you! Great book filled with comedy, courage and art and a very easy quick read. Great for any of those who are young readers and any grown up!! Apr 02, Millie Hodgson rated it really liked it. I thought this book was hilarious. Oct 13, Lisa Brunton rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. I laughed a lot and despite the fact that the main character was a fifth grader, I could really understand him.

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I felt so connected and I really loved it when I felt that old feeling of worrying over childish stuff. It's obvious that they belong to the same genre and I think anyone who loves that series would love this series too ,but I also think that while Tom is younger than Greg ,the st I really enjoyed this book.

It's obvious that they belong to the same genre and I think anyone who loves that series would love this series too ,but I also think that while Tom is younger than Greg ,the story of this book is more mature and realistic than Jeff Kinney's masterpiece.

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I still like that series,I just like this series more. I guess it's enough to say that I couldn't stop myself from putting this book in my favorites shelf.

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  5. Needed something funny and light to read. This book made me laugh and brought back memories from that magical time called childhood. Jun 12, 16CrumptonF rated it it was amazing. The genre is comedy. It was one of my favourite books. The story was about a boy called Tom and his sister arguing and in the end he gets a massive surprise.

    The ending is a happy one as everyone is happy. I would recommend this to boys aged who like life stories and comedy. View 1 comment. Nov 01, Hamnah Siddiqui rated it liked it. Tom Gates is a normal boy who goes to a normal school.

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    He has a normal family and friends. Yet, somehow, he still has his adventures. Join him on his adventures by reading this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a break from serious books. Oct 31, Lisa rated it it was amazing. This is a really good book to read if you don't know what to read this is about a boy named tom who has a grumpy sister delia. A few things that he likes are waffles and cookies and he also like to draw in class and when the teacher is not looking. His best friend is Derek and his enemy is Marcus.

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    Mar 16, The Teacher's Library rated it really liked it. I'll admit I didn't have really high expectations for this one - I didn't think it would be bad, just I didn't think it would be something I'd enjoy as an adult. I can see why the kids like it, but I won't die if I don't get to read the rest of the Tom Gates books.

    Full review coming on theteacherslibrary. Mar 29, Ruby rated it really liked it. | Tom Gates Series

    You should read the whole series. They were so funny haha. Apr 22, Jesse Taylor rated it it was amazing. Sep 28, Mikayla rated it it was amazing. Good book! It's funny and it has good doodles! Feb 18, Ruby Debrah rated it it was amazing. Even though I haven't read this book YET but all Liz Picton books are so good and you should at least try and read this book because it's really good. Feb 03, Stacey Kym rated it liked it Shelves: reviews. Plus, not only was he selfish, simple-minded, ridiculous and annoying but he was even more of a typical boy than Greg could ever be - and that's saying something!

    I felt so sorry for Tom's sister, who the dude harasses at every turn. I genuinely feel sorry for her. All she's every done is be grouchy! And yes, she calls Tom "creep" but what sibling nowadays doesn't? I'm gonna endeavour to finish this series. Hopefully, Tom will get smarter. Fullerman, because he play a significant and funny role.

    Once Tom got his Dude3 tickets.. Who or what destroyed the tickets? Well it's up to you to read and find out. I URGE you guys to read it, trust me it's soooooo hilarious! The author infuses comedy, drawing, and astory of a boy, Tom Gates. Meet Tom Gates and adventure through his life concerning his crush, school, Dude 3, and more. This book is awesome it is all about this boy name Tom Gates, who tells about his natural life and his best group called DUDE3! He has this wired guy in his class 5F named Marcus and calls him a wiredo.

    Tom also tells this teacher who has beady eyes named Mr Fullerman that always look close to Tom espcially he loves doddling which another word of drawing and has this wired sister named Dila, who loves wearing glasses and very silent and wired, Than when ever he does work he copys this intelligent girl named Amy.

    He has this best freind named Derek who his next door neighbour. This book made me laugh must read don't miss out. Close Embed Code. Copy and Paste the code below to your website or blog. Embed Code. Close Email to Friend. Popular Books Week Month Year. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book 1 4 reviews. Sincerely: Sincerely, Sophie; Sincerely, Katie 3 reviews.

    Squirm 2 reviews. Sleepover Girls: Maren's New Family 2 reviews. So I wrote one about Tom Gates and put it in a journal with some doodles on the cover. So finally I bought three school exercise books and imagined Tom was writing and drawing in them himself, with Mr Fullerman looming over his shoulder and Marcus Meldrew being annoying. Luckily the publishers were rather keen on this idea, so I got to write a whole story with all the drawings and doodle too.

    Tom is a very cheeky but also very sharp in his observations — is he based on anyone you know? Slightly on me as a child, but also my son and I can remember what some of the boys were like in both my old schools too. Tom is a real combination of lots of different characters really. The book is very different to other books for this age group in terms of the layout with all your fabulous illustrations.

    How do you go about this method and what tools do you use? Firstly, I get all the ideas I have collected in various note books and on post-it notes and begin doing random drawings to see if they spark any story lines off. If they do, I use really thin paper, called layout paper, to do the drawings on, and ordinary A4 paper with a soft pencil and rubber to do the writing. Every page has the rough story and drawings on which is all handwritten.

    For the final artwork, I scan each page into the computer and sometimes boost up the black and white lines to make them stronger. I might add more type faces to make a point in the book, too. Both the main fonts in the book are made from my own handwriting. admin