The Dream Oracle: Discover Your Hidden Depths Through Symbolism and the Tarot

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C: You get a physical reaction such as a tingle or shiver just prior to hearing either very good or very bad news. C: You know what those closest to you are feeling and experiencing even if they are far away. A: You get an old tune in your head that reminds you of a specific time or person and suddenly you hear it everywhere. C: You have felt compelled to touch a sick loved one or animal to try to help them recover. A: You have extremely vivid dreams and even your daydreams seen colourful and real. C: You have been able to identify where someone is hurting or blocked by the energy in a specific area of their body.

C: You often react to changes in temperature of atmosphere in a room or feel you are not alone — even if you are. A: You are able to read the Tarot, runes or even use a crystal ball with some degree of accuracy. B: You sometimes know exactly what a person is thinking — or is going to do. A: You know what someone is going to say — or even finish off their sentence for them even if it is something unpredictable they are about to tell you.

B: You know how someone is really feeling no matter how hard they try to hide their emotions. A: You know you are going to bump into someone well before you do. Clairvoyant types receive visions of the future via symbols, intuitive flashes, dreams, metaphors or via tools such as the Tarot. You are capable of finding information in strings of symbols, events and synchronicities that others would be unaware of. You are highly tuned to the fact there are NO coincidences!

It is mind-to-mind communication or the ability to channel information from the universal source. You can visualise people or things without even seeing a picture of them! You can feel spirits brush past you even when there is no-one around. An almost even split between two or three? Please nominate me in the soul and spirit awards. I so appreciate your support. Please click the picture to vote. Thank you so much and lots of love Michele X. Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. Your email address will not be published.

According to the law of attraction, anything we want can be manifested - you just need to believe it. Rhonda Byrne's blockbuster The Secret and its recent sequel The Power unveiled this amazing principle to millions of people worldwide. Now there's a new tool for uncovering and fulfiling your deepest wishes and your life purpose - The Law of Attraction Tarot. This powerful tarot - inspired by the Rider-Waite tradition and accompanied by a page full-colour companion book - is designed to help you put the law of attraction into practice.

Discover what it is you want from life - wealth, a dream job, improved health, loving relationships, peace and happiness - and project this message to the Universe. Whatever your desires, The Law of Attraction Tarot can help you bring these dreams to reality. Step into a lost world from long ago Millennia have passed and only humankind has survived-through the divine gift of dreams. Exquisitely rich and magical, this new Rider-Waite-Smith-based tarot deck by digital artist Ciro Marchetti takes you into the heart of fantasy.

You can use this legacy from ages past to discover what you need for your own life as it guides you toward hope, wisdom and inspiration. The companion guidebook, Gateway to the Divine Tarot, presents the author's interpretation of each card's significance, along with additional perspectives from experts in the tarot community, including Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, James Ricklef and Leisa ReFalo.

Appealing and accessible for beginners, intermediate users and more seasoned tarot practitioners alike, the boxed kit of Legacy of the Divine Tarot includes a card deck, a page book and a black organdy bag. Rediscover the Arthurian legend as artist and writer Anna-Marie Ferguson blends medieval myth with the wisdom of the tarot. Speaking to us in a deep, intuitive way, the Legend Tarot expands the traditional interpretations of the cards and enriches your readings by drawing on the mythology of the Arthurian world.

The kit includes a newly designed layout sheet that opens the doorway to the higher knowledge of our shared mythology. The 78 exquisitely rendered watercolor paintings illustrate characters, places, and tales from the legends, blending traditional tarot symbolism with the Pagan and Christian symbolism of the myth. These images unite mythic elements from all four branches of Arthurian legend: the medieval romances, Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur and Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain, the Quest for the Holy Grail, and the Celtic legends - to create a system of unmatched richness and depth.

This kit includes a card deck, a page book describing the myths and symbolism of the deck, and a specially designed layout sheet. Over a century ago, a young boy left Wales and journeyed to America, where he started a small press, now known as Llewellyn Publications. Llewellyn George's adventurous spirit and Welsh heritage embodies The Llewellyn Tarot, which also celebrates the publisher's enduring legacy. From the creator of the popular Legend: The Arthurian Tarot Kit, this lavishly illustrated deck offers universal appeal based on Rider-Waite with a Welsh twist. Watercolor imagery beckons us forth into a mystic world of ancient forests, sensuous seascapes, and wondrous waterfalls-gorgeous landscapes brimming with mystery, meaning, and magic.

Also included is The Llewellyn Tarot Companion, which features an introduction to the craft and history of tarot, along with Welsh legends infused in this deck. Drawing classic symbolism and meaning from the world's most popular tarot deck, Llewellyn's Classic Tarot is firmly rooted in the foundation of modern reading. Whether you are new to tarot or a seasoned reader, this easy-to-use deck is your perfect guide to the wonderful world of tarot.

Discover evocative artwork based on the colors and symbols of the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith system, but with a fresh and relatable perspective. With Llewellyn's Classic Companion focusing on both the classic and 21st-century interpretations of tarot, you have all the tools you need for better reading and understanding. Enter a parallel world where tarot comes to life.

Designed by artist Andrea Aste to look like it was created during the era of the master alchemists, the Lost Code of Tarot is full of allegorical images and esoteric languages. Inspired by the codes of Leonardo da Vinci, this deck is reminiscent of a time when science and magic were fused together and a place where wisdom emerges from the space between the lines.

Combine traditional tarot symbolism and modern eclectic witchcraft for truly magickal results. Artist Scott Murphy renders the familiar elements of the Rider-Waite in a fresh style featuring ancient Pagan mythos, diverse ethnicities, and contemporary practical spellwork. Designed with both divination and tarot magick in mind, this versatile deck is appropriate for beginning and experienced witches and tarot readers alike.

The breathtaking artwork of this inspiring tarot will transport you to spiritual realms and dreamscapes where personal introspection can flourish. Built upon Rider-Waite architecture, this deck is ideal for traditional as well as intuitive readings. An ever-present Moon shines down on the Fool, the Devil, the Priestess, and other familiar faces. Ancient esoteric symbols have been updated with imagery that speaks to the modern reader.

This beautiful and unique tarot captures the emotional significance of every card and offers an ideal gateway to personal exploration. Also included is a page companion guide that introduces myriad ways to use this unique deck and features over two dozen spreads. Step inside the enchanting world of the fey. Rich watercolor images by renowned artist Linda Ravenscroft capture the vibrancy and grace of faeries, sprites, elves, and nymphs in their lush gardens. Each suit tells a faerie tale as the nature spirits embark on magical adventures. A water nymph and wood elf learn that love is a gift not to be taken lightly, while a foolish faerie queen and her kingdom are nearly overtaken by a magical blue rose.

These stories offer lessons and fresh insights in all matters of life, while remaining true to tarot archetypes. The Mystic Faerie Tarot Kit includes a page book that introduces tarot and describes the major and minor arcana in detail. Perfect for beginners, you'll also find faerie-themed spreads to use, along with sample readings and a quick reference guide to the cards. Anyone who has ever owned - or been owned by - a cat knows its wild and mystical nature.

Open the door to a magical world of feline enchantment that offers eternal and ancient wisdom with the Mystical Cats Tarot. Discover amazing artwork of various domestic breeds that look and behave like normal cats, but face many challenges, relationships, and life lessons that reveal the answers to our most important questions. Organized by elemental suits - Earth, Sea, Fire, and Sky - and cat-based court cards, this deck presents the descendants of the Cat Goddess in all their furry glory.

In the early twentieth century, legendary horror writer H. Lovecraft described an ancient tome as "the unmentionable Necronomicon of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred Intended as a trilogy, this tarot completes Tyson's formidable work.

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The Necronomicon Tarot brings the phantasmagoric desert wanderings of Alhazred to life in a stunningly visceral deck and companion book. Seventy-eight captivating illustrations by fantasy artist Anne Stokes capture the mythic and monstrous world of Tyson's Necronomicon while remaining true to the underlying structure and tradition of tarot.

Prepare to enter a world where the accursed and tormented poet wanders in search of the greatest and darkest magic - divination with the dead. This kit includes the card tarot deck with a black organdy bag and a page companion tarot book.

Since its publication, The Mythic Tarot has been an international success. New life has been breathed into this classic deck with all ew illustrations. THe cards provide wisdom and guidance for seekers of personal growth. When life seems to be full of doubt and uncertainty we tend to look for a source of inspiration: what will happen in the future? This Osho Zen Tarot focuses on gaining an understanding of the here and now. It is a system based on the wisdom of Zen. It helps us to turn our attention away from outside events so we can find a new clarity of understanding in our innermost hearts.

The conditions and states of mind portrayed by the contemporary images on the cards are all shown as being essentially transitional and transformative.

The text in the accompanying book helps to interpret and understand the images in the simple, straightforward and down to earth language of Zen. Combining Wiccan traditions and modern lifestyles, the Pagan Tarot Kit portrays experiences of the modern Witch and Pagan priestess - a must for those following the Wiccan path. Based on elemental dignities and the traditional Tarot structure, it portrays the experiences of the modern Witch and pagan priestess. An indispensable tool for Pagans seeking guidance for both mundane problems and spiritual concerns.

Boxed kit includes 78 cards and page book. This unique set, showcasing the artwork and life of Pamela Colman Smith, will appear to art lovers as well as tarot enthusiasts. The card deck comes with its own drawstring organza bag.

Beach Cove Dream Meaning

A tarot spread sheet guide with three card layouts is also included. The page colourfully illustrated book features over examples of Smith's non-tarot art, many of which are from the private collection of Mr. Now in a decorative tin box format which includes two extra pieces of art from the Pamela Colman Commemorative Set.

This unique Lenormand deck is packaged in a tin for safekeeping and collecting. Combining the revolutionary theories of 20th and 21st century physics and traditional tarot wisdom, the Quantum Tarot takes the reader on a journey of discovery through a unique physical and spiritual universe. Using vivid photographic imagery, the cards illuminate the fascinating, complex world of modern science.

These powerful images are spot-glossed to highlight their beauty. The brilliantly colored tarot deck that has been popular for decades is now presented in a charming keepsake tin. For Radiant Rider-Waite, the artwork of Pamela Colman Smith has been updated and enhanced with a vibrant palette of colors, bringing new energy and radiance to the familiar scenes of 78 cards.

Radiant Rider-Waite's brightness and subtle shading highlight the traditional symbolism that readers rely on for insightful readings. The card backs feature a star-filled deep, blue sky. The iridescent sheen of a raven's wing reveals a tantalizing glimpse of the future. A tattooed hand, sinews roiling like ley lines, peels back the gossamer veil that separates this world from the next. With art and instructions by Maggie Stiefvater? New York Times bestselling author of the Raven Cycle series? The Raven's Prophecy Tarot reveals the wisdom of dreams, helping you harness the opposing forces of intuition and cunning, Moon and Raven, spirit and intellect.

Inspired by Stiefvater's artist mentors, this deck is a path to a more creative life for everyone. Renowned fantasy artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law has created a hypnotic world of colourful dragons, armoured knights, looming castles, and willowy fairies dancing on air - a world of imagination and dreams.

Lovingly crafted over six years, this long-awaited deck will delight all tarot enthusiasts with its wondrous blend of fairy tales, myth, and folklore from diverse cultures around the world. Featuring breathtaking watercolor artwork that fuses Asian, Celtic, and fantasy elements within the Rider-Waite structure, each exquisitely wrought card draws upon universally recognized symbols and imagery. A companion guide also presents evocative stories and insightful interpretations for each card. Throughout these cards, the wisdom and magic of the ages are expressed through Luna's silver light.

Each images combines the rich tradition of tarot with modern pagan symbolism, creating a unique and beautiful experience. Go where the past and future converge, into a world of roaring engines and gleaming metal, top hats and corseted silk gowns A wildly popular genre that is gaining momentum, steampunk - an eclectic literary, visual and cultural trend - is exquisitely fashioned in this stunning new tarot deck.

Retooling the gears of the Rider-Waite tradition with a steampunk edge, the artwork evokes our complex relationship with science and technology. The included manual provides tips, original spreads and guidance in reading the tarot cards. Book contains pages, illustrated. Special Edition with Rider-Waite - the world's most popular tarot deck! Using the special abridged edition of the Tarot For Dummies book, even the most apprehensive students will quickly learn to understand the meanings of each card.

Packaged with the most popular and fundamental of tarot decks - the full-size Rider-Waite Tarot. Young, irreverent, and powerful Through symbols, gestures, traditions, and rites, they can help us find our own power to craft our future. More and more people are drawn to the Tarot for its captivating artwork and uncanny ability to guide us toward personal insight.

Yet, newcomers often feel intimidated by this historic divination tool. Llewellyn's Tarot Kit for Beginners is designed for those who wish to embark on the exhilarating journey of Tarot reading. Packed with wisdom and knowledge acquired by accomplished Tarot practitioner Janet Berres, the enclosed guidebook also explains the basics, such as choosing decks, deciphering card meanings, and working with spreads.

Readers will learn the history of Tarot, the traditional structure of the deck, and the truth behind common Tarot myths. This kit also includes Lo Scarabeo's Universal Tarot, an ideal deck for beginners. Ciro Marchetti reimagines tarot by presenting vivid dream images that map out a fascinating journey of self-discovery. Tarot of Dreams explores the profound web of visual and emotional associations that occur at the intersection of divination and dreams.

Tarot of Dreams offers readers a powerful tool for personal insight and divination. The 78 traditional cards are supplemented with a special Tree of Life card plus four Palace cards that give further context to the Court cards. Lee Bursten's insightful page guidebook seamlessly weaves together psychological, astrological and kabbalistic elements into the story of the Fool's Journey. Ciro Marchetti, an award winning digital artist, is also the creator of Gilded Reverie Lenormand and Oracle of Visions. Do the elves have something to teach us?

These realistic, opulent figures - not unlike computer animated characters from the popular Lord of the Rings film - will capture your heart and mind. Mark McElroy's fun, creative approach to tarot brings the Elves' fairy tale to life as you seek out insights in this whimsical world. Evoke the powerful wisdom of the fae with the Tarot of the Hidden Realm. Instead of relying on esoteric symbols, this powerful deck uses the raw elements - water, air, fire and earth - to speak directly to your emotions.

The beautifully drawn figures follow the Rider Waite style, but express more energy and movement, drawing you in even as you draw their truths out. The companion guidebook reveals techniques and card meanings for beginners and more experienced readers alike.

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Discover the hidden secrets of the popular Rider-Waite deck and peek behind well-known images too see what was, until now, out of sight. This popular deck is now available in a new boxed edition that includes a full-sized book. Packaged in a plastic bookcase box, the accompanying illustrated book is pages. This deck has authentic Yoruba origins combined with the powerful energies of Brazilian Candomble. It uses a unique tarot deck design with 77 cards, including:. Thirteen cards showing the supernatural beings, or Orishas, which represent archetypes of sacred, intense energy.

Blood-red roses entwined in briar stems. Glistening pale-marble skin. Coiled serpents staring with eyes of fire. The vampyre legend is rooted in darkness and seduction, but its enduring message is one of spiritual hunger - to drink in the everlasting divine. Featuring Ian Daniels' masterfully and meticulously crafted artwork, The Tarot of Vampyres is the most visually stunning vampyre deck on the market. This sumptuously rendered tarot is a tool for spiritual awakening, inviting you to delve into your inner shadows and emerge in radiant light.

Inspired by the Rider-Waite structure, the card deck includes familiar figures such as the fool, the empress, and the lovers, depicted with Gothic style imagery steeped in the entrancing world of vampyres. A companion guide interprets the symbolism in each card and provides enriching exercises, innovative spreads, and instructions for creating your own shadow profile and vampyre character. This combination of tarotcards enables everyone to realize his relationship as a pathway to his own personal and spiritual development. This unique divination deck of 33 cards connects the mystical core of the tarot with the living force of the divine feminine through one of the most sacred graphics known to humanity, the holy trinity or triangle.

The author has created 11 new cards to supplement the traditional 22 major arcana "soul cards" of the tarot. Four of these new cards serve as an overriding goddess trinity, while the other seven cards represent the seven chakra points in the body, creating a powerful alignment between the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional energy fields in order to illuminate and revitalize life energy. Through this unique combination, The Triple Goddess Tarot offers a system to individuals who are ready to engage with the healing power centres of the body, archetypal mysticism, the sacred feminine, and an awakened consciousness as a means to acquire greater health, empowerment, and purpose.

The accompanying text provides suggestions for ways to engage with the divine feminine through ritual, prayer, archetypal attunement, and spiritual stewardship and initiation. Includes page illustrated book. The Universal Tarot provides the student of Tarot with a traditional working deck, appropriate for divination and study. Now available as a full kit, the accompanying page book includes symbol descriptions, card interpretations, and instructions for divination. Impress your clients with the Universal Tarot Professional Edition. The larger cards make reading quicker, and the high-quality card stock and coating ensure a long life.

An absolute must for teachers and workshop leaders! The serene Universal Waite Tarot deck is perfect for meditation or readings and is a soothing, eye-appealing complement to the traditional Rider-Waite deck. As interest in vampires surges to new heights, this deliciously macabre tarot will attract the masses who feel an insatiable passion for these creatures of the night. Chillingly wrought in exquisite and realistic detail, this stunning tarot is ideal for exploring your own dark side. Dare to venture forth into a world where time is meaningless, light is death, love is cold, and power rules.

Evoking a strange mixture of horror and sympathy, these tragic, ageless beings tell a fascinating story. With eternity before them, these creatures must find a way to survive a nightmare of contradictions. What they have to offer is a rare form of wisdom that perhaps only the damned can impart. Illuminating the gloom, this book explores the ideas of darkness and extreme opposites co-existing.

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Solve everyday problems and receive gifts of spiritual insight as you enter the enchanting world of fey. The Victorian Fairy Tarot combines the romance and elegance of the Victorian era, mystical fairy imagery, and the wisdom of tarot. Guiding your journey is an in-depth book, which shares fairy lore, explains each card, and teaches you how to interpret them.

This beautifully crafted, Rider-Waite-based tarot is ideal for new or experienced tarot readers. The Voyager Tarot deck is the oracle for the 21st century.

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Voyager is a timeless symbology beyond any tarot deck. Experience the power of the symbols. Pick a card a day and change your life! Voyager Tarot shows you how to achieve your visions and dreams, creating the success you desire. Use the deck as an intuitive guide to forecast your future, reveal secrets of you subconscious and provide spiritual inspiration. This excellent decision-making tool can help you navigate life, enhancing business planning, relationship building and self-discovery.

Even if you have never before delved into the mysteries of the tarot, you'll find the Voyager Tarot deck enlightening and easy to use. Just by playing with the cards and experiencing the beautiful imagery, you create a space for magic to happen, sparking your imagination and intuition. Based on seasonal rhythms and ancient festivals, The Wildwood Tarot gift set draws inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology and shamanic mysteries.

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